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6 Tips for Cleaning Up you health for 2020

The last decade was tough - so much information, so little guidance. We boil down 6 effective things you can do to help your health in 2020

Try a safe & simple heavy metal detox with Advanced TRS Australia

It's hard to deny that our world is polluted and that lots of gross chemicals, like pesticides, are in our food and water now.

We've done all sorts of cleanses, (juices, fasting, etc) and we absolutely love Advanced TRS Spray. All it takes is 2 sprays a day and you're set.

Since starting this we've noticed clearer skin, more energy and brighter vision.


Breath Work

What is most important? Food, Water or Air?

You can live over 40 days without food

You can live around 7 days without water

You can live 5 minutes without air

Given that you need air the most it makes sense to focus on making sure you get you breathing sorted.

So once an hour, take 10 focussed deep smooth breaths. It will flush your body with oxygen, remove excess carbon dioxide and relax your mind & body.

10 breaths - that's it

Wanna take it up a level? Try looking up the Wim Hof Method


Clean Up your Karma -Create a mess list

If you're like most of us, there are a few things that play on your mind from your past. Or maybe there's things that you know you should do but you don't for some reason. For all that stuff we'd suggest writing it all down on a mess list. The simple act of writing these things down can help relieving your mind as you no longer NEED to remind yourself of the situation as it now recorded.

For full effect start working on fixing all these situations

e.g. Got a lot of bills - pay them or make arrangements to pay them off.

e.g. Need to call you parents - call them and get it out of your head

e.g. had a falling out with your best friend? -make steps to forgive them

Stress is an absolute killer and carrying around extra stress with surely put a tax on your immune system that can lead to you getting sick OR WORSE!

Cleaning up the messes in your life can significantly improve your mental health that can only benefit your physical health


Start a daily health routine

It may sound like common sense, but if you can do a few things on this list every day for 12 months (or ideally forever) your health will improve.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes to health, but consistent activity in the right direction will give you improvement.

So start with one thing, do it for a week then add something else simple. The key is not to do too much too soon and make it so simple that it doesn't take a lot of effort. The more complicated it is the more likely you will be to stop doing it

Try starting with the 10 breath exercise when you wake up then a week later ad something simple, like the 2 sprays of the Advanced TRS (, then a week later you could add in a "Green Smoodie", then a week after that add 10 minutes of stretching


Add in a Green Smoodie in the morning

Years ago I had a mentor that turned me onto this, but he had a bit of an accent so "Green Smoothie" turned into "Green Smoodie" when he said it.

Once again this doesn't have to be over complicated. Just make and consume a smoothie that is green and has a bunch of good stuff in it.

For us it is usually -

a fistful of baby spinach
1/2 a ripe Avocado
1 Scoop of good protein powder
a few seasonal berries (in season helps get the best nutrients)
Fill with Coconut milk

You can make it however you like as long as it has a bunch a greens in there, some good fat & protein isn't loaded with sugary fruit.

The key here is lots of fibre from the greens to help cleanse you out PLUS loading your body with nutrients.

You can't always control what's on the menu during the day but you can usually control your mornings - so it's best to get the good stuff in early


Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

I know life can get you down and stay on top of you, the key to a happy healthy life is to find a way out of the darkness when you can.

A good way be to happy more often is to take time to see the great blessings in your life. It is widely regarded that happiness can be trained into you like a muscle, all you need to do is work out your happiness muscle

A good way to start is to proclaim one thing you're grateful for every day for a week. You can write it in a diary, post it to Facebook or post it to a group of like minded people.

My wife started this then created a 100 days of gratitude challenge on Facebook. After 100 days of gratitude her whole outlook on life had changed, instead of looking for things that were wrong in her life she was always looking for things that were going well. It changed her life

This caused me to start a gratitude blog on instagram where I post photos of things in my life that I love, it isn't for likes or comments. It's just for me to realise that every day something amazing is there and if I'm ever stuck I can look back at passed days and remember the kinds of things that made me happy in the past