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Software Testing

Here I'll be sharing blogs related to software testing and Quality Assurance.

Guidelines for Quality Assurance and a Technique for Advanced Software Testing

Do you know why most startup software fails? Is it because of a lack of resources, exposure, skills, expertise, or capital? Or is there another reason behind the failure of an app or software? Actually, there is !! Software testing is one thing, implementing is a whole different story. Here's how to use an advanced software testing life cycle for quality end-products.
Continue reading this interesting contribution by Kanika Vatsyayan which is about Guidelines for Quality Assurance.

Why Do You Need Predictive Analytics for Your Software Testing

How can you predict the possible problems in your project even before their occurrence? Well, Predictive analytics can help with that. Predictive analytics combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical algorithms, mining, and modeling to make predictions. Check out the latest post by Claire Mackerras which describes the benefits of using predictive analytics in software testing.

Why Is Bitcoin Wallet App Security Necessary?

The trend of Bitcoin is spreading like wildfire. Bitcoin wallets are high-value targets for hackers nowadays. So, bitcoin wallet app security is also essential. If your bitcoin wallet lack in terms of security, then your wallet can be a prime target for the hackers and you can lose your bitcoins too. Check out the full article to know why bitcoin wallet app security is essential.

Software testing is taking a new spin. So, the growth of software testing services goes hand in hand with app development. We have listed down the popular software testing trends that are expected to overrule the industry at the global level. To know these trends check out the blog.

POS software application eases the task of financial transactions along with other business operations in the field of hospitality and retail. POS testing checks if the POS system has an acceptable level of quality in all the domains and is executing its operations without a breakdown. Point of sale system testing can be performed manually as well as with the help of automation tools. To know more about pos testing, its challenges checkout the blog.

Robotic Process Automation vs. Business Process Automation - Vintank

Industries are looking forward to various emerging process transformation and automation technologies. Robotic process automation and Business process automation are essential tech tools used to increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses. Both RPA and BPA help in streamlining the business processes and increasing the revenue. Let us have a look at both of them in detail.

Top Business Benefits of ERP Testing

ERP Testing is done to verify the functioning of software solutions. Failure risks are reduced as bugs are addressed initially by thorough ERP testing techniques. ERP Testing services help the users or stakeholders to get trained and adapt themselves to the new software and its features. Check out the more benefits of ERP testing.

Machine Learning & AI: Bringing New Dimensions to Software Testing

With the advancement in the technological front, AI and Machine Learning are acting as a game-changer in the software testing domain. The testing methods used in the past were tedious and time-consuming due to repetitive processes. AI and ML in software testing are a boon in the coming years, to offer significant opportunities in the QA processes, across various industry domains. Let us have a look at various benefits of AI and ML in the software testing industry.

How QA Plays a Pivotal Role in Embracing New Tech in the Health Sector ?

There has been tremendous development in healthcare technology trends, over the past few years. Quality Assurance, AI, ML, etc., playing a pivotal role in rendering exceptional results in the healthcare industry. Companies need to focus on quality improvement in the healthcare sector to efficiently meet the data maintenance requirements and provide 100% customer satisfaction. Quality is a critical factor in maintaining the efficacy and profitability of the healthcare sector. Let's check out how QA plays a pivotal role in embracing new tech in the health sector.

How Critical Is Software Testing For Insurance Domain?

Selling a policy is vital for the insurance business, but engaging the client and upselling products is a foresight that will bring commercial value in the robust real-world. Insurance providers are introducing different features and facilities over an insurance app these days to overpower key challenges of insurance. The data shared over these platforms must be correct and safe. This implies that wherever the insurance app is used, the user experience has to be unanimous. That's why software testing services is very critical for the insurance domain.Let's check out the insights about insurance app testing.

Quality Assurance: Strengthening Healthcare Technology

With the integration of smart technologies healthcare sector is strengthening. Medical practice management software leads to the smooth functioning of the medical institutes. But software deployed in healthcare industries demands software having no error rate to ensure smooth working processes. That's why The role of software testing in healthcare industry is very critical. Let's learn how quality assurance is strengthening healthcare technology.

5G Cybersecurity: Are We Prepared?

Cybersecurity of 5G Networks is one hot-button issue that is considered as significant threat to the 5G technology, & security testing play a major role to cater the same. Check out the challenges of security testing in the 5G Era.

Checklist For Companies Offering Work from Home During Pandemic

With COVID-19 outreaching every part of the world, it has compelled organizations to implement the Work-from-Home policy and maintain the crucial safety measures of social distancing. Tech giants have realized that employees can work productively from the remote environment, and physical presence is not necessary to achieve great results. Let’s have a look at some essential measures taken by companies for their employees to implement and continue with the work-from-home culture successfully.

What Is End To End Testing and why Is It Important?

End to end testing verifies whether the flow of an application is right from the very start to finish and if it is processing as per the expectations or not. It helps to detect issues in sub-systems and increases confidence in the overall software product. Hence, the purpose of End-to-End Testing is to monitor a complete system.