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Top 10 Mind-blowing Star Wars fan theories

Mind-blowing fan theories about Star Wars and the Mandalorian. With the recent Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and the Mandalorian there are bound to be a lot of crazy fans coming up with the weirdest and most amazing fan theories! Here are some of our favorite fan theories, gathering both old theories and new theories! From Baby Yoda to Senator Palpatine!


Gideon is trying to become a Sith Lord using The Child (Baby Yoda) - Star Wars

In Episode 7 of the Mandalorian we were introduced to Moff Gideon (Moff being a title similar to 'governor'), and there seems to be a good chance that he'll become a major villain. But what exactly does he want with Baby Yoda (a.k.a. The Child)?

This theory thinks that he will try to make himself Force Sensitive (to eventually become a Sith Lord probably) through genetic engineering. Some clues as to why this could be the case:

  • His armor is very similar to Darth Vader's armor.
  • His Darksaber could be seen as a substitute to a real lightsaber.
  • He mentions that The Child is the most important thing ever. We saw The Child being tested on quite a bit in the Client's compound. There was even some mention of cloning.

This all could mean that through some cloning/genetic engineering, Gideon is trying to become a Force User himself!

Palpatine's Force Lightning is him having an orgasm - Star Wars

There is a strange similarity between each time Senator Palpatine uses Force Lightning and a sexual situation. It's argued that each time he uses Force Lightning, he seems to be in a position of power. This means he is full of "male sexual confidence". On top of that he's always laughing with what seems to be ecstatic joy. So we can only conclude that using force lightning gives him intense pleasure.

From this observation we could conclude that using Force Lightning is basically using hate manifested as pure sexual pleasure. What's more, once the force lightning begins, it seems to be very similar to having an orgasm, in that, once he starts shooting lightning from his fingertips, there is no stopping him. He can't really control himself (for example when it was being redirected onto himself by Mace Windu, he could not stop it). So once he begins, he cannot stop until the lightning finishes. Similar to how a real orgasm works really...

Proof for this theory can be found in the fact that the Sith derive their power from emotional strength. They use their hate to enhance their powers. So it seems that Palpatine figured how to add sexual energy to his emotion of hate to be able to create powerful Force Lightning.

Lastly - it seems that this theory has almost been totally confirmed by Ian McDiarmid in an interview from 2002:

These are crocodile tears, but for all those in the movie, and perhaps watching the movie itself, they'll see he is apparently moved — and of course, he is. He can just do it. He can, as it were, turn it on. And I suppose for him, it's also a bit of a turn-on — the pure exercise of power is what he's all about. That's the only thing he's interested in and the only thing that can satisfy him — which makes him completely fascinating to play, because it is an evil soul.

Jedi are evil - Star Wars

Despite the stark contrast in colors, i.e. red vs blue lightsabers, the divide between good and evil isn't so clear-cut as it might seem at first between the Jedi and the Sith. There are a lot of grey areas. Here's some things done by the Jedi which any sane person would consider evil...

Finn is Force Sensitive - Star Wars

This theory seems pretty well backed up by the movies, given Finn's actions and also because both Snoke and Kylo Ren both mention something at one point.

  1. Finn is able to wield a lightsaber without injuring himself with little training (he used the light saber that once belonged to Luke and Anakin Skywalker against storm troopers and a highly trained Kylo Ren and managed to actually injure Kylo Ren!) So there must be a reason.

  2. He actually prefers the weapons of Jedi/Force users over the laser blaster which he's been trained to wield since birth. This can be seen during the battles like at Maz's watering hole and on Star Killer Base, where he throws away his laser blaster before picking up the light saber and engaging in a duel against Kylo Ren.

  3. He senses the republic had been destroyed by the First Order - similar to how Yoda sensed when the Jedi were killed via Order 66 and when Obi-Wan sensed that Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. Finn clearly sensed it because when the First Order destroyed the republic planets using the Star Killer Base laser cannon, Finn was the only person who heard people screaming and therefore the only one to turn around. He also heard the sound of the laser blast a few seconds before it actually happened.

  4. At the start of the movie Kylo turns to look at Finn directly while Kylo was walking to board his shuttle. Why would he suddenly look at Finn? Most likely because he sensed the Force in Finn.

  5. At one point Snoke mentions an awakening in the Force to Kylo, which Kylo also confirms he felt. This was actually before Rey found Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber or used Jedi mind tricks on Kylo. The only thing which actually happened at that time was Finn defecting from the First Order and helping Resistance Fighter Poe Dameron escape.

  6. Finn never misses. During The Force Awakens we see Finn using laser blasters in addition to some other weapons. In the Tie Fighter he hit all of them without missing and had an even better shot when he was in the Millennium Falcon.

  7. Maz gives him Anakin's lightsaber. We know that Maz is Force Sensitive but not a Force User to someone she had just met. Why would she choose Finn and not long time friends of hers like Chewy or Han Solo. So she must have sensed the Force in Finn and that he would be able to wield the weapon.

  8. Finn's number was 21-87. Princess Leia's cell number on the Death Star was 21-87. Later on Leia was revealed to be the twin sister of Luke Skywalker and the daughter of Anakin Skywalker. So in a similar way that Leia was revealed to be Force Sensitive, we could expect Finn to be revealed in similar fashion as well.

Finn is Mace Windu's son or grandson - Star Wars

An interesting theory on Finn's origins is that he might be a relative of the famous Jedi Master Mace Windu who we saw in the prequel trilogy, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

Rey is a clone - Star Wars

In another theory we pointed to the idea that Rey's parents might not be a couple of unknown space bums, but rather characters from the sage we know and love. Because it just doesn't sit well with us that a random person just happens to be a force user. But there is ANOTHER THEORY...

And that theory is: Daisy Ridley's character Rey, is a clone.

More specifically, she is part of an experiment, ordered by the Emperor, to experiment with cloning in order to create soldiers capable of wielding the Force. This makes sense because after all, it was clones which brought the Emperor to power.

Stormtroopers can't aim because of the force - Star Wars

The aim of the stormtroopers in the Star Wars saga is legendary. They are the elite shock troops of the evil Galactic Empire, but despite their elite status and much to the frustration of an entire fan base, they could not hit a whale if it was standing right in front of them.

Fans have speculated wildly for years what could explain this terrible incompetence - but one theory seems to have taken the lead: based on the fact that Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One is able to evade repeated blaster fire even though he is completely blind. The theory speculates that the Force (Chirrut himself being a devout believer in the Force) is interfering with the stormtroopers' aim. Finally we would have some explanation then for years of plot lines which could have been ended by just one stormtrooper being able to hit his target.

Jedi will be replaced by Skywalkers - Star Wars

In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren tells Rey to "Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to." Encouraging her to forget Luke Skywalker and Leia and everything to do with the Rebellion, the First Order, etc. seems to imply that the Jedi and Sith will meet their ends in The Rise of Skywalker.

Finn is Lando's son - Star Wars

Actor diversity is not exactly the strongest mark of the Star Wars franchise. Without going into the sticky territory of political correctness - it should not be controversial to state that Star Wars' actors have been predominantly white.

Given that there is a debate on who Finn's parents are - still a mystery unsolved with very little information surrounding the question, it only makes sense to take a few random guesses which are based on little evidence. That being said, there are simply not that many figures in the Star Wars universe to choose from that could be Finn's father.

So assuming that Finn's parents are in fact well known figures in the universe, our vote goes to Lando Calrissian. And this suggestion is based purely on the fact that there simply aren't many other options!

Rey's parents are not a couple of drunk space bums - Star Wars

In Episode VII we saw Kylo Ren tell Rey with little respect that her parents were a pair of drunk space losers, and that she was abandoned by them on a depressing desert planet. Many fans, however, refuse to believe this. There has to be something more to Rey than that, surely.

If not some depressing drunks, who could her parents be? Could Rey be something other than an unlikely star started from the gutter? A number of theories offer some suggestions on who her parents could be instead. Evidence shows that she could be the granddaughter of Obi-Wan or even crazier - a long distant relative of Palpatine. A more plausible theory in my eyes however, suggests that she is the daughter of Han Solo and his first love, Qi'ra, which people claim will lead to the dismissal of Kylo Ren's blunt remarks about her parents as one big ruse.

Time will tell!