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Cyber Security Consultant

The Web Orion - Cybersecurity refers to the set of strategies, processes, technologies, and practices designed to reduce risk from protecting networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

5+ Right Time To Hire A Cyber Security Consultant

What Does A Cyber Security Consultant Do?
Cyber-attacks cause colossal misfortunes of time and money or even more than this every year, whether they are gone for government databases, financial systems, or PCs. Cyber Security Consultant responsible for keeping information appropriately protected and free from the risk of Cyber-attacks and related issues.

Ultimate Secret Of Vulnerability Assessment

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked” ― Richard Clarke

Online Scan Ports - The Web Orion

Port Scanning
The packets that Nmap sends out return with IP addresses and a wealth of other data, allowing you to identify all sorts of network attributes, giving you a profile or map of the network and allowing you to create a hardware and software inventory.

5 Myths About Online Port Scan

Many businesses think about why there is a need for an online port scan. Ports need to be properly configured; otherwise, poorly configured ports are responsible for data leaks and compromises. Millions of poorly configured ports are discovered daily which are exploited by the hackers for compromise.

5 Practiced Tool For Penetration Testing in 2020 - Cyber Security

Worried about a hacker exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network, server or web application? One of the most efficient tools administered throughout by experts is P

Cyber Security Consulting Services

For businesses and organizations that just need occasional or project-specific information security and compliance help, partnering with a third-party cybersecurity firm like Weborion is the most cost-effective option.


Why Use An Outside Security Firm?

A question we’re often asked is why would a business bring in an outside Cyber Security firm for help? Why not just hire security staff?

The three most common reasons are:

An Unbiased Perspective

Our security engineers have no political gain to achieve within a client’s business. Accordingly, there are no conflicts of interest to be wary of when it comes to providing recommendations and solutions. We are completely technology and process agnostic.

Skills And Experience

If the skill level and experience simply do not exist within the client’s business environment, it’s much more cost effective for them to bring us in on an ‘as needed’ basis. Our security engineers have complete and immediate reach-back to all of Weborion. This provides multiple technical capabilities, certifications, and experiences to bear for single engagements.

5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Cyber Security Consultant - CyberSecurityConsultant’s blog

With cybercrime in the globe spiking new peaks, cyber-attacks have become eminent threats for corporates, business organizations, and individuals. These attacks have not been restricted to premier organizations rather diversified over small to reputed ones. The most appalling fact of these attacks i…

10 Reasons to Hire Outside Cyber Security Firm

A popular hoax floats in the market that only bigger firms require cybersecurity; smaller ones can run without any problem. This huge misunderstanding needs to be cleared as soon as possible, as the number of cyber-attacks on smaller firms is manifolds of the number of cyber-attacks on the larger fi