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20 Things to do in Nusa Islands, Bali – Highlights of Nusa Islands

Nusa Islands are three Bali islands: Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. The view of the sea, cliff viewpoints and the beaches are the main highlights of these islands.


Visit Broken Beach

The beach has significance because of its unique formation. The stunning views that the beach offers are the main reason for tourists to visit.


Crystal Bay

The secluded cove is edged by a charming coastline. This is a perfect snorkelling and diving spot. If you are a watersport enthusiast, you can get your Uluwatu hotel to arrange a trip for you.


Dream Beach

The white coastline is the main highlight. Limestone cliffs that dot the area are another interesting point of Dream Beach.


Mushroom Bay

The best place for you to visit if you are in a contemplative mood. The bay is quite isolated and becomes quiet in the afternoons.


The Mangrove Forest

The mangrove forest swallows up most of the coastline of Nusa Lembongan. Tourists are offered boat rides through the thickness of the mangrove by local wooden boat operators.


Seaweed Farms

Farming seaweed is one of the main sources of income on Nusa Islands. You can visit the farm at Lembongan Village, and you'll see seaweed being dried up on the shore.


Pantai Atuh Beach

This remote beach is located off the south-eastern coast of Nusa Penida Island – the beach is outlined with peninsular formations and green hills. This is the best place for hiking if you are ready to break a sweat.


Paradise Beach

This particular beach borders the mangrove forest. Mostly known for amazing sunsets, Paradise Beach offers you placid waters perfect for swimming.



If you are a beginner level surfer, Playgrounds is the best spot for you get going with surfing – the mild swells are going to get you started as a surfer.


Sunset Beach

Also known as the Sandy Bay, Sunset Beach is the ideal spot for you to lounge the day away. The palm trees and the lounger offering refreshments are just what you need to rewind.



Adjacent to Playgrounds, Shipwrecks is another surf break found on Nusa Islands. While Playgrounds is suited for beginners, Shipwrecks can only be tamed by consummate surfers.


Pura Paluang Car Temple

This is quite the unique attraction – shrines of the temple complex are in the form of automobiles and houses; a must-visit if you want to experience the quirkiness of Nusa Islands.


Tamarind Beach

The coastline is an expanse of 300 meters lined with restaurants and bungalows. Tamarind Beach is also very close to Playgrounds which makes the beach popular among surfers.


Manta Point

This is a famous dive spot situated off the Coast of Nusa Penida Island. The dive spot is crowded with manta rays, hence the name Manta Point. You can also spot nurse sharks and stingrays.



Another surf break on Nusa Islands, Lacerations is best suited for experienced surfers. If you are lodged at Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, you can get the hotel staff to arrange a trip for you.


The Bridge of Love

This is a suspension bridge that connects Nusa Ceningan and Lembongan Island. The bridge is famous for the panoramic views it offers.


Bali Marine Walk

A tour into the depths of the ocean is what this is. You can plunge about 6 meters into the sea. You'll be provided with helmets that let you stay submerged in the water.


Goa Giri Putri Temple

This is a cave temple and one of the cultural attractions on Nusa Islands. The entrance is quite narrow, so you sort of need to squeeze through – though inside is a roomy courtyard.


Devil's Tear

A bunch of jagged limestone cliffs form Devil's Tear. There's also a naturally formed infinity pool, so don't forget to bring your swimwear.


Kelingking Beach

The forested limestone land is the main highlight of the beach, getting to the beach takes a bit of climbing which makes it ideal for adventurous travellers.