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Data Entry Services

Rely Services provides the best in class Data Entry Outsourcing Services at an affordable price and with better accuracy. We are a well acclaimed Data Entry Company. We offer a wide range of data entry outsourcing services at affordable prices and with better accuracy.

Data Entry Services

We are a well acclaimed Data Entry Company. We offer a wide range of data entry outsourcing services at affordable prices and with better accuracy.

Medical Billing Services

We are a leading Business Process Outsourcing -BPO Company in the USA. Being the best medical billing company, we help medical billing agencies to manage medical billing services, Resulting in an organized patient billing service.

BPO Company

Rely Services is a leading Business Process Outsourcing - BPO Services in the USA. Being one of the best BPO Company in BPO Industry Rely Services providing customized BPO solutions to 400+ clients for 20+ years.


Benefits to Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

Benefits to Outsourcing Medical Billing Services

Imagine you’re a small group of physicians with complementary specialties. You’re just starting out, so you’ve recently invested heavily in your offices, business hardware and software, furniture, medical equipment, marketing, hiring office and medical staff, buying insurance for the people and the practice, and you’re eager to start seeing more patients and building your practice.

But you’re noticing an income shortfall that keeps building.

Surprise! Some of your beloved patients are not paying their bills in a timely manner. And because of mistakes in coding or filling out forms, payments from Medicare, Medicaid and various Health Insurances are slow in coming.

Nothing new in this, across the Healthcare Industry, reimbursements have been declining and HIPPA-compliant paperwork is increasing. The opportunity to be a profitable enterprise is constantly shrinking.

On average, 70-80% of patients owe a minimum of $500 to their healthcare providers. More than 45% of patients owe $1000. If a bill is not eventually paid or settled, the expense of that treatment will NEVER be recovered.

How can a small or medium-sized medical practice hope to get, and stay profitable when it’s so expensive to operate and most of the fees are essentially capped by what the various insurance providers will reimburse?

The answer? Business Process Outsourcing- BPO!

A BPO can give your billing process top priority because coding and billing is what they do. BPOs have a proven track record- increasing income and cutting costs for healthcare providers worldwide. It’s both the easiest and quickest way for your medical practice to see new levels of profitability.

And just to reiterate, the whole billing process is money and time-consuming task.

Healthcare providers concentrate on their patients- staying current with the latest treatments and medications. The majority of their staff does as well. So it’s probably no surprise that Medical Billing is near the bottom of the list of priorities.

Today, Medical Billing Outsourcing is providing world class service to their clients. Using the latest technical innovation and expertise, some healthcare providers can see up to a 30% saving in billing and receiving costs!

Rely Services is here to give you and your staff the opportunity of concentrate on delivering quality healthcare! For a no-cost evaluation of your business and tips on how we can make you more profitable, contact us and see what a difference we can make for you!

Avoid Errors. It’s a fact that BPOs are less prone to errors in insurance coding and patient contact. Without a dedicated in-house staff for billing, your practice can be more efficient and cost-effective. The money saved can be used to improve patient care and upgrade equipment and services.
Stay Current With Industry Standards And Practices: Insurance, both private and government, constantly change their methods and requirements. To stay on top of the latest regulations is a full time job. With a BPO, your practice can leave that task to someone else, with a guarantee to stay on top of changes and not lose any time or money because of mistakes.
Improve Cash Flow. Medical Billing Outsourcing keeps billing flowing in an effective way, getting bills out quicker, getting payments back sooner and with less expense.
Increase Revenue: A BPO can introduce new billing methods, including trans-promotional marketing- where an invitation to a testing service, vaccines, medical events or other special offers are attached to the patient’s bill. This encourages better patient involvement in their own care and adds a revenue stream to the practice.
Security: Well established outsourcing companies have a very stable and secure billing process. Data is confidentially stored and they can meet current HIPPA standards.

Control: A BPO maintaining your medical billing services, will reduce your workload. Transparency and accountability will be maintained.
Patient Satisfaction: A BPO will be the voice and face of your billing service, and the best of them take that responsibility seriously. They can mirror the same consideration and care that your patients find in your office.

Mortgage BPO

We are a known mortgage process outsourcing company. Our mortgage bpo process is handled by well-experienced professionals who deliver quality mortgage services to the mortgage industry.


What to consider when choosing the right BPO Partner

What to consider when choosing the right BPO Partner

More and more large, medium and even small-sized firms are partnering with Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPO's), than ever.

Because forward-looking enterprises are trying to decrease overhead. They're attempting to save staff and resources for the core of their business. Reduce Human Resources administration costs. They want to save on staffing and training. They want to see a reduction in hardware capital expenses.

Essentially, they want to do the things that give them an advantage over the competition. They want to win!

So, if you're considering a BPO partner, there are some basic steps you need to take to assure that the firm you pick is the right one for you.

  1. Scope of Operation

Don't let be deterred by the size of YOUR operation. BPOs can offer significant savings for businesses of almost any size, in any sector. And if they currently don't offer the tasks you need, odds are they'll find a way to do it. Remember, the BPO field is highly competitive and you'll need to spend some time and effort to find a firm that's a good fit for you. This also means that you will be calling the shots.

  1. Services On Offer

The leaders in the BPO Services field have a wealth of experience working in manufacturing, healthcare, online retail, insurance, mortgage, medical data entry services and billing, data mining, and a broad spectrum of IT and data entry services.

  1. Proven Track Records

Do they have endorsements from current and former clients that are true and accurate? Can they put you in touch with partners that are their biggest cheerleaders?

  1. Transparency

Can they offer full transparency? Make sure that they can offer a no-cost review of your business and detail what they can do for you. Will they be held accountable for all their actions on your behalf, and all their outages and downtime?

  1. Data Security

What about their security? Remember, you're going to be handing over your data to a third party. In some instances that data is like gold! Do they have the proper protections and secure practices to keep it out of a hacker's hands?

  1. Scalability

Will they scale the offered resources to fit your needs? And then increase those resources when your business expands?

  1. Technology and Infrastructure

Do they have the hardware, staff, and software to fill your needs? And do they have it right now? Make sure they're not going to buy what they need only after you sign up with them. This will help keep ramp-up time to a minimum.

What about their infrastructure? Offshore facilities are sometimes subject to the whims and perils of power outages, fierce weather, and social and political unrest. Can they keep your operation up and running when some, or all of these things happen?

Since the Business Process Outsourcing market is booming, there are newer, less experienced operations vying for your attention. There's probably nothing wrong about partnering with a new firm, as long as they have experienced, skilled staff and the resources to do the job for you. They may offer a very competitive price to get your business, and that can be good, but make sure they have everything needed to get up and running tomorrow!

Scout the field, look at all the firms' offers, then see what a leader in the industry- Rely Services - can do for you. You may be surprised at the range of award-winning clients we have. And with over 20 years of experience in the BPO field, the variety of services we offer.

For more information, and a chance to see exactly what Rely Services offers, book a free evaluation of your customer service needs and how we can help you accomplish your goals.


How to Significantly Improve the Data Entry Process

How to Significantly Improve the Data Entry Process

*How to Significantly Improve the Data Entry Process

Every operational organization deals with data on a daily basis. This data needs to be managed effectively so that it can be utilized as needed. The process of entering values into computer software in a systematically processed way is known as data entry. The process can be manual or automated meaning it can be handled by a person or a machine. The process of data entry by an operator is known as manual data entry. If it is entered by a machine, it is known as automated electronic data entry. To make this process efficient and accurate, certain guidelines must be followed.

  1. Focus on Useful Data: As we all know, data entry is a time-consuming process, so the focus has to be placed on the data that is most useful to the organization. The documents that aren’t useful or don’t contain any useful information have to be removed. An operator should only focus on important documents. Not focusing on unnecessary data saves time during the operator’s day.

  2. Analysis of Errors: There are two methods used to analyze errors. These are the cluster & event analyses. These methods can be explained as follows:

a.Cluster Analysis: Clustering involves identifying common groups and analyzing them for errors. A data entry process gets repetitive when similar processes are needlessly repeated with the same kind of errors. Once you identify a single error in a process, it can be easily correlated with the other processes in the same cluster.

b.Event Analysis: This involves analyzing the root cause of an error that leads to a particular event. Once you have found the root cause, you can avoid such incidents and reduce your data entry errors.

3.Data Profiling:

Analyzing a set of data for its correctness, completion, and accuracy is known as data profiling. In short, you make sure the data being used is reasonably valid. Data profiling reduces needless corrections & saves money and time throughout the process.

  1. Introduce Smart Forms: Forms typically require different input values for different categories or sections. For example, a mobile number is a numeric value and a name is an alphabetic value. In this case, we’d need to design a smart form that prevents users from entering numbers into the “name” category and letters into the “mobile number” category by analyzing the characters entered.

  2. Standardization of Processes:

Once we are done with the process definition (data segregation & analysis), we can proceed to the process standardization. Process standardization involves preparing checklists for an operator so that they understand what points need to be cross-checked before submission.

  1. Introduce Automated Process:

Data entry involves manual work, but if we could find a way to automate the manual process, this will save time & money. Removal of manual processes increases the accuracy of the overall system. The automation of processes can be done with the help of software that extracts data from images, eliminating the need to manually extract it.

  1. Observation & Feedback:

Manual data entry requires the team to be closely monitored and critiqued in a timely manner. Feedback should be a two-way conversation where we take corrective measures to avoid errors. Observations are to be recorded and used for further referencing of process optimization.

You can use these methods to reduce your manual efforts and increase your profits. Being a leading data entry company, we can optimize various processes to save time so that you can focus on core business activities.

About Rely Services

Rely Services is a Business Process Outsourcing - BPO company with 20+ years of experience in the healthcare and insurance industries. We have helped our reputed clients to increase their revenue and smoothly manage their claim settlement process. You can reach us at or you can call us at 847-310-8750.


Top 7 Benefits of Document Digitization

Top 7 Benefits of Document Digitization

This is a digital world! More and more paper is disappearing. Everyone it seems is going paperless. Online purchases, airlines, grocery stores, gas stations, doctor’s offices, dry cleaners… you name it!

In addition to being good for the environment, this presents new challenges for businesses of all sizes. At this point you might be considering using a Business Process Outsourcing - BPO Company, to make that transition and maintain your records.

Digital record-keeping can be easy, but what about your paper documents and records?

Document Digitization is a process of converting physical data into digital format by either a software or a manual process. If you’re moving into the digital realm for the first time, the amount of paper documentation that already exists can be staggering. And the task of going digital may seem overwhelming.

Digitization of data may be of various types:

Digitization of paper documents, Digitization of large size document, Digitization of Books, Digitization of Newspapers of Magazines, Digitization of engineering manual, digitization of Aperture card, digitization of insurance form, digitization of patient records, Digitization Travel tickets, Digitization of bills submitted by employees for claims

Document digitization processes vary by industry, every industry doesn’t save records the same way or in the same format. Our wide range of expertise to convert any type of documents into any style of digital format makes us unique! We have experts who understand your business and help us to convert the documents into any digital format.

Document digitization benefits offered by Rely services:

Easy accessibility cost reduction data SecurityIncreased productivity storage & RecoveryEnvironmentally FriendlyCompetitive Edge

Easy Accessibility: Document digitization enables an organization to access the data in the digital form from anywhere, which breaks the barriers of location, time and simultaneous access. Easy accessibility of data improves the data flow within the organization, resulting in enhanced productivity.

Cost Reduction: Digitization of documents enables an enterprise to get rid of physical documents which consume various resources such as office space, security personnel, and a decay-free environment. Once the data is digitized we can optimize these resources for cost reduction.

Data Security: As the documents are digitized, access to digital data is easy to define. Digital access not only reduces the time required to provide access but also makes it possible to define the accessibility level. This enhances data security and protects you from data leaks. With the right kind of cybersecurity, it’s easy to safely maintain data.

Increased Productivity: Data can be accessed by multiple departments within the business at the same time, if the data is not digitized, it takes more time and more effort to access it.

Data Storage and Recovery: Digitized data is easy to store at multiple locations, which assures the data safety. Data storage in multiple locations gives extra protection against data corruption or loss. Physical documents are more likely to get damaged in case of natural disasters, whereas digitized data is more secure and easy to replicate. Natural calamities are often unpredictable so storing it at multiple, secure locations adds reliability to your documents.

Environmentally Friendly: With digitized data there’s no need to print it for distribution, also handling digitized data is easy. An email is all you need to share the data so it avoids unnecessary printing. This will ultimately result in saving natural resources.

Competitive Advantage: When you access the digitized data, it becomes easy for you to find various records instantly. You can run an analytical diagnosis which can yield important insights.

From our beginnings, Rely Services has been a leader in the field of document digitization. We have a team of experts who can deliver the work on time and under budget with total accuracy. Contact us to find out how we can help you at or call us on +1 (847) 310-8750.


Outsourcing Healthcare BPO Services in India

Outsourcing Healthcare BPO Services in India

Healthcare BPO Outsourcing in India

Your Healthcare Business is growing, and you need to add staff and services, and maybe you should consider a Healthcare Business Process Outsource firm for your expansion.

Wait a minute. A What? What is a Healthcare BPO? Sure, other business sectors have Outsourcing Partners for things like customer service and sales and accounting, but Healthcare BPO Outsourcing? what can they offer a Healthcare enterprise?

Simply put, a lot. Some of the Advantages of Healthcare BPO Outsourcing can save you time, money, resources and so much more. An Outsourcing Partner can take on the overhead of space, computer hardware, software, personnel onboarding, training, HR, communications and payroll. And because of the economies of scale, these services will be yours for a fraction of what you would spend in-house.

All the things that increase your expenses but don’t add to your profitability. All the things that become a huge part of doing business but aren’t really part of your core business. Those functions are necessary, but not why you got into the Healthcare sector.

And where is the most dynamic, accessible and talent-filled market for these services? India. With a highly educated, tech savvy workforce, where thanks to the British Empire, English is widely spoken, and the work ethic is top notch. With a stable society and government, a dependable infrastructure, and clean, high quality housing available to workers, and access to an expanding talent pool, you can’t do better than a Healthcare BPO in India. and Rely Services is a leading BPO using India as their core workforce.

Advantages of Outsourcing Healthcare BPO

With a myriad of services available, and being experts in each, Rely Services can offer the expertise that other Healthcare BPOs cannot.

Medical Billing Services: Essential to the operation of any practice or department, billing services and it’s efficiency drive the office forward. If the duty is done by a staff member who has other functions, the chance of errors in coding or billing submission increases.
Medical Billing Services Outsourcing with a Healthcare BPO can reduce costs and streamline the process.

Medical Coding Services: Again, this needs to be done by a dedicated staff member. Our highly trained coding specialist do nothing but coding, and they’re fast and efficient. Medical Coding Outsourcing allows seamless integration with your existing hardware and software.

Medical Data Entry Services: can unify all of your including the following:

Hospital Records- from every hospital
Medication Records- from every provider
Surgical Treatment Records- from every provider
Clinical & Healthcare Records from every hospital or clinic
Tests or lab Data Records- from every lab whether walk-in of hospital
Account and Billing Details- from every providerText and Numeric Data Entry- from all sources
Demographics EntriesPayment PostingPatient Details & Chart Information- from doctors, hospitals, clinics
Medical Insurance Claim Forms- primary, secondary, Medicare or MedicaidCharge EntriesHandwritten/printed Document Data Entry of all types
Image Record Data Entry of all types

Medical Data Entry Services Outsourcing: Unifies your procedures and eliminates duplication and other errors.

Charge Entry in Medical Billing: to be correct, access to detailed, coded charges have to be recorded and entered into the patient’s EMR. Rely Services’ specialist have an error rate of 0.01%.

Medical Accounts Receivable: When using Rely Services as your Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Firm, your seamless process continues. Your income flow can be managed using our specialized team.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: From appointment to seek medical services to when all claims and patient payments have been collected, the cycle must be error-free in all respects or the cycle breaks down and there is a delay in payment. Using Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing maximizes your chances of this process running smoothly.

Medical Claims Processing Services: Yes, it is a different language. But Rely Services speaks it fluently. Medical Claims Processing will be done quickly and on or under budget.

What’s the solution? Rely Services!

Professionals in the Healthcare sector are usually in it to help others. The hours are long and the responsibility is great. It involves both time and money to get the proper training and to stay up to date on the latest practices. It’s a satisfying career for those who’ve chosen it. Why not let a Rely Services take on the peripheral aspects of providing healthcare?

Our Healthcare Services BPO solution offers a turn-key solution to the complex maze of regulation and industry standards.

Electronic Healthcare Records and Exchanges: Moving patient information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system, Rely Services provides the capability to electronically move clinical information among different health care information systems.

Healthcare Data Analytics: Compiling gigabits of data and analyzing them is a key element to patient healthcare. Rely Services constantly upgrades it’s software and technology to examine large volumes of data for insights for treatment.

HIPPA Compliance Consulting: Rely Services’ HIPAA consultants work with health care providers, law firms, managed care organizations, and HIPAA business associates, lending their expertise in navigating the maze of regulations.

Cost-Effective: Our clients realize a savings of up to 40% on data management costs.

Combining Electronic Medical Records with a move to a Healthcare BPO firm is a natural fit. Healthcare providers won’t have to hire new staff, or train existing staff to make the change to digital. A BPO can provide trained, experienced professionals to handle all of the migration to digital quickly, efficiently and securely.

Based on the project specifications and requirements, Rely Services applies the latest technological innovations to deliver world-class results. Our relentless pursuit of absolute perfection is on display in this sector. Rely Services is the premier Healthcare BPO firm operating in the Medical Data Entry Service field today!

Increased revenueDramatic Time SavingError-Free Data EntryAccess to Experienced and Professional StaffData SecurityReduction in Training CostsMore Time to Focus on Patient CareImprovement in Patient Experience
Healthcare Outsourcing can handle some of the more daunting tasks associated with EMRs:

Digitization of printed paper documents
Digitization of handwritten notes
Digitization of transcriptions
Digitization of patient intake forms
Digitization of X-rays and MRIs

Healthcare BPO Services offer the perfect fit to move, or maintain, your office’s record-keeping in the digital universe. Not only does it make records easier to access, it makes storage easier. Digitization is infinitely easier to search through. And it eliminates the problem of reading doctor’s famously unreadable handwriting. When you Outsource Healthcare Solutions your office gets the whole package, all at once:

Easy Accessibility: Document digitization enables an organization to access the data in digital form from anywhere, which breaks the barriers of location, time and simultaneous access.

Cost Reduction: Digitization of documents enables a provider to get rid of physical documents which consume resources such as office space, security personnel, and a decay-free environment.

Data Security: As the documents are digitized, the access to digital data is easy to define. This enhances data security and guards against data leaks.

Increased Productivity: Data can be accessed by multiple departments within the practice or provider at the same time.

Data Storage and Recovery: Digitized data is easy to store at multiple locations, giving extra protection against data corruption or loss. Physical documents are more likely to be damaged, whereas digitized data is more secure and easy to replicate.

Environmentally Friendly: With digitized data there’s no need to print it for distribution, also handling of digitized data is easy. This will ultimately result in saving natural resources, making your enterprise ‘greener’.

Competitive Advantage: When you access the digitized data, it becomes easy to find various records instantly and run analytical diagnosis which can yield important insights.

Contact Rely Services today for a no-cost evaluation of your opportunities Outsourcing Healthcare BPO Services in India!


Five Reasons to Partner with a BPO on Mortgage Process Services

Ever consider a partnership with a Business Process Outsourcing Company as a solution for the increased operating expenses the mortgage sector is experiencing? A top-ranked, professional BPO that specializes in Mortgage Process Outsourcing can take the following high-volume, time-consuming tasks off your plate:

Background investigation
Property assessment
Document examination
Title ordering

Think for a moment what outsourcing these tasks can mean to your Mortgage BPO firms’ profitability. This could be the difference in success or failure in this hyper-competitive financial sector.

In 2019 the average US borrower makes a 5% down payment for their home purchase.

Ten years ago, someone with a down payment that small probably couldn’t get a mortgage at all!

So, lenders today are taking on more risk in a highly charged, competitive market! What does this do to their business model?

After the recovery from the great recession, mortgage lenders faced a new reality. These lenders need to find a way to reduce costs and become more efficient. With reduced profits, how can mortgage services remain in operation? What are the best tools to help firms in this battered financial sector succeed? Keep in mind that the pressures are increasing.

Here’s Five Big Reasons Mortgage Services Outsourcing has risen to meet the challenge.

A BPO team has the latest tech and IT practices available. That means constant hardware and software upgrades, migration to the latest servers, world-wide access, cloud services, continuing maintenance, and full support for your in-house staff. And while the service is outsourced, all the information is available to you 24/7. In this age of the Hacker, a BPO can offer cutting edge security practices to keep your information safe and private. It seems every day the headlines are filled with news of a new data breach. Look for a BPO that has never had a data breach, never lost any information, never suffered a devastating server crash. And if they have suffered one of these disasters, how did they recover?
No matter what size your business, a BPO can help you become more profitable. Often new customers will start a conversation with: “my operation isn’t large enough to outsource these services”. Actually, you’re probably just the right size to benefit from BPOs scalable services. Small bank or multi-national lender, you’ll be a good fit.
Customer satisfaction scores are off the chart! BPOs have been engaged in customer service- related functions for years, and it all started with building customer trust and confidence. Quality BPOs engage in constant training in customer relations practices with their representatives, so your hard-won customers will stay happy with both your products and your services.
Mortgage service outsourcing can deliver access to the latest in big data analytics, which in turn gives your firm the ability to use up to the minute information about pricing models, an optimum number of loans to have outstanding, loss mitigation and best practices. Big Data can allow your business decisions to be the best informed possible.
Cut that overhead. A BPO will provide a professional, highly trained staff ready to go. At a fraction of your current cost. Let your core staff do the things they do best. Let your key players do their thing. Let a BPO do everything else.

The right BPO will be a professional operation delivering on time and on budget. And they should be completely transparent so you know exactly what kind of job they’re doing.

Rely Services leads the industry incompetence and transparency. We’ve thrived in the Mortgage Services sector and we can bring that expertise to your operation! Contact Rely Services today for a no-cost evaluation of your business and how we can help. Call us at 847.310.8750.