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Learning of ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 English is Made Easy with the Help of Extramarks

English should be taken seriously by every student not to secure marks in exam but to learn the chapters and reach the objectives of studying the chapters. ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 English are as follows- I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, The Patriot, Abou Ben Adhem, Nine Gold Medals, The Little Match Girl, The Blue Bead, My Greatest Olympic Prize, All Summer in a Day, The Merchant of Venice.

The Study Materials of ICSE Class 10 Maths are Available on Extramarks

Class 10 is an important phase in the life of any student. ICSE 10 Biology should be taken seriously by the students who want to go for medical careers. Without knowing Biology of Class 10 students will not be able to learn the concepts of Biology of Higher classes.

Learning of ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 English is Made Easy with the Help of Extramarks

"English should be taken seriously by every student not to secure marks in exam but to learn the chapters and reach the objectives of studying the chapters. ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 English are as follows- I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, The Patriot, Abou Ben Adhem, Nine Gold Medals, The Little Match Girl, The Blue Bead, My Greatest Olympic Prize, All Summer in a Day, The Merchant of Venice.

Meet, Ask and Chat with Alex- The Best AI Studybot from Extramarks

Technology has improved a lot over the years. From smartphones to smart home appliances, everything is a wonder of modern technology. Education has also become easier with the introduction of the latest technology. The AI Sudybot is the newest addition to this. Students can learn in an easy way with the help of a Studybot. It acts as the perfect learning companion for the students of today's generation.

Best Online Study Material for ICSE Chemistry Class 10 Available on Extramarks. - ArticleWeb55

The ICSE, popularly known as the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is one of the most accepted and prominent education boards in our country. Though ICSE is less common than CBSE, the level of education is tougher in the ICSE board. Class 10 and 12 have always been the biggest concern for students because of board exams. 

Understand All Concepts of ICSE Class 10 Maths from the Extramarks App

Covering complete ICSE Class 10 Maths Syllabus could be difficult for students. Students always face challenges while looking for Study Material Source for ICSE Class 10 maths.Online study material can help students gain a better understanding of the subject matter and do well in the examinations.

Download ICSE Class 10 Cheistry Lab Manual Pdf from the Extramarks App

Students of Class 10 ICSE Chemistry will agree about the tremendous amount of theory and how difficult some of the concepts can be. As the subject not only has theory and numerical in it, but students have to prepare for practicals as well. The practicals are a very important part of the exam and hence can't be ignored. There are various ways for students to prepare for them, for can download the Extramarks app and easily find Chemistry Lab Manual Class 10 ICSE Pdf.

Extramarks: The Best Online Learning Site for Students who Wish to Score Well

" is the Best Online Study Site. It's easy, versatile, accessible and helps students learn at their own pace as well. Extramarks make learning less boring and allow the learner to have fun while learning. Extramarks focuses on high learning retention, which includes mixed learning approaches that lead to a higher retention rate of knowledge. Extramarks can work anywhere at any time. E-learners can go anywhere, usually at any time, through online learning courses.

Achieve Good Scores in Examinations with the Help of Extramarks Study Application

There is no question that online study sites (e-learning) are a growing trend. But, why is that? It’s cheaper: with any device connected to the Internet, your users can learn. There is no need to rent a building or pay for costly utility bills to provide learning facilities for students.

ICSE Geography Class 10 Updated Solutions with Study Material on Extramarks App

A captivating subject, geography is a scientific field dedicated to the study of the Earth's landforms, seas, climate and biodiversity, as well as the relationships between human society and the environment. The term geography means "writing planet." Geography has been elucidated from a number of sources time and time again.

Extramarks is the Best Online Education Apps for Students for their Excellent Marks

One of the main benefits of Education Apps for students online study app training when it comes to good marks for students. Education, especially for students, usually means hours of hair-raising work. Students must keep track of which subject has been finished by them and what is remaining, but with the help of Education Apps for students online study app, they don’t have to keep track of it.

Extramarks Helping Students to Achieve and Clarify All Their Doubts

E-learning is defined as a learning system focused on formalized instruction but using digital tools. Although teaching can be centred in or out of classrooms, the main component of e-learning is the use of computers and the Internet. E-learning can also be called a network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge, where training is provided at the same time or at different times to a wide number of recipients.

Download ICSE Geography Class 10 Solutions on Extramarks Study Application - ArticleWeb55

Geography learning is difficult and can sometimes be a daunting task as the subject requires a lot of memorizing different places, locations and much more. At Extramarks, experts are working with detailed material and teaching aids to make ICSE Class 10 Geography easy and fun for learners and help them prepare for the crucial board exams.

Extramarks Learning App is One the Best Educational Apps on Playstore

These learning apps for kids help them in learning all their concepts in an interesting and easy manner. Since these apps are easily accessible, every student can make use of this app at a convenient time and learn effectively. There are a lot of fun applications that have been developed for young kids to learn while they're playing.

Extramarks App is Going to Help Students of All Boards in Their Studies

Education Apps for Students are becoming increasingly prominent in tertiary education, with universities increasing provision and more students signing up. But is it really changing the way universities teach and students learn, or is it simply a case of students typing their papers on computers and professors giving them course lists or work assignments via e-mail?

Students Can Get the Best Online Learning E-Solutions Only on Extramarks Website - ArticleWeb55

Understanding of the conic sections in class 12th Mathematics would have been easier, only if we had engaging video lessons so said an engineering aspirant who is all set to give this year’s IIT entrance and is exhausted by the 4-hour long tuitions.

The World is Changing Quickly and All Learners are Heading Towards Online Learning. - studymaterialforboardexam

E-learning is an education app for students that takes place through a medium that incorporates knowledge and interaction as central themes, defined by the physical separation between the teacher and the student. Thanks to the great importance that this method of teaching and training is beginning to have, here at the Extramarks site, we have decided to share the advantages and developments of e-learning with everyone in e-book format.

The Online Learning is the New Style of Learning Among All Students

The high cost is one of the most significant barriers to learning. Online Education improves the quality of learning, one of the foundations of sustainable development. Online Education offers to learn through videos (such as Extramarks tutorial videos) and online tutorials that are effective to everyone. With the help of smart learning, one can be in constant contact through their teachers or other classmates. 

Get the Best Guidance and Mentorship Only with Extramarks Achieve Program

Extramarks Achieve is a first-of-its-kind holistic Academic Student Guidance System where students achieve a perfect balance of training and guidance. This unique program covers two exclusive services, the Learning App and the Academic Student Guidance Programme. It helps students fulfil their educational goals and dreams.

Get the ICSE Geography Class 10 Syllabus with Solutions Only on Extramarks

Geography, the study and interactions of the Earth`s diverse environments, places, and spaces. It seeks to answer questions as to why things are, where they are. Modern academic geography discipline is rooted in ancient practice, especially with respect to the characteristics of places, their natural environments and peoples, as well as their relationships. The Greeks, whose geo and graphein were combined to mean ""earth writing"" or ""earth description,"" first formulated its separate identity and named it some 2,000 years ago.

Get All the Geography Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Only on Extramarks

Geography is an extremely broad discipline that seeks to map and describe both the physical features of the Earth, such as the mountains and its human features, such as the borders of the Earth countries or distributions of religions. Geography is divided into two branches which focus on each separately — human geography and physical geography.

Extramarks Educational App is Going to Make Learning a Fun Experience for Students

These are some of the ways Extramarks is disrupting the educational sector and making learning a fun and easy process for students

Online Study Apps and Online Study make life easier and learning much fun, Grab your Extramarks guides now

With an online class, you get the opportunity to control your learning condition, which eventually encourages you to build up a more profound comprehension of your degree course. New models of learning are continually jumping up in the market, giving understudies shifted chances to design their training into something that fits them, not the other route round.

Extramarks - The best student guide,the best doubt clearing app

Extramarks is considered to be the Academic guru for the students who believe in the thoey of E-learning. Extramarks works on the principle of student guidance for helping them achieve what they want. There are several Mentorship programs held by these apps so as to help the students clear their doubts.

Now All the New ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus is Available Online

Have you ever asked yourself why we are studying ICSE Chemistry Class 10? What do we know from all these elements and compounds and their applications? Okay, that's not it! The importance and scope of ICSE Chemistry Class 10 is enormous. In this section, we will discuss some of the practical applications of chemistry.

Artificial Intelligence is Now Changing the World by the Method of Providing Knowledge - ArticleWeb55

AI Studybot is a machine designed and programmed in such a way that it thinks and acts like a human being. Artificial Learning Centric Studybot is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. AI changes our life because this technology is used in a wide range of day-to-day services.