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Things to Do in Khon Kaen - Top Activities in Khon Kaen

As one of Thailand's top tourist hotspots, Khon Kaen welcomes visitors from around the world. Here are some of the most engaging activities tourists can sign up for during a getaway to the area.


Explore the Phu Wiang National Park and the Dinosaur Museum

One of the lesser-known facts about Khon Kaen is that it is home to a number of excavation sites that yielded dinosaur remains in Thailand. A visit to the Phu Wiang National Park is, therefore, a must for all tourists based in the area as Khon Kaen was once a location in which majestic dinosaurs roamed wild and free. The excavation sites are numerous and open to visitors who tour the Phu Wiang National Park where one also finds the fascinating Dinosaur Museum which documents the dinosaur legacy of Khon Kaen with life-size replicas and other exhibits.


Tour the Khon Kaen National Museum

Regardless of whether one is a history buff or simply an intrigued tourist hoping to learn more about the region, a visit to the Khon Kaen National Museum is a must for all first time holidaymakers heading to the area. Ideally located in the heart of town, the museum is home to an impressive and extensive collection of relics and antiques which were unearthed in the region in decades past. Some of the institution's most prized possessions include a human skeleton which is over 3000 years old which was uncovered in Udon Thani's Ban Chiang archaeological site.


Beach It at Heaven Beach

While Khon Kaen is not known as a beach haven in Thailand, the area does contain an exquisite beach named Heaven Beach. Situated in Khon Kaen's Ubonratana District, the beach is located near the Ubonrat Dam. While bathing may not always be an option, wining and dining in the beach's elevated restaurants is one of the true treats of a visit to Heaven Beach which is only accessible during the dry season. Other popular activities at the beach include swimming and banana boating which are only available during the wet season.


Pay Homage to the Wat Thung Setthi

Regarded as one of the region's most iconic religious edifices, Wat Thung Setthi is a truly unique temple which differs from other places of worship in Thailand. Painted in shades of gold and blue, the temple is lined with breathtaking white statues, unlike most Thai temples which gild the statues of Lord Buddha in gold. The tranquil and spiritual atmosphere of the temple is inescapable as one enters through a flight of white stairs to the inner sanctum of the structure.


Splash Around

Tipped to be the largest water park in the north-eastern reaches of Thailand, no trip to Khon Kaen would be complete without a day at Dino Water Park. Spread out across a vast expanse, a company in Turkey is responsible for setting up this larger than life splash centre in the area. Visitors based at the AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre or any similar hotel in Khon Kaen Thailand can head to the Dino Water Park for a fun time with the family.

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