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Headline for Botswana Landmarks and Monuments - Discover Botswana's Top Monuments and Highlights
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Botswana Landmarks and Monuments - Discover Botswana's Top Monuments and Highlights

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, Botswana is home to countless natural and manmade highlights. Here are some of the country's top points of interest for tourists.


Tsodilo Hills

Occupying pride of place in the northwestern reaches of the country, the Tsodilo Hills towers above the plain that surrounds it. The four hills are named 'The Male', 'The Female' and 'The Child' respectively while the last is unnamed. In addition to the beauty of the hills, a visit to Tsodilo is worth the time due to the many rock paintings contained within the landscape. Believed to have been etched by Bushmen, the area is home to an impressive 500 painting hubs and is thus considered one of the world's largest art sites. Some of the area's best-loved ancient artworks are found in The Female hill. As a free attraction, all visitors can explore the Tsodilo Hills every day of the week.


Kgale Hill

Located in Gaborone, Kgale Hill is another top attraction for those touring Botswana's natural wonders. As another free access site, those who embark on a hike to the summit of Kgale Hill will be rewarded with spectacular views of the Gaborone Dam and city below. Those who set out on the hike may also spot the black eagles that nest in the various cliffs of the hill as the winged beauties are always flying overhead or perching on their nests. Visitors based at the Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino will find that hiking up Kgale Hill is one of the most memorable things to do In Gaborone.


Baines Baobabs

Also dubbed the Seven Sisters, Baines Baobabs is found in the heart of the Nxai Pan National Park. The trees were first discovered and subsequently painted by Thomas Baines as early as 1862. The larger than life trees which tower above the remainder of the island is also bordered by the Kudiakam Pan. While large African baobab trees are hardly unusual in Botswana it is the close clustering of the seven trees that make Baines Baobabs a unique attraction. Visitors will require permits to enter the national park in which the trees are contained.


Matsieng Footprints

Located halfway between Francistown and Gaborone, the Matsieng Footprints are believed to have belonged to an actual giant by the name of Matsieng. Having risen from a hole in the earth, Matsieng is known to have simply come into existence more than 10,000 years ago along with other giants and animals. The massive footprints measure in at 13 inches long in some places and are attributed to the Basarwa people who once occupied this land.


Kubu Island

Staring at Kubu Island as it stands today, it is difficult to conceive that the island was once underwater and a submerged rock beneath a lake. Located in Makgadikgadi, which is home to several similar rock islands, Kubu remains the one that fascinates and attracts regular visitors. Some of the main highlights of a visit to the island include witnessing bird dropping fossils, centuries-old stone cairns and other relics dating back to the Stone Age. Hunting wild animals and picking wild fruits on the island are strictly prohibited as are removing any rocks from the island.