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Types of Tea You Can Find in Sri Lanka - The best on the island

Tea and tea exports are one of the major industries in Sri Lanka and here are the top types of tea you must definitely try when you are in this country.


About tea in Sri Lanka

No trip to any hill destination in Sri Lanka is complete without you visiting at least one or two tea estates and finding out how all the teas of Sri Lanka are made. While you are at it, here are some of the best teas you can try.


Black tea

This is the most common kind of tea you can find in Sri Lanka and the black tea in this country is considered to be the best and the cleanest in the world. This is the case because the tea made in Sri Lanka is free of additives or harmful pesticides. To make this black tea, the leaves are plucked by hand. After the final process of tea making, the leaves are then separated into different grades depending on their taste and concentration. These categories differ in colour and taste. Among the variety of black teas found in Sri Lanka the best of the lot is the Earl Grey, the English breakfast, the English afternoon, Spice masala, the rose and French vanilla, and black teas made with berries. You must definitely try at least a few varieties of these black teas at any one of many a best restaurant in Nuwara Eliya. If you opt to stay at Galway Heights, for instance, you good order one of these teas along with your breakfast.


Green tea

After China, the Sri Lankan green tea is quickly gaining popularity in the world. The process of making this tea is quite different making black tea even if it comes from the same kind of plants. When making green tea, the process does not ferment the leaf, thereby maintaining the antioxidant values. Some of the green tea flavours you can try in Sri Lanka are the Jasmine green tea, the Mint green tea, the lemongrass green tea, and the original real leaf green tea.


White tea

This is the unique tea found in the country and it is also the most expensive thing you can try in Sri Lanka. This tea is expensive because of the way it is harvested. To make it, only the buds are plucked and the leaves are left behind. The buds are not fermented but are hand-rolled individually. This is why it is so expensive. The colour of this tea is quite light and subtle. The drink also has less caffeine and way more antioxidants than even green tea. This is why it is known to be one of the healthiest of teas found in Sri Lanka. Some of the tea flavours you could try while you are in the country are the real white tea, the jade butterfly handmade white tea and the Ceylon silver tips.


Milk tea

Once you have tried all the exotic and unique teas in Sri Lanka, you definitely must keep aside time to try the best kind of tea to be found in the country. This is the milk tea that you will be able to find at almost any food stall or restaurant in Sri Lanka.

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