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4 Unusual Attractions in Kunming - Four Unique Highlights in Kunming

As one of China's best-kept secrets, Kunming remains a mystery to most of the travelling masses that frequent Beijing or Shanghai. Here are 4 lesser-known attraction in this remote holiday hub.


Dwarf Empire Amusement Park

Although most sceptical visitors have questioned the concept of the park, the Dwarf Empire Amusement Park is one of the best places in China for those with dwarfism to thrive in an environment tailor-made to celebrate their attributes. Made up of castles which resemble mushrooms, nearly 100 dwarves live in the park. The entertainment showcases at the Dwarf Empire Amusement Park consists of live musical performances by the inhabitants of the parkland. A speech from the monarch of the park is also a highlight of any day spent at the venue as each performance is preceded by a few words from his majesty. Acrobatic performances are also part of the line-up at the park which has provided a livelihood for performers who were once living in dire conditions.


Shilin Stone Forest

As one of the most unique topographical landscapes in all of China, the Shilin Stone Forest is 270 million-year-old jungle made entirely of stone. Spread out over an area of 300km2 the "forest" is as otherworldly as it gets in China as the karst stone formations are so ancient that there's no knowing what stood in this space before more than a millennium of seismic occurrences carved the stone forest into being. Water and wind are known to have contributed to the shape of the stones in the forest which is made up of limestone rocks. The labyrinth-like nature of the stone pillars makes it an easy space to get lost in. Home to a lake, ponds, underground rivers, caves and even waterfalls, there are only two other stone forests which resemble Shilin in China. One of the most well-known rock formations in the forest is the Ashima Stone while the month of June brings the Sani community to the area to mark the Torch Festival.


Chair of Bod

Although few visitors to Kunming are aware of the Chair of Bod, those who reside in Yunnan province and local tourists often visit this strange naturally formed chair high up in the mountains. Spread out across an area of 150,000 square miles, the stone seat is believed to be over 45 million years old. The naturally formed seat not only features arms but also a back where one might recline. Visitors can reach the Chair of Bod on a chair lift. Those based at the Grand Park Kunming or any similar hotel in Kunming can inquire about tours of this highlight from the hotel and organize a trip to the Chair of Bod


Tomb of Nie Er

Located atop the Western Hills in Kunming, the Tomb of Nie Er is the last resting place of the composer of the Chinese national anthem who unfortunately met an early demise. Millions of locals make the journey up the mountain to pay tier respects to this iconic musician who died at the age of 23 from accidental drowning. His anthem dubbed "March of the Volunteers" not only captures the patriotism of the Chinese but also their unity as a nationwide community.

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