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The best place to get all the latest information and tips on health, fitness, and healthy foods. This blog will bring you details over various health topics that cover the Keto, Paleo, and Atkins diet. This blog will also help you in knowing all the healthy foods and recipes. Foods that include bone broth, smoothies, and various stews recipes.


Keto 101: Things you should know about the Perfect Keto Diet - LonoLife

Keto Diet means you should know what Ketosis means. Ketosis is a process in which your body doesn’t have enough carbs, therefore it won’t have enough carbs to generate energy. This is the starting point of ketosis, there is still a long way before you sustain this ketosis state.

When your body doesn’t find enough carbs it goes for an alternative route to generate energy. It does so by burning your fat, as a result, it creates Ketones. With the passage of the time these ketones increase, after that, they can be used as the primary energy source. After that, you can add various foods to your keto breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many people use collagen peptides in their keto diet as well.

Is Intermittent Fasting Right For You? We Ask The Doctor! - LonoLife

Intermittent fasting is currently one of the most popular health trends that can help you in losing your weight. People these days are using this method to stay healthy and lose weight, and on the plus side, they are also making a great change in their lifestyle.

Some studies suggest that intermittent fasting can have various beneficial effects on your body. That can also help in the longevity of your life. Using our bone broth powder with such fasting can be more beneficial for you. you can also use collagen peptides with intermittent fasting.

The 5 Best Hikes in San Diego (according to LonoLife locals!) - LonoLife

There’s nowhere quite like San Diego when it comes to year-round activities. Thanks to a semi-arid climate, we can be outside adventuring 12 months a year. With hills, mountains, canyons, and desert areas, we’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to where we want to explore. In fact, whether it’s a mellow 30-minute walk with the family or a challenging half-day mission, there really is something for everyone around here.

We checked in with the team at LonoLife to discover some top hikes. We will discuss some of the hikes in San Diego. The following is our list of “must-do” hikes for anyone. When visiting San Diego (and those who live here who might not have tried them too!) If you’ve got any you think should be on our list, let us know!

So let’s discuss all the hikes locations that you should be visiting with a pack of bone broth in your bag and determination in your heart. Lets Head towards these hikes locations.

Melissa McAllister Is Here To Prove You Can Achieve The “Impossible” - LonoLife

She is constantly educating herself so that she can share her knowledge with others. Her business is centered around online communities. This helps women find a mindset and lifestyle. She is someone who has been on the run to discover new things on her own. This has proven to be the most beneficial thing for her. She went through a lot of things when she was a child. There is no doubt that she has come a long way after that. Bone Broth is a part of her diet as well.

6 Powerhouse Smoothies For Busy School Mornings - LonoLife

Just as we’re all finally getting into the swing of chilled out, schedule-free summer mornings, back-to-school hits us all over again! Those of us at LonoLife with young families are psyching ourselves up for the crazy, can’t-waste-a-minute morning drill that’s about to re-enter our lives. What with packing lunches, checking backpacks, and making breakfast for a tribe of hungry school children, While taking care of your kids is the top priority here and we will help you save your time. it’s easy to forget your own nutritional needs amongst it all. Having collagen peptides with these smoothies is the best way to increase your collagen.

5 Insanely Useful Things For Your College CheckList - LonoLife

It’s happening. It’s really happening. Your not-so-little baby is actually leaving home. Well, during term time at least… And amongst the tears and trepidation (yours!) you want to make sure you are sending them off with everything they need while living away from home. Add chicken bone broth and other portables stuff in your kid's bag.

Time For a Cleanse? How About a MASTER CLEANSE?! - LonoLife

You should use a pre-made mix of Master Cleanse, which takes the labor out of love. Simply pour the contents of the packet into a glass of water, and you’re on your way! It is perfect for your daily lifestyle and can take it anywhere you like.

From Military Mom To Coach And Mentor - LonoLife

Collagen Peptides is another daily must for me! I am 35 years old, and with years of abuse on my joints from cheering in high school and college, the Army, weight lifting, and just getting older in general, collagen has helped so much! Not to mention my skin and nails are so much clearer and stronger since consuming it regularly.

I use bone broth when I am craving something to eat at night. Or if I need beef or chicken broth for a recipe, I just put the bone broth in!

The Benefits of Powdered Bone Broth - LonoLife

From liquid bone broth sold in cartons to frozen bone broth and powdered bone broth, there are a lot of choices on the market today. And most of them are a great adjunct to a healthy lifestyle! So what are the factors that you should consider before buying the type of bone broth that suits your daily routine?

Introducing Keto Chicken Bone Broth - LonoLife

The Keto Diet is more than a fad. It’s changing people’s lives on a large scale and looks like it’s here to stay. At Lonolife we don’t endorse anyone’s diet as being superior to another, but we do know that a lot of our customers follow a keto diet and wouldn’t live any other way. Bone broth can be included in the keto diet. These customers (we have to say, it’s a lot of you!) have been asking us for some time to create a keto-specific bone broth and we’re thrilled to announce that that day has arrived!

How A Keto Diet Saved One Man’s Life (and inspired thousands of others along the way) - LonoLife

At his heaviest, Michael Gorman weighed 540 pounds. Today he weighs roughly 260, and counting (down!) Life-changing weight loss like that doesn’t come without a story, and Michael’s has been inspiring other people for some time now. In fact, Michael is an inspiring individual, period. When he decided that the Ketogenic diet was the best path for him to achieve his goals. He used to love vegetable broth in his keto diet.

How To Get Your Way Through A Serious Autoimmune Diagnosis (and come out the other side fighting) - LonoLife

From ice-cold showers to daily collagen peptides and a diet that puts most of us to shame, T.J. has optimized his response to western medicine beyond all expectations and continues to run ultra-marathons and hit the roads on his bike with the best of them. Read on to see why such a serious diagnosis doesn’t always have to dictate the way you live your life.

Why Superman’s Personal Chef Believes Bone Broth Is A Nutritional Staple - LonoLife

In case you ever thought working with beef bone broth could be remotely boring, think again. We just took five with Superman’s personal chef. That’s right, Erin Blevins — founder of shutupEAT and shutupWORK, was the one-woman powerhouse who took care of transforming actor Henry Cavill into our most loved, chiseled, Justice League superhero.

Low Sodium Broth vs Reduced Sodium Broth: What's the Scoop? - LonoLife

At LonoLife we have an open dialogue with our consumers. We love to hear what you think of our products, how we can improve, and what new products you’d like to see us make. Which is kind of how our all-new Reduced Sodium Chicken Bone Broth came to life!

There is a big group of you out there who are concerned about your sodium intake. Either because your doctor has recommended you consume less of it, or because you just feel it is a healthier lifestyle choice. We already have a Low Sodium Beef Bone Broth, but you wanted a chicken broth version with less sodium. So that’s exactly what we created — just for you!

Spotlight: Nancy Childress (aka Keto Diet For Real Life People) - LonoLife

f it’s a diet you should be following for yourself. Well, it just turns out that one of our regular LonoLife customers is an expert in this field. Founder of Keto For Real Life People, Nancy Childress dedicates her life to sharing her knowledge on the Ketogenic diet and its benefits with others who are looking to end cravings and hunger while eating healthily

The Anatomy and Benefits of Bone Broth - LonoLife

This is one case where the sum is greater than the parts. It’s the synergistic nature of all the components that make up the bone broth and that helps it pack such a powerful punch. There are tons of bone broth benefits. However, by breaking those components down we can understand just what is happening to our bodies when we drink our favorite “elixir”.

Spotlight: Jussi Oksanen ( A Snowboarding Pro ) - LonoLife

We all know that to get the best out of life, we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones once in a while. Whether that means taking up a new sport in our 40s that we’ve never tried before. Hiking that mountain that’s been taunting us for years with its near-vertical climb. Simply switching careers because the urge to do something we love is so strong, fulfillment is ours when we reach the other side of a challenge. His favorite food during all these adventures has been beef bone broth.

3 Immune-Boosting Soups For The Winter Blues - LonoLife

January gives us a couple of extra reasons to love soup. Firstly, it’s National Soups Month (yes, that’s a thing!) And secondly, ‘tis the season to get sick. So we dug out our favorite immune-boosting soups recipes that might help ward off the evil flu or, at the very least, help you through it.
Today, we seem to have perfected the art of soups, and beyond a wide range of delicious tastes, soup is also notorious for its gentleness on the digestion as well as its healing properties. Let’s face it, how often can you get 15 ingredients in one meal sitting? buy bone broth.

The Warrior Clinic’s Top 5 Tips On Staying Healthy in the Office (when everyone around you is sick!) - LonoLife

The joys of winter. Trips to the mountains. Cozy evenings by the fire. Finally wearing your favorite down jacket. And, everyone in the office coughing as they walk past your desk. We know that the last one is anything but a joy…And we also know that sinking feeling as you realize you’ve been exposed to a whole host of germs in an enclosed environment. Plus, you really don’t want to get sick right now. But what can you do when everyone around you is getting sick? All you have to do is get the bone broth.

Here’s What To Pack In Your Winter Road Trip Emergency Kit - LonoLife

LonoLife Headquater is near the beach in Southern California. Which may make you think life is all palm trees and sunny days… As it turns out, we are only a short drive away from the local mountains. Which means we can go from 70 degrees and sunny to snow chains and sketchy in a couple of hours. While we love the switch from surf to snow. We’ve also found ourselves ill-prepared for road closures and long drawn out road trips. That’s why we decided to put together our very own Winter Road Trip Emergency Kit list so that if you find yourselves in a similar situation, you can relax knowing you’ve got the basics covered.

Can Collagen Supplement Help Your Nails Grow Strong? - LonoLife

One reason why collagen peptides powder may be a good supplement to take for your nails is that it’s high in the amino acid, arginine. Collagen peptides contain 18 of the 20 amino acids. Arginine is one of them. Although there are five amino acids in collagen peptides that have more mg per serving than arginine, it’s this amino acid that shines (no pun intended) for nail growth.

Is Collagen Really Good For Your Skin? What Does The Research Say? - LonoLife

There’s a lot of skepticism about collagen supplements from mainstream online sources. Headlines such as “Collagen: Fountain of Youth or Edible Hoax” (WebMD). This type of headline may lead the potential consumer to conclude his opinion without reading the article. So the customer might think that collagen is synonymous with snake oil. Due to this US consumers are fleeing away from such products. While some still follow keto with intermittent fasting.

Make No Bones About It: Bone Broth's Good Even Without Calcium - LonoLife

Bone broth is rich in collagen. But you might not always crave a hot cup of bone broth, especially on a very hot day. There are other ways you can get collagen protein. We have Protein Coffee and Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides, aka collagen hydrolysate, aka collagen powder. There’s promising research on collagen hydrolysate. A 2000 meta-analysis concluded that it’s of interest as a “therapeutic agent of potential utility in the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Its high level of safety makes it attractive as an agent for long-term use in these chronic disorders.”

(Learn more about Protein Coffee and Collagen Peptides )

Bone Broth Helps Tom Brady Stay in Peak Condition at Age 40 - LonoLife

One of Brady’s top superfoods is? Yup, bone broth. According to this article on glucosamine from bone broth decreases serum CRP (an infamous inflammation biomarker) levels by almost 25 percent.

In addition, the amino acids in bone broth such as glycine and proline help fight inflammation. Furthermore, bone broth helps repair your gut lining. And by doing this, the bacteria in your gut are better able to perform anti-inflammatory function.

Best Ways To Improve Skin (Hint: Look Inside Yourself) - LonoLife

Here’s another trite wellness maxim for you: ‘you are what you eat.’

True. But only to a certain extent. That’s because even if you eat green leafy veggies like a good boy or girl every single day if you can’t digest those nutrients, all those vitamins and minerals won’t do you any good. Consuming bone broth keto is great for your health.

And the reason why many people can’t digest and absorb nutrients very well is that lack of stomach acid. Low stomach acid is one of the biggest reasons why some people struggle with skin problems, even if they are years or decades removed from the hormonal nightmare that is puberty.