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Ecommerce To M-commerce – The Story Of A Technology Transformation

Most of us are Shopaholics. Just given some time and a few dimes, and we are ready to do the shopping. However, physically moving to the retail store, searching for the products and then check out after standing in the long queue appears quite a task in the age where people are tied up to their neck. It takes away the thrill of shopping. That’s why the brick-and-mortar stores went online a way back and the era of online commerce was ushered.

The pros of Ecommerce blew away the customers’ minds with its amazing benefits like- no need to go anywhere, store remain open 24/7, get lots of choices, no standing in long queues anymore, easy to make price comparison, locating remote stores painlessly, no worry of keeping huge cash in the pocket, seamless communication, and so on.

Embracing cutting-edge technologies, the online commerce has set the world on fire, but the sudden outgrowth of mobile devices has taken the Ecommerce world by storm. With the increasing craze and skyrocketing trend of doing everything on-the-go or at the fingertips, has brought the rapid shift from Ecommerce to M-commerce.

Take a closer look at all the factors that are promoting and supporting the shift of Ecommerce To M-commerce.

5 Ecommerce Metrics Retailers Need To Track

Profit matters more than all the other factors for eCommerce retailers: Without profit, a business isn’t sustainable. Outside investment might keep it afloat for a while, but most retail businesses — the long tail that comprises tens of thousands of small and medium businesses — must show a yearly profit to survive.

Retailers strive to maximize profit, but profit is like happiness; it’s not something that can be aimed at directly. It is a product of multiple factors, and it’s those factors that provide insight into the state of the business and a dial that retailers can turn to adjust their store’s profitability.

Which factors are important? There are a vast number of measurements that a retailer could make, most of which have little or no impact on the health of a business. Spending time measuring and tweaking those factors is premature optimization, a waste of resources that could be better invested elsewhere.

But there are several factors, key performance indicators or metrics that every eCommerce retailer should track because they contribute directly to the bottom line.

How to Secure an eCommerce Site to Assure Safe Shopping Platform for Online Shoppers

Irrespective of the extent of hacking activities prevailing over the internet on ecommerce sites, site owners may assure the security of their customers. However, ecommerce site owners should make sure following the aforementioned steps as much as possible to avoid eCommerce threat activities and provide a secure platform for its customers.

Transforming the Ecommerce Store with Magento: Key Considerations to Watch Out

Magento has emerged as the most popular e-commerce platform thanks to its flexibility, superb architecture, security features, customization and scalability to accommodate increasing traffic volume. Powering more than 25000 websites including many of the leading online stores and business websites, Magento is not only preferred by big names in the eCommerce world but also by a vast majority of small businesses and startups.

Let us explain some of the key reasons to hire a Magento developer for your eCommerce store.

8 Tips to improve the performance of your Ecommerce UX

Ask any consumer about what they like about online shopping the reply would be that it saves them from the hassle of visiting the local store. The next probable question should be- what they dislike about online shopping? Well, the answer would be that they do not get the real feel of products/ services.

The smart e-commerce websites are successfully converting the visitors into buyers and further making them come back for more in the future. And they are doing it with great UX or User Experience.

To make the read more interesting, let us elaborate on the topic and find 8 Tips to improve the performance of your Ecommerce UX.

8 Features to Consider While Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

E-commerce is the fastest growing industry predicted to grow to $4 trillion by 2020. If you are considering starting an e-commerce business, you need to be aware that e-commerce is not only about listing products and uploading pretty product pictures. There is a lot more that goes into a successful e-commerce business. And if you get these fundamentals right, you sure are on the road to success.

Well, so what are these fundamentals?

Once you’ve figured out what product to sell, your suppliers, etc., the MOST critical decision is that, you will be choosing the best e-commerce software for your business. The e-commerce platform you choose and the features it offers can either make or break your e-commerce dream.

Let us see The 8 features You Should Consider While Choosing an E-commerce Platform.

How to develop an E-commerce App that Millennials don’t stop praising?

E-commerce applications are becoming unavoidable now more than ever. Over half of internet traffic shops from their mobile devices. Moreover, in 2018, on Cyber Monday, 30% of the purchases were via mobile gadgets. On top of that, 54% of visitors were from mobile devices.

So as an e-commerce business owner, it is essential that you take steps for improving the user experience of 81% of smartphone users in the US. And there is no way to do it more efficiently than by outsourcing the app development project.

However, the real question is – how can you develop an e-commerce app that millennials can’t stop talking about? Comscore tells us that the age group which spends the most time on apps every month is 18-24-year-olds as of 2015. They spend a good 90.6 hours on smartphone applications and 34.7 hours on tablet apps.

Hence, you’ve your audience ready. Now you need a way to win their hearts.
Let’s walk you through the ‘how’ part of app development for millennials:

The Importance of Visual Commerce Platform in Visual Marketing

In the eCommerce sector, visuals have become more important than ever with the rise of beautiful product displays, video advertisements, user-generated product images & videos, visual information, and online shopping assisted by visuals.

Visuals are essential for consumers in the eCommerce industry as the users look for a sense of the view that can help them make an informed purchase. Like the offline retail, the sense of touch is not available in online eCommerce so visuals drive the decisions of users.

How is Visual Commerce relevant to Visual Marketing?

How eCommerce Store Can Withstand Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is the biggest nightmare for every eCommerce store whose rates are showing no sign to fall down. Even, when the technology hits on all cylinders, the persistent problem is amplifying. It has become all-important to set the table for transaction else the sheer decline in sales, and profits put the businesses in a great loss.

The not-so-fun fact states that 98% of the people won’t make a purchase after their visit and eCommerce stores lose on an average 75% of their sales due to shopping cart abandonment. It means the visitor enter the store, browse the product and add them into the cart, and drop the process without making any transaction. It’s an alarming fact that’s requiring E-retailers to pay careful attention to.

By the definition, the cart abandonment rate is:

Cart abandoned rate = Total number of transactions / Total transactions initiated

When the value of divisor will decrease and the value of dividend will increase, certainly the cart abandonment will be reduced. But, without understanding why the potential customers abandon the carts, minimizing the cart abandonment is beyond the bounds of possibility.

How is AI Helping the eCommerce Industry? - ReadWrite

The eCommerce industry is booming like never before with the introduction of new technologies. The eCommerce industry is witnessing a redefined form that takes customers to a new level of experience and gratification. But how is AI helping the eCommerce industry?

Traditionally, retail businesses were satisfied by just making an eCommerce website for their brick and mortar stores, but it is not enough now. You have to evolve with new emerging technologies to provide immense value to the users. Contributing value to your users is the only way to sustain, grow, and outshine your business rivals.

Artificial intelligence is the next promising technology with great potential to bring a paradigm shift to not only eCommerce but almost all industries. The eCommerce industry has embraced AI with open hands because of the exceptional benefits it offers. Retail businesses are implementing AI to improve various processes, customer experience, and at last, revenues.

Let’s discuss how AI is changing the eCommerce industry.

How chatbots can improve sales in e-commerce?

In life as in business, change is the only constant. It is more valid for online companies like e-commerce which is experiencing innovation with the speed of light. Over a short period, people have become more comfortable with the idea of purchasing goods and services online. Be it food, clothes, shoes, or even medicines, e-commerce sales are rocketing, and the trend is going strong.

Each e-commerce store owner is looking for a USP to increase the attention. Chatbots can help your e-commerce store in a myriad of ways and can prove to be a real game-changer for your e-commerce website.

A chatbot is a small piece of software designed to look and feel like a robot with the ability to chat, hence the name chatbot. A chatbot helps businesses in interacting with customers by answering their queries, managing their requests, and interactively assisting the customers. Chatbots are quickly becoming an indispensable part of an e-commerce business.

The use of chatbots in the customer service segment is well-known, but these chatbots can be used to drive sales as well, let’s have a look.

Having a mobile app could be the much-needed tonic for your retail business | CustomerThink

The inclusion of mobile technology has seen everything go mobile in recent years. And this notion is going to remain the same in the coming years as more and more businesses are going mobile. The advent of mobile technology has most affected the retail business owners as they are the ones who are in direct contact with the customers on a day to day basis.

Mobile technology offers 24*7 connectivity to the retail business owners and helps them to relate to the customer needs efficiently. But the fact is, most of the retailers haven’t been to upgrade themselves according to the technology and are still stuck at the conventional methods. Including mobile technology will not only expand your business but also increase your user base in a comprehensive manner. There is an extensive need for accomplished mobile app development companies to craft a feasible solution.

The eCommerce revolution has also added to the transformation of the traditional brick and motor retail stores and the way it used to function. This need has reached an ever-increasing mode ever since mobile technology and mobile application have been found to be engaging with the people, which by a huge margin include their prospective customers as well.

Why Shopify is the best platform for your eCommerce business?

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How eCommerce Store Can Withstand Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Suffering from a high cart abandonment rate? Oops! It’s an intimidating factor for many stores that eat up a large chunk of sales and ROI. Unfortunately, you are also racing the same race. Don’t worry. There is a solution to every inescapable problem that can be sorted with the right knowledge and apt action.
In this blog, the nitty-gritty of cart abandonment including why it happens, how it can be prevented, and extensions to prevent the same is described in detail. You have complete knowledge beforehand. The next step is to perform the store assessment and find out the reasons that are deepening the woes with cart abandonment, and then address the reasons with the integration of the right extension.
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