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5 Tips to Solo in the Sun - The basics

If you've already decided to go on a solo beach trip, be it the Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Thailand or Seychelles, there are a few things that are common. Here are some tips.


Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen

This is the top 3 must-have things on your list. Sunscreens aren't merely to avoid a tan but rather, to ensure that the most important organ of your body; the skin, is well protected against the heat and harmful rays of the burning sun. Find yourself a good, SPF range cream and wear it on about 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. According the different SPF ranges, you will be required to keep topping yourself up to stay protected.



Hydration is key! It is rather easy to sweat a lot while under the sun even with mild activity and this can lead to a heat stroke. Your body will be trying to cool itself down by sweating. Therefore, to keep your water content in check, always carry a bottle of water, some rehydration or electrolyte sachets or fruit juices. Tropical islands are usually blessed with coconut trees and king coconut is an excellent source of electrolytes and water. This will ensure you don't fall sick- the worst thing that could happen on a solo trip


Don't leave any valuables unattended

The setback of travelling alone is you don't have someone to take turns and keep an eye on your belongings. Therefore, try as much as possible to leave your valuables in your room. IF you are someone who is unable to plan well and wish to always be close to your belongings, pick a resort that is in close proximity to the beach. For example, in Sri Lanka, there's a quiet little fishing village called Kalutara. Hotel accommodation here are easily available and located just by the beach, like AVANI Kalutara Resort. Even if you forget something, just pop back in and retrieve it.


Be a mindful tourist

Oceans are the most polluted due to all garbage being disposed of there. Currently, there are many concerns regarding pollution and environmental hazards. Each one of us, should be mindful citizens of the world and ensure that we leave the place better than we found it. Therefore, reduce plastic usage as much as possible. Even if you do, ensure you don't leave any packaging and waste behind. Always collect your own garbage and dispose them in the appropriate garbage bins. You'll be setting an example to other tourists as well!

Furthermore, do your research well and ensure you don't pose any threat to any of the marine life. For example, coral reefs are being under attacked by humans and also current weather circumstances. Volunteer to help if there are opportunities available.


Carry a shawl or a beach dress in the bag

While in most countries there are no restrictions as to what to wear to a beach, if you have plans on going elsewhere, you may be expected to wear appropriate clothes. For example, if you head to the Maldives, it is mandatory that your outfit is deemed modest if you wish to go to the local villages. However, in resort islands, there aren't many restrictions.

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