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Beauty And Living Healthy

At Beauty and Living Healthy, you find all the latest information about health and beauty at one place in the form of our free blogs and articles that will encourage you to live life to the fullest.

Migraines - The Final Word on Causes and Prevention

A neurological condition that causes various symptoms usually set apart by intense headaches is called a migraine. The symptoms generally include numbness, tingling sensation, nausea, sensitivity to bright light and loud sounds, difficulty in speaking.

Are You at Risk of Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions of individuals worldwide. In short, people with insomnia find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. The consequences can be devastating.

Everything You Should Know About Diabetes

Diabetes is a very common disease found in humans and it occurs when there is a high level of blood glucose. The main source of energy is blood glucose and it comes from the food we consume.

The Complete Mediterranean Diet Food List

The Mediterranean diet has a very good reputation and for a good reason. During the last years, it has a greater boom due to its content in healthy fats, by fatty fish that provides a lot of benefits for greater cardiovascular health, hair shine or prettier skin.

Best Foods For Healthy Skin And Their Benefits

A healthy skin diet is what brings beauty from within i.e. glowing, vibrant, and younger-looking skin. Let's Discuss some best food for healthy skin.

7 Skincare Tips for This Summer

How to do skincare in the summer? Here are some skincare tips for summer season that you must follow to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Amazing Benefits of Using Aloe Vera For Skin

When we think of Aloe vera, its medicinal use and the benefits that it brings in many ways to health, immediately come to mind. This is how it is a reality that is well known to all and is still trending today. Read here about some amazing aloe vera benefits for skin.