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10 Why You Should Visit Seychelles At Least Once - Top 10 Reasons to Holiday in Seychelles

As one of the world's top beach getaway destinations, Seychelles is a little piece of heaven on the eastern shoreline of Africa. Here are 10 reasons why everyone should vacation in the country.


Sunny Skies All-Around

While Seychelles does have a rainy season, a sunny day is just a day away. With an average temperature of 30°C, the sun-kissed islands are a year-round holiday destination. While it may get warm, the local weather is never too hot nor humid so holidaymakers can lounge around in the sun or engage in activities without a care in the world.


The Endangered Wildlife

Home to some of the world's most endangered species, Seychelles is also a fantastic destination for those who wish to spot rare and endemic wildlife inhabitants. From the giant Aldabra tortoises and green turtles to Seychelles paradise flycatchers and hawksbills, the country is home to a whopping 65 types of animals that are on the Red List of the IUCN.


Creole Cuisine

As a cuisine that's all but disappeared from the globe, Seychelles remains one of the last places on the planet where one can enjoy authentic Creole cuisine at its finest. From piping hot octopus curry to sweet-coconut nougat, the delectable choices served in local restaurants are reason enough to holiday in these paradise isles.


Nutty Heritage

Declared the home of the curiously shaped Coco de Mer plant, a visit to Seychelles offers visitors the chance to catch a glimpse of this nut which resembles a female's rear side with their own eyes. Connected with many myths and legends, this embarrassingly explicit looking nut was once believed to have been cultivated underwater.


The Hiking Opportunities

Offering vacationers a host of truly spectacular hiking trails, Seychelles is the perfect place to get lost in the wilderness. With sky-piercing mountains such as the Morne Seychelles to its name, the sheer variety of walking trails makes a holiday in the country a treat for avid trekkers


The UNESCO World Heritage Sites

For a country so small, it is a wonder that Seychelles is home to not one but two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Vallee de Mai located on Praslin Island is a Coco de Mer forest while the Aldabra Atoll is the other coveted heritage site in Seychelles.



Coinciding with the yearly Creole Festival, Carnival takes place in the month of October each year. The party atmosphere during this coveted local festival is hard to beat as music, food; dance and revelry take centre stage in paradise.


The Rum

If there is a must-sample local vintage in Seychelles, it is the homegrown and distilled rim that's widely available across the islands. A tour of the Takamaka Rum Distillery is a must for all first-time visitors as the cocktails alone are well worth the trip.


The Privacy

Those in search of a secluded beach hideaway will find that there's no destination quite like Seychelles. Whether one is based at the Avani Barbarons Seychelles Resort or any similar Seychelles beach resorts on the islands, the feeling of privacy and seclusion is hard to find in other beach holiday hubs.


The Dive Sites

Blessed with pristine underwater coral reefs and countless marine species, the diving opportunities are another reason to holiday in Seychelles.Avani Barbarons Seychelles Resort