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Latest quick Technology Tips & Tricks or informations

Welcome. I will try to help you learn about Android Tips, Technology Tips, Technology Information, Android Apps and Earn Money Online.

What is the important of the Internet? - Technology Help - Technology Help

The importance of the internet in our lives is immense. The internet has become a way to go digital in every country. Without the internet we can't move for a moment. The internet is very helpful in every aspect. Today, most of the work is done through the internet. Because everything that happens around the world is limited to the internet. You can even call the internet a treasure trove of knowledge. We just have to find out with the search. Using Google, you will find everything you know about the internet.

Is a PC and a Laptop the same thing? - Technology Help - Technology Help

At first, PC and laptop are not the same thing but completely different in use. The laptop can do everything we can with a PC. For entertainment, we can look at laptops in the same way that we can see on a PC. We can use laptops just like we use PC for a office work. Because any office work can be done on PC and laptop. The work we do on the internet is very easy to do on PC and laptop. Yet PC is a big technology and laptop is a medium technology. Although we can do everything on PC and laptop, both PC and laptop help us in different ways.

How can i earn money from Google Adsense? - Technology Help - Technology Help

Google has made our daily life easier. Google is what we know most people well. Google has made it possible to do whatever you want in your home. All the news around the world is limited to Google. With the help of Google, we can find out about every topic in every country. Every entertainment is with Google that comes to us within seconds as we search. Today, we can do business with Google as we can earn today through Google.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of rooting Android phone? - Technology Help - Technology Help

There are some advantages to rooting, as well as greater difficulty. First we will know about the benefits of rooting the phone. If you can root your phone once, you can use the phone as you wish. After rooting the phone you can do whatever you want. The Play Store has apps that only support rooted phones.And after downloading those apps, you can allow them to access the root of your phone by allowing them to be super usable. After granting permission, the app will be able to see the extraordinary performance of your phone by accessing the software. After rooting the phone, there are thousands of apps through which you can unlock thousands of features.

What is Freelancer and how it works? - Technology Help - Technology Help

First, be aware that freelancing money is not limited to online. And freelancing is not a job, it's actually a type of work. Not working on a monthly salary under an organization, freelancing is the process of doing different tasks of different people or organizations at different times.

Is it OK to use mobile while charging? - Technology Help - Technology Help

While charging, you can use mobile phones to say it is not OK. You can use any normal phone charge. If you charge the phone overnight, no problem. Even if you keep up with the charge all day, it won't be a problem. Using the phone on charge will not be a problem. Phone does not have any problem with charging in low battery, but it is not a problem if you use full battery as well. You can do whatever you want with your phone, no problem. As a result, you will not experience any loss or damage. you're perfectly safe and can use your phone the way you want.

Which is harmful between computers and smartphones? - Technology Help - Technology Help

Computers and smartphones are worth a lot in our daily life. Because at the present time it is not possible to run without a computer and a smartphone. Computers handle all kinds of tasks and a smartphone help us become friends in all kinds of work in our daily life. Now if it is said that which of the computers and the smartphones is more harmful to us then i would say that the smartphone is harmful to us. Smartphones are more dangerous for us.

How did Quora start? - Technology Help - Technology Help

We first search Google to find out any of our questions. Because we know that Google is a treasure trove of knowledge. Google has all kinds of information about everything. Likewish Quora is a website inside Google. Quora is a question-answering platform. Where you can get your answer by asking questions and you can answer the questions of others. Quora is a treasure trove of knowledge to answer. Quora is a site where we will get answers to many unknown information. You will just open an account on Quora and sign up and ask question, from many people differents parts of the world will answer you.

Which is the most popular software for computer? - Technology Help - Technology Help

We use computers to browse some things. And we use computers for writing, editing picture, making videos and office work. you have to use software to use everything of the computer. The following is a list of the most popular and most commonly used software on our computer.

What are the benefits of using YouTube? - Technology Help - Technology Help

What is YouTube? Everyone knows, from baby to old. YouTube is a platform where all kinds of entertainment videos are submitted. Videos are constantly being uploaded to YouTube and people are constantly enjoying the entertainment by watching their favorite videos. All kinds of informative videos and all kind of funny videos, games videos, playing videos, movies, sports and songs etc. you will find on YouTube the search.