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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 07, 2020
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8 Reasons to Visit Bangkok in Your Lifetime – It’s a whole new world of experiences

Thailand's illustrious capital has for a long time been one of the most visited places on earth. Mainly because it has so many amazing experiences to offer travellers who come there.


The street food

The street food culture of Bangkok is legendary and it has many times on various platforms been voted as the best in the world. Anywhere you look in Bangkok you're sure to find many different hawkers selling incredible and delicious fare. And as long as you see your meal being prepared before you it is generally okay to eat.


It's easy and fun to get around

The city is very easily navigable for tourists as there are many signs in clear English everywhere and the public transport service is quite easy to use. There are metro systems and plenty of tuk-tuks and other reasonably priced methods to get around the city.


Affordable luxury

Thailand has built its tourism industry not only by catering to the ultra-rich but by making luxurious holidays affordable for everyone. There are undoubtedly many Bangkok resorts that number amongst the best in the world and amazing resorts such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort that offers an amazingly luxurious stay for a very affordable and reasonable price.


The nightlife

Whether you want to stay up all night, drink at one of the many sky bars or let loose and party the night away Bangkok will certainly not disappoint. There are so many nightclubs and bars to choose from that you'll be stunned by the sheer choice. The nights in Bangkok have something for everyone how tame or untamed you like it.



This is one of the most culturally rich parts of Bangkok and boasts many restaurants and shops and even an architectural style which is uniquely Chinese. This is a great place to walk around and the photo opportunities are innumerable. Chinese temples, gold shops and street-side vendor stalls are a few highlights of Chinatown.


Thai Massages

Thai massages are renowned and famous all over the world for their uniquely painful but rejuvenating effects. You may have had a Thai massage before but if you're visiting Bangkok you definitely have to experience the authentic version. Enduring an hour or so of semi-painful stretching, pulling and massaging may not seem like your ideal holiday plan but rest-assured after the massage you'll feel reinvigorated and refreshed.


Rooftop Bars

The sky bars of Bangkok have known the world over and they are quite abundant in the city. These rooftop bars offer a great vantage point to have a nice drink and enjoy the amazing skyline in the world. Why enjoy the beauty of Bangkok at eye level from the ground when you can enjoy it from above.


Night Markets

There are many famous night markets in Bangkok which are quite amazing to simply walk around and enjoy. You can try out local delicacies like freshly cooked duck soup while making your way through the countless shops that sell knock-off Ray-Bans and counterfeit textiles.