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Things to Know about Maldives Cruising – A Guide to help you choose the best Cruise

The Maldives boasts many attractions, and among which are cruises. It is nearly impossible to explore every island of the nation; however, a Maldives cruise will make it a little less impossible.


Why should you choose a cruise

While the Maldives is home to some of the best resorts in Maldives for families, staying at a resort will limit you to that particular resort island, which doesn't par with the idea of exploring the nation as much as you can. If you choose a cruise instead of staying at a resort and exploring the surroundings, you can explore more of the country on a single holiday. A cruise will take you to several beaches, and if it's a watersport themed cruise, you can enjoy as many watersports – snorkelling, diving, surfing and fishing – as your time permits. For those on the lookout for a romantic getaway, there are specially designed cruises – mainly by resorts like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort – where you can enjoy delicious food coupled with champagne in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


The best time for a cruise

The Maldives has a continued supply of sunlight throughout the year. However, to best enjoy your cruise, you should choose the period between November and April; this is the least humid time of the year.



This is a handcrafted wooden boat that is made of coconut wood. But now there are dhonis made of alternate materials like fibreglass. You will see a few wooden ones floating across the ocean; however, the majority of the boats are made of fibreglass and they come with diesel engines. The procedure of building a dhoni isn't carefully planned, and they are built-in Raa Atoll: the completion of one dhoni takes about 60 days. The original intention for dhonis was fishing, but now they are a tourist attraction and are used to take tourists on cruises. Dhonis are relatively smaller, and doesn't contain more than six bedrooms: one bedroom can accommodate about three people.



You don't find many sailboats; they are becoming an obsolete enterprise, but finding one is not impossible. The sailboats you see now are fueled by both sails and engines: though there are classic sailboats fueled only by sails. Cruising on a sailboat is not very fast, but what it lacks in speed is made up for by the entertainment it provides; besides, it will take you to an era that's long forgotten. Every sailboat come with all facilities a tourist need, and there are usually six double cabins: you can also find sailboats with smaller cabins.



These are bigger than dhonis, and are able to accommodate about 22 people. Yachts come with at least three decks, and you'll find rooms usually within two decks. Yachts also have added features like bars, libraries and viewing areas. Cruising on a yacht doesn't have to be expensive: you can choose from a range of budget and luxurious options. Even if you choose a budget option, what you enjoy in a yacht is equal to the facilities of a luxurious resort.



These are bigger than every other option, and thus accommodate about 20 guests – but there are some ships that can accommodate up to 40 people. Ships offer cabins and suites; you can choose one that suits your budget. Cruising on a ship is a great way to meet like-minded people. Ships come with both a lower and an upper deck where you can lounge while enjoying the sun. Also, the deck with rooms and suites are separate from the other decks.