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6 Wonderful reasons to visit Koh Samui – Attractions that capture tourists

Self-sufficient with its own airport and shopping centre, Koh Samui is quite different from other islands. Sightseeing, beaches and plenty of shopping are what await you on a Koh Samui tour.


The Big Buddha Statue

The golden statue of Buddha is the main highlight on Koh Samui. Seen from miles away, the statue is a major tourist attraction. With a height of 12 meters, the Big Buddha statue never fails to amaze tourists. The statue was built in 1972 and now has become a tourist attraction as well as a major landmark. The statue is the depiction of the calm state Buddha attained having battled fear and temptation – though the temple is a Buddhist temple, it has qualities of Brahmanism and animism. As the statue has become something more than a religious monument, there are many shops and restaurants surrounding the site to facilitate tourists. Itinerary of holiday resorts like Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort always includes a visit to this gigantic Buddha statue.


Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks

The story behind the formation of these rocks is quite amusing. They are also known as the grandfather and grandmother rocks. The point of the fascination comes down to the shape of the rocks which insinuate female genitalia. Apart from the way the rocks are formed, Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks also make a charming background for photographs.


Bophut Village

Bordering the northern side of the island, Bophut Village is a fishermen's village which encapsulates the historical charm of the island. There isn't much activity during the week except for Fridays – the village sheds its sleepiness on Fridays and comes alive with night markets selling seafood and people racking through every inch of it – at the night market, you can try delicious seafood dishes at ridiculously low prices and buy various gift items. However, if you don't particularly like eating street food, there are many Chaweng beach resorts that'll cater to your every food requirement.


Central Festival

Being the independent, self-sufficient island that it is, Koh Samui has its own shopping centre, namely Central Festival. If you are craving a bit of retail therapy, Central Festival is just the thing for you. The shopping centre is the venue for many restaurants and stores. A favourite among tourists – owing to the international brands it features – Central Festival increases the allure and the touristy feel of the island. The shopping centre sells almost everything, none of which are as tempting as the collection of clothing items – shoppers can choose from a range of clothes, and they often find themselves overwhelmed with choices.


The mummified monk

Despite the fact that it sounds every bit as morbid and gruesome, the mummied monk happens to be a major tourist attraction. It is also an important cultural site and thus revered by locals. You cannot exactly call it charming or alluring, but it inspires curiosity in tourists, which is the main reason why tourists visit the site. The preserved body belongs to a monk who apparently died while meditating. It does show signs of decay but not to a degree which would require the removal of it from the temple.


Wonderful beaches

Beaches are the jewel of Koh Samui. Just like every other Thai island, Koh Samui boasts some of the finest beaches in the world. The soft sand, the palm trees and the azure waters are the definition of a vacation in the tropics. Because of the popularity of the island, these beaches are a bit crowded with tourists, but it doesn't in any way chip away at the serene beauty these beaches are known for. There's also a bunch of activities you can try at Koh Samui beaches.