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10 Reasons to go to Phuket on your gap year – Attractions that make Phuket the perfect destination

The mountainous Thai island, Phuket, is known for its beaches, seaside resorts, spas, restaurants and night markets. The island is popular among backpackers and here are ten reasons as to why.


The cuisine

Nobody really gets tired of eating Thai food – even if you are staying at a Phuket family resort eating Thai dishes almost every day – and the demand for Thai dishes never goes down. One reason for you to visit Phuket is its delicious cuisine. The night markets in Phuket are packed with street food, and that should be reason enough for anyone to visit the island.


Patong Beach

This beach is the liveliest in Phuket. Lined with bars and shops, the beach offers you everything you need on holiday – the shops sell gift items, handbags, clothes, beachwear and various other things.



The tropical island is gifted with a continued supply of sunshine – the perfect place for you to lie on a beach and work on your suntan.



Phuket is surrounded by many other islands. For a few bucks, you can hop on a long tail boat and go exploring.


The Big Buddha

With the Big Buddha at the helm in terms of culture, Phuket is home to many other temples. The Big Buddha is a major landmark and can be viewed from miles away. The vicinity of the temple is dotted with shops and restaurants that facilitate tourists.



If you are in Phuket, you don't necessarily have to be in a bar to get sucked into the gusto of nightlife. At night, locals and foreigners come out of their dwellings to join the party spirit. It doesn't make any difference whether or not it's the weekend, in Phuket, every day is the weekend.



With the abundance of beaches on offer, it is impossible not to enjoy watersport while in Phuket. Even if you are completely new to watersports, there are institutes all over the island where you can receive training – the likes of Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas will provide you with private instructors. The coastline is such that it invites everyone to enjoy the gift of watersports. The colourful underwater world is a dream come true for snorkellers and divers.


Phuket Old Town

If you want to understand what Phuket was like before, visit Phuket Old Town. Tourists don't think it has much importance, but it does. There are traditional eateries where you can grab a traditional Thai nosh, and the old alleyways are lined with shops – you can also enjoy a cup of coffee at the oldest coffee house in Phuket. The Old Town is a display of Chinese and colonial architecture.


Waterfalls and views

If you want some time away from the beaches, there are a few waterfalls spread across the island. The three main waterfalls in Phuket are Kathu, Bang Pae, and Ton Sai – Bang Pae and Ton Sai are located within the thickness of a lush forest. These waterfalls form the perfect setting for picnics, and you can go for a swim as well.


Siam Niramit

If you are touring Phuket, the Siam Niramit production is a must-see. Many think that it is about the show in the evening, but it isn't; the site offers much more than the evening show. You'll need at least three hours before you see everything Siam Niramit production offers. There's a museum in the form of Thai houses, and you can wear traditional Thai clothes while exploring. The evening show employs hundreds of performers: the show educates its viewers on the Thai way of life, religion and history.