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Updated by Elina White on Dec 26, 2019
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7 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Recruitment

Fortunately, there are several strategies that can help you overcome these challenges, and be more successful in recruiting and retaining great agents.


Always keep recruiting

One of the biggest challenges for real estate recruiters is scrambling at the last minute to find a replacement for an agent who has left. You can easily compensate for this problem by adopting an always-recruiting approach.


Incentivize referrals

Across many industries, employee referrals remain the most popular source for hiring—and for good reason. Roughly 72 percent of interviews and 65 percent of external hires come as a result of referrals by employees.


Focus on your culture

It’s tough to differentiate your agency from others because the nature of the work is often the same, and your pay is likely competitive.


Break the formula

Try experimenting with approaches that break the mold of traditional recruitment strategies. If you rely on a basic script or a template for your job description, you’re going to look like every other agency out there, and you aren’t going to attract the attention of top talent.


Choose your marketing channels wisely

There are many marketing and advertising channels you could use for your recruiting, including inbound and outbound options.


Keep tabs on employee satisfaction

Your recruitment strategy won’t mean much if you have a high turnover rate. The best real estate recruitment strategies also pay attention to long-term employee satisfaction.


Get Brokerkit

Everything gets easier when you have the right tools to improve your productivity (and your results). One of the best tools available for real estate recruiting Brokerkit is an intuitive recruiting platform designed for real estate brokers and teams. With it, you can keep track of every lead, manage your follow-ups, coordinate with your fellow recruiters, and onboard your new agents in a streamlined, easy-to-learn process.