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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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The 15 best Thai dishes to enjoy in Bangkok – How best to treat your taste buds

Thailand is known for its cuisine. In fact, the local cuisine is among the reasons for one to visit Thailand; especially Bangkok. If you are wondering what to nosh on in Bangkok, here's your guide!


Som Tam

Also known as the green papaya salad, som tam is one of the simplest dishes you can enjoy if you are at the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok. Though it is a simple mixture of tomatoes, raw papaya strips and long beans, som tam is known to make converts.


Tom Yum Goong

spicy Thai soup – is a blend of spicy and sour. Its distinct flavour is achieved by the addition of lemongrass, chilli, kaffir lime leaves, tamarind paste and galangal root. The key ingredient of the dish, however, is prawns.


Ba Mee

Ba mee is a noodle dish known to every Asian as wonton noodles. The dish is made of pork, noodles and pieces of wonton.


Pad Thai

The dish is the marriage of four flavours: spicy, sour, salty and sweet. Pad Thai has an overwhelming amount of ingredients – from noodles to tofu to bean sprouts to shrimps and peanuts; the dish is made special by mixing all the ingredients together.



Satay is fried meat on skewers. Dipped in coconut milk and turmeric before frying, the meat is drenched in flavour.


Kuay Teow Reua

Places like Spice Market Bangkok Restaurant prides itself with serving this traditional Thai dishes to foreigners. The dish is also known as Thai boat noodles as the dish was originally sold by the boats trailing the city canals. The noodles are served in a small bowl as it was necessary to make sure that the soup didn't spill while the boat was on the move.


Yam Mamuang

The green mango salad is a Thai classic. At most restaurants, Yam Mamuang is served as an appetiser mainly because of its sweet, spicy and salty taste.


Khao Op Sapparot

This has to be the most unique of Thai dishes. The English translation of khao op sapparot is pineapple fried rice. If you want the most classic Thai experience, you should go to a place where they serve the rice in a bowl made out of pineapple – the insides of the fruit are carved out, and the hollow that remains is used to contain the rice. The main ingredients of the dish are chicken, beans, cashew nuts and pineapple.


Khao Mok Gai

This is Thai-style biriyani. Only served for lunch and dinner, Khao mok gai is perfect if you are off on an expedition to explore the town. The dish is filling and aromatic.


Mah Hor

Initially, the dish was meant for the royalty, but now it is available to everybody. Mah hor is pieces of pineapple, oranges or pomelo topped with chunks of meat and peanuts.


Panang Curry

The Thai red curry is the infusion of meat, coconut milk, lemongrass, shrimp paste and galangal. Though spicy, the dish also has a sweet taste to it owing to the properties of coconut milk.


Pad Woon Sen

The dish is much like pad Thai, though a little different in terms of the type of noodles used: for pad woon sen, locals use mung bean noodles. If you are health conscious, you can alternate pad Thai with pad woon sen.


Kuay Teow Kua Gai

This is another noodle dish Thailand is famous for. The dish is made of rice noodles with the addition of spices, sesame oil and oyster sauce.



Also known as rice porridge, joke is a popular Thai breakfast dish. The best remedy for a hangover, the dish is made of sticky rice, eggs, liver and meatballs.


Gang Keow Wan

If you don't sample the delights of gang keow wan, it would be as if you've never visited Bangkok. The flavour of the dish is unique and achieved by adding galangal, kaffir lime, lemongrass, shrimp paste and cilantro.