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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 05, 2020
Headline for Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Yala, Sri Lanka - The Best Natural Habitat
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Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Yala, Sri Lanka - The Best Natural Habitat

If you are planning on going on a trip to Yala in Sri Lanka anytime soon, here are a few things you must know about the place.


The elephants

Spotting an elephant in this National Park will not be that tough. The giant mammals are loved all across the country and the best way to take a look at them is while they are in the wild going about their day. Elephants are among the top species of mammals to live in the Yala National Park. There are more than 350 elephants who live in the park so you will have no trouble spotting at least a few during your Safari here. The elephants in Yala are very shy and you must be careful to not get too close to the animals as they will react badly, not out of aggression but out of fear. It is best to have a safe distance between the jeep and the elephant.


Where to stay

If you love nature and love observing animals at their natural habitat, Yala is one of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka and you will not be lacking in accommodation with hotel brands like Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts put up here.


The leopards

These creatures are considered to be the best highlights of a safari in the national park as this Park is known to have one of the highest populations of Leopards in the world. According to the records of the park, there are about 25 leopards within the block right at the beginning of the park. Even though there are many leopards that call the Park their home, spotting a leopard depends entirely on the time you choose to visit the park. Some visitors see just one Leopard while others would have seen up to 15 in just one safari ride. You will be able to spot quite a few leopards during your Safari if you choose to go very early in the morning or in the night.


The reptiles in the park

Not everybody likes looking at reptiles with marvel, most of them actually look at these creatures in fear. But when they are in their natural habitat, they pose no harm to human beings as long as you follow the rules that you have to during a safari inside the National Park. The records state there about 47 kinds of reptiles living inside the national park and of them, all six are endemic to the country. The biggest and one of the most dangerous-looking of these reptiles are obviously crocodiles. The crocodiles in the national park are of two types, the saltwater crocodiles and the mugger crocodiles. You will also be able to find some of the deadliest species of snakes inside this Park, like the Indian cobra and more. You can find Turtles in this national park and they also come in a variety of species ranging from the olive ridley, the hawksbill and green turtles. Again, you spotting these reptiles depend on the season and the time of your Safari.


Bird watching in the park

There are more than a hundred kinds of birds found in the national park making it an amazing destination for Bird watchers.