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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 05, 2020
Headline for 6 Hong Kong’s Best Indoor Sports Activities – A Destination for any Time of the Year
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6 Hong Kong’s Best Indoor Sports Activities – A Destination for any Time of the Year

Regardless of whether it's too hot and sunny or cold and rainy or even snowing, Hong Kong is a city where you can find countless indoor activities to keep you occupied.


Bubble Soccer and Neon Sabre

Crossfire Arena takes bubble football to a whole new level – though they offer a variety of different indoor activities this is undeniably the most popular. You can get into a glow-in-the-dark bubble suit and head to the pitch and just have a lot of fun bumping into your friends trying to score before getting knocked down. Neon Sabre is basically a neon-themed light sabre duel which is another popular activity at the arena. And it's located just a few minutes away from the best budget hotel in Hong Kong the highly recommended Dorsett Mongkok.


Skiing and Snowboarding

Though Hong Kong does not have mountain slopes or ski resorts, there is a great indoor location you can go skiing or snowboarding: Slope Infinity. This amazing recreational centre has revolving carpet decks which you can practice skiing and snowboarding using real equipment. The incline and speed can be adjusted depending on your level of ability and venue have some amazing moving slopes to try out as well.


Zero Latency

Zero Latency is a pioneer in free-roaming multiplayer gaming and is often cited as the leader in the global industry. Their epic-scale arena in Hong Kong is their 26th one opened in the world so far. This amazing venue offers an unparalleled platform for team-based virtual reality combat. Zero Latency has 5 currently available for a maximum number of 8 people to play at once. The equipment is state-of-the-art and incorporates military-grade backpacks and simulated weapons.


Hoverboard Racing

Hoverboards may seem to have gone out of trend but that is far from the truth. Hong Kong's Azzita Hoverland has created an amazing indoor racetrack for enthusiasts and even kids to come and have a go and even race their hoverboards. The venue doubles as a retailer and a repair shop as well. Hoverland also offers the unique 'hovermat'; a go-kart powered by a hoverboard - this can be a little on the pricier side though, costing around $99 for just 10 minutes.



Sk85ive2 is a sprawling indoor skate park which is spread across nearly 3000sqft. The venue is co-owned by Vans and a local skateboard company called 8five2 shop. The skate park is well equipped and has some nice wedge-ramps, rails and flat banks so, in essence, you can try any flip you want. Local skaters needn't wander around the cramped streets of Hong Kong anymore.


Rock Climbing

Just Climb is a 5000sqft industrial space in San Pa Kong that has been converted into Hong Kong's largest indoor rock climbing studio. There are well-trained instructors to overlook as well as help if you have any trouble. But most the courses aren't too high and the floor is padded well enough that you don't really need to use a painful and annoying harness and can just have the thrill of holding on to your life without real danger – its actually quite fun.