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Online Project Management Leadership

Demonstrate your capacity for effective leadership in project management by enrolling in Geneva College’s online project management degree program. Nationally ranked as one of the “Top 50 Best Value Online Master’s of Organizational Leadership Programs” by Value Colleges, this internet-based graduate degree option allows working professionals to manage their education and work/life obligations with the convenience of a flexible, fully online learning environment.


General MBA Degree -Earning Higher Education

General MBA Degree -Earning Higher Education

A General MBA is a great option for professionals seeking a versatile degree that demonstrates mastery of core business concepts, practical strategies, critical-thinking and decision-making skills, and the principles of effective leadership. It can help graduates bypass traditional entry-level roles by demonstrating they are ready for positions of greater responsibility, and it can be an important differentiator among candidates applying for highly competitive positions.


Focus on Growth in 2020 with an Online MBA

Focus on Growth in 2020 with an Online MBA

As 2019 came to a close, you probably found yourself reflecting: how’s my life going? What goals have I knocked out of the park? What goals haven’t I gotten to yet, but really want to tackle in 2020? For many of us, our career goals can easily get put on the back burner. We want to climb the ladder, but we’re making it work where we are. We want to earn more money, but the old adage “you have to spend more to make more” frightens us and our wallets. We want to grow our network and expand our opportunity reach, but we just can’t seem to find the time.


4 Signs You’re Ready for an MBA in Health Care Management

Now, more than ever, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and networks need more people who are knowledgeable about organizational leadership, finance, marketing, and administrative efficiency. And those people need to be passionate and dedicated to not just taking care of patients, but also to making crucial administrative and management decisions. Whether you’re already an experienced member of the industry or hoping to break in, an MBA in Health Care Management can help you move into your desired job position. It can also open up new opportunities for growth and leadership within healthcare organizations that positively impact the lives of patients and their families.

3 Reasons Why Millenials Want a DBA

It is an understatement to say that a degree in Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is challenging to pursue. However, individuals holding this degree are more likely to hold an executive position in an organization. This is only one of the reasons why people, particularly millennials, strive to finish all the requirements of the courses needed to finish a DBA degree. Aside from this, below are some other reasons why millennials are keen on getting a DBA degree.


Expert Tips that will Inspire You to Get Your MBA

Expert Tips that will Inspire You to Get Your MBA

At one point in your life, you may have heard about getting an MBA from college, from a colleague’s recommendation, from a relative or your employer. You may already have an inkling as to what an MBA is, but you still want to know what’s in it for you if you get it. Motivation is a key driving factor for succeeding in any endeavor, which is why we are going to discuss some expert tips that will inspire and motivate you to get yourself an MBA.

Promising Prospects For These 7 Business Specialization Careers

When choosing a degree to pursue, different factors are considered, and one major factor is the future in that career. Among the available academic degrees to be completed, business degrees are appealing. This may be due to the flexibility in its programs and because it can be completed online or traditional means. Business specialisations are also abundant, which renders career flexibility. Moreover, the employment rate of business graduates is stable as compared to other majors, and the unemployment rate of those having business majors are relatively low. 

Role of Data Analytics on your Business | SaasGenius

Data analytics has existed for a very long time, almost a half-century before its first formal mention, businesses were collectively attaching analytics to the data they had gathered to get an insight into what buyers wanted and what was changing in markets, as well as to discover trends they had not noticed. This was all compiled on spreadsheets, while different from ours today, they were similar in essence and effectively did the same thing. Data analytics essentially consists of trawling through huge, almost infinite, amounts of data to uncover buyer patterns and trends, examine the correlations between them, and help to ascertain business choices that you need to make.

4 ways women are continuing to move there careers forward during the Pandemic

In this modern day and age, more and more career doors are opened for women in various fields such as in engineering or in information technology among others. Women also prove themselves capable of handling an entire country, thus, it comes as no surprise to find women leaders all over the globe. During this global pandemic, it is notable how countries with female leaders seem to step up and handle the crisis amazingly well.
It may be challenging to step up in your career amidst this global pandemic. Nevertheless, below are some of the ways on how women can continue to move their careers forward during these unfortunate times.

Get an online degree
Numerous schools and universities are now offering online courses that are essential to get a graduate diploma. There are several reasons to earn an online degree and one of these is to have the cutting-edge knowledge and skills that can help you advance further in your career. This may mean a better salary for you in the future, or even job security. Since all the requirements are given and submitted through online channels, this is a perfect way for you to be productive during this time.




MBA classes are becoming very popular, as younger generations see the greatest benefit that can be had from taking them. Ordinarily, an MBA course will take up to eighteen months, with breaks between respective terms; students are expected to have an understanding and real-world experience before undertaking these courses, as they are often very advanced and accelerated. There is a very high intensity of work and they can be quite difficult for those who are not expecting such a high-intensity study routine. You can find that there is sometimes no summer break in very accelerated courses, and these courses will often cost much less than the more conventional MBA. MBA’s can be undertaken anywhere from community college, university, to the internet, and there is no shortage of courses available to the budding businessman. By taking an MBA class you will be preparing yourself thoroughly for your next step in the business world, and these classes will prepare you to an extent that you could not achieve anywhere else – by taking these classes you are undoubtedly setting yourself up for a positive future of business longevity. Whether you want to work for yourself, or you would rather work under a company, an MBA can be fantastic. But many wonders, where can I take an MBA course?