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Headline for Way to Earn Money Online For Android devices & Smartphones or Technology help
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Way to Earn Money Online For Android devices & Smartphones or Technology help

Welcome. I will try to help you learn about Android Tips, Technology Tips, Technology Information, Android Apps and Earn Money Online.

How To Make Outgoing Calls Disable And Enables Android Phones | Technology Help - Technology Help

Most of us use Android phones. But we do not know about many setting of Android phones. If the computer has an honest brother, that is the Android phones. Because most of the work you can do on a computer can be done on Android phones.

What will we do if the Android phone gets in the water | Technology Help - Technology Help

An Android phone is the most beloved companion of human beings on earth. Many years ago, Android phones were used only to talk. As time went on, as the years went on, we started to become digital. The name is added to the Android or smart phone, excluding the phone name.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Android Phone Free Download | Technology Help - Technology Help

We use android phones in our daily life for talking and entertaining. Android phones entertain us in various ways. Besides entertainment, we have information about everything in the world through the internet on this Android phone.

How to make money from Google | Technology Help - Technology Help

Google through which everything in the world is in our hands. Google in which the world's news is prevailing. We can do most of our work at google. Because of Google, we find many things very easily within our reach. Google is a platform where we can learn more about, do business, income and more with entertainment.

Why computers are so important us? - Technology Help - Technology Help

Computer is what we all know less and less. But is is also important to know why a computer is needed. A computer is a technology that allow you to do all shorts of things on the internet. Through the computer you can do things that are beyond your imagination. The computer has no choice but to do any kind oh big thing. Not every country has a modern alternative to computers. Today, every country is going digital because of the technology of computers.

What we will do to keep the phone battery good? - Technology Help - Technology Help

The demand for phones is immense in our daily life. In fact, it is almost impossible to move or do anything without a phone. Some years ago we knew and used the phone as just a means of communication. But now, with the use of new technology, the phone is more advanced. As a result, the whole world is in our hands.

What can I do with Gmail? - Technology Help - Technology Help

When we go to work using the internet on Android phones, we need a Gmail account at different times. Other then that we have a lot of trouble doing things. We know a lot about Gmail accounts. But there are many who know nothing about what we can do with Gmail.

How to take care of your computer? - Technology Help - Technology Help

(Computer) with this technology we are mostly familiar with. Over time, the role of computers in playing digital is immense. you will need a computer if you do not want to do anything online. The role of computers in our daily life is immense. Every country has a role to playing in moving the country forward.

How To Make Money From YouTube? - Technology Help - Technology Help

There is an app on our Android phone called YouTube. There are very few people who don't know about YouTube. There are mostly people who are deeply familiar with YouTube. YouTube is a great platform for entertainment. You will find all kinds of videos on YouTube.

How to make money from blogging ? - Technology Help - Technology Help

There are many of us who know about blogging and many do not know. Those of us who don't know this blogging topic need to know. Those of us who want to earn an online income must be familiar with blogging. Blogging is a good idea to earn online.

How to protect Facebook account from getting hacked - Technology Help - Technology Help

Facebook is personal thing to everyone. And if that ID is something many of us go after. One thing to know is that our Facebook ID gets hacked because of some mistakes. After opening Facebook ID, there are many settings that we do not even know our ID gets hacked. Protecting Facebook's security is very important in preventing Facebook ID hacking.

Some excellent tips & tricks on Android phones | Technology Help - Technology Help

Android phone relationship with our life is like friendship. Android phone are one of the major contributions of our digital. Most of the things we can do on the computer can now be done on Android phones. Android phones help us to read information about entertainment, news, education and various topics.

Button F1 to F12 on your Computer's keyboard Tips about working | Technology Help - Technology Help

We all know less about what computer is. We all have a good idea that a lot of things can be done with a computer. Every country has a role to play digital. Everything from entertainment to news can be done through this computer. The main function of the office and establishment and the large calculation are done through the computer. Computers are extremely rare for office work.

All keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word | Technology Help - Technology Help

Most of the office's large accounting tasks and many important tasks are done by Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is very important for every office and organization. But many of us do not know what kind of work can be done with shortcut keys within Microsoft Word. Learn about what can be done with the shortcut key for Microsoft Word.

Keyboard shortcut key for all types | Technology Help - Technology Help

Most of us use a desktop computer. And most desktop computers are used for office work. A desktop computer refers to a monitor, PC, mouse and keyboard. Without them you can not run the computer. To see what we are typing we want to monitor and type the key board and mouse to go to different sites inside the monitor.

Google discontinued the services in 2019 | Technology Help - Technology Help

Google is constantly updating some of its platforms or updates. But Google has discontinued some of their services in 2019. There is no specific information as to why these services have been turned off by Google. But it is thought that due to the arrival of the new platform, these old platforms occupied the place.