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Updated by Laura Berg on Mar 19, 2013
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Top 8 Starter Signs to Teach Your Baby

Do you want to start teaching your baby sign language but you aren't sure where to begin? Here is a top 8 list of great signs to start with!


milk - ASL sign for milk

Milk is a great starter sign to teach your baby. It is a big part of a baby's day and night so will be plenty of opportunity to teach this sign!

eat - ASL sign for eat

You can use this sign before you offer your baby food.

more - ASL sign for more

Use this sign when you are asking your baby if he or she wants more of something.

finished - ASL sign for finished

When you are feeding your baby you can ask him or her if she wants 'more' or if she is 'finished'.

mommy - ASL sign for mommy

This is a fun sign to teach your baby.

daddy - ASL sign for daddy

I always loved the way my children signed daddy - this is a great sign to teach your baby!

hurt - ASL sign for hurt

This is a great sign to teach your baby. It allows them to express to you that they are hurting and where.

water - ASL sign for water

Your baby can tell you if they want water versus milk. My children loved signing water. They would pat their full 5 hand on their mouths.