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Headline for Organic Tea from Sri Lanka home of the world famous Ceylon Tea.
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Organic Tea from Sri Lanka home of the world famous Ceylon Tea.

Ceylon Tea has long been known for its world class quality tea. Organic tea, grown and produced without the use of arificial pesticides and fertilizers among the healthiest beverages in the world. Dilmah Tea UK offers a wide selection of Organic Ceylon Tea to help you taste teas and ifusions as nature intended.


Purely Ceylon, Ceylon Gourmet black tea

From Ceylon’s famous Uva valley, a rich and full bodied tea with strength, brightness and a bold personality.

Organic English Breakfast Tea | Dilmah Ceylon English Breakfast Tea

Rich and full bodied organic Ceylon Tea brews a great start to the day. This is a bright and intense gourmet black tea that can be enjoyed pure and natural or with milk.

Organic Green Tea Ginger | Dilmah Organic Green Tea with Ginger

A beautiful combination of a lightly piquant ginger root with a gentle organic green tea. The mildly spicy ginger evolves into a delicious and palate cleansing brew that is best enjoyed pure and natural. Add a light honey for sweetness if desired.

Best Chai Tea | Dilmah Chai Tea | Organic Ceylon Spice Chai by Dilmah

The Organic Ceylon Spice Chai of Dilmah, which is infused with the rich taste and aroma of a variety of spices, is widely acknowledged as the best chai tea in Sri Lanka.

Organic Berry Tea | Dilmah Organic Berry Explosion Tea

A deliciously fruity burst of natural berries in a fusion of natural Strawberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate. The profusion of fruit evolves into a light citrus note and leaves the palate cleansed and perfumed with a lingering sweetness.

Fruit Flavoured Tea | Dilmah Organic Fruit Minty Ceylon Tea

The Organic Fruity Minty Delicious of Dilmah is an incredibly popular choice among those who are looking for fruit flavoured tea with rich taste and aroma. A gentle fusion of fruit and herbs that brews a peachy, minty natural infusion. Although mild and light, the combination is delicious and leaves the palate refreshed and fragrant.