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LED Screen Parts

LED Screen Parts was founded in Jun.2016 by Mr. Amos Poon, an overseas LED screen engineer who has rich experience with LED screen troubleshooting from theory and practice for more than 6 years of global site work experience.

LED screen parts| Quick buy LED display screen components online today

Being a third party between the seller and the buyer of NovaPro UHD Jr screen products and because of the wealth of experience we have, we can provide you with fair and valuable pieces of advice as regards the purchase and maintenance of LED electronics. We can provide you with information on any of LED screen that you may wish to buy or repair. We will entertain any questions you may want to ask with courtesy and respect and lasting and effective solutions will be provided to you.

Novastar VX6S All-in-1 Controller/ Video Processor - Buy Now Online

Novastar VX6S is an all-in-one video controller that integrates sending card functions with video processing. Designed with powerful video processing capability, it supports 7 video inputs and 6 Gigabit Ethernet outputs. Based on the powerful FPGA processing platform, the VX6s supports multiple switching effects, such as quick seamless switching and fade, providing flexible screen control experience and outstanding video presentations.

What is Linsn LED Control System?

Linsn LED Provide the full range solutions for led control system and led display module. Including led sending card and led receiving card and led display module for full color outdoor led display screen and indoor led display panel.

Novastar TB6 Multimedia Players box

Novastar TB6 Multimedia Player feature following advantages, better satisfying users’ requirements. Loading capacity up to 1,300,000 pixels, Synchronization mechanism for multi-screen playing, Powerful processing capability, Omnidirectional control plan, Synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode, Dual-Wi-Fi mode 4G module (no included),Redundant backup Novastar TB6 series products are NovaStar’s second generation of multimedia players dedicated to full-color LED displays.

Novastar MCTRL660 Pro LED Display Controller

The Novastar MCTRL660 Pro is a professional controller developed by NovaStar. A single MCTRL660 PRO has a loading capacity of up to 1920×1200@60Hz. It allows users to customize resolutions to configure ultra-large screens with ultra-width or ultra light. The MCTRL660 PRO has many industry-leading advanced technologies.

Colorlight Z6 Super Controller

Colorlight Z6 Super Controller is a professional LED display controller. As video splicer, processor and sender in one combined, Z6 has 4K video input capability, UHD and HDR images processing and transmission. Z6 can be applied to high-end rental display and high resolution LED display perfectly.

Why You Do Need To Huidu LED Control system?

Led Screen Parts is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in researching LED display and application technology, and a professional manufacturer of LED control system as well. Our company has always specialized in developing the LED control system of high performance, cost-effective and high-intelligent. We have grasped core technologies in the embedded control, digital graphic information and multimedia aspects, and has applied to our products successfully.

Novastar MCTRLR5 Rotation Controller

Novastar MCTRLR5 Rotation Controller (MCTRL R5) is an independent master controller developed by NovaStar. The loading capacity of a single unit is up to 3840×1080@60Hz, which is able to meet the on-site requirements of oversized LED displays. MCTRL R5 makes it easier to create stunning rotation visual effects for users. MCTRL R5 also can be used as two independent Full-HD controllers, which makes it more flexible to load LED displays.

Mooncell Two Sending Cards Transmitter Enclosure

Product Introduction: Full Color Synchronized LED Transmitter Enclosure. Product Model: Two Cards (Led Sending Card) Transmitter Enclosure. Input Voltage: 100V—240V. Input Power: 15W Product Dimensions: 210MMX185MMX70MM(Length X Width X Height)Supported Display Module: Single Color, Dual Color, Full Color Mooncell VCMA10-V11 is a Synchronized LED Display Sending Card that specially designed by Mooncell.

Mooncell LED Display control system

Product Introduction: Full Color Synchronized LED Transmitter Enclosure. Product Model: Two Cards (Led sending card) Transmitter Enclosure. Input Voltage: 100V—240V. Input Power: 15W Product Dimensions: 210MMX185MMX70MM(Length X Width X Height)Supported Display Module: Single Color, Dual Color, Full Color Mooncell VCMA10-V11 is a Synchronized LED Display Sending Card that specially designed by Mooncell.

Novastar Features Calibration Dongle NOVACLB

Brightness/Color uniformity is of the most important factors that affect the image quality of a full color LED display. Because of the limitations of manufacturing process, including system structure design, LED lights selection, NOVACLB electronic components welting, system cooling, LED brightness decaying and many others, LED displays suffer the brightness/color uniformity loss, which is also the most serious problem of this field.

Novastar NovaPro HD| All-in-1 Controller

The NovaPro HD is a professional LED display controller. Besides the function of display control, it also features in powerful front-end processing, so an external scaler is no longer needed. With professional interfaces integrated, NovaPro HD meets the requirements of broadcast industry, in image quality and in control.

VDWALL LVP615S LED Screen Video Processor

VDWALL LVP615S LED Screen Video Processor supports hot spare of input signals. When the current input signal is lost. LVP615s will switch to the spare signal automatically to avoid image interruption caused by the fault of signal source.

VDWALL LVP615 LED Screen Video Processor

The VDwall LVP615/LVP615S LED Display Video Processor Series New generation Faroudja Real Color professional LED Display Video Processor, 10 Bit Faroudja DCDI Cinema Processing Faroudja TureLife video enhancer. VDWALL LVP615 Series Led Hd Video Processor is especially suitable for rental show,Tv studio center,theater,high-end meeting,exhibition and etc.

VDWall LVP909 Series LED Display Controller LVP909 909F LED Video Processor

Wi-Fi wireless control Wi-Fi video feedback monitor: VDWALL LVP909F WIFI video feedback function is realized through installing APP software in handheld device to monitor input signals. Meanwhile,wireless Wi-Fi controls the device to switch signais and call modes. VDWALL LVP909 LED Video Processor.

The Key Of The Small Spacing LED Display Is The Light Bead

In our online shop, you can find any parts about the LED display. We sell many brands of LED modules and LED control card just like Linsn, colorlight, Novastar,Huidu,Lumen,VDWALL video processors like Vdwall,RGBlink,Magnimage,Listen etc. Nova Pluto Manager, power supplies like Meanwell, Delta,Greatwall ,G-energy,etc.,and all other related accessories. Thousands of customers have successfully purchased products from us. Each product has been carefully tested to ensure products’ quality before shipment. All products will be transported by our direct DHL /UPS accounts to save you time.

LED Display Spare Parts | Indoor-Outdoor Modules

LED Screen Parts is a high tech enterprise specializing in development, manufacture, sales and sourcing of indoor LED display, outdoor LED screen, stage LED curtain, LED video wall, digital LED board, message LED sign, LED lighting, indoor LCD poster, outdoor LCD totem and other electronic advertising displays. the smaller the difference the smaller the level of gray scale, the higher the gray level easier to display vivid, rich colors, can support the color of each color. View More >> LED Card China

LED Screen Parts-Focus On LED Control System & LED Display

LED Screen Parts, founded in 2016, is a professional manufacturer and supplier of advanced LED Sign Parts display control system Company has rich experience to innovate new products and introducing new technology into led display field, is committed to developing and manufacturing high-tech products.

China VDWALL LVP909 LED Video Processor | LED Screen Parts

Practical video output interface- LED Video Processor 3 programmable video output.2 DVI and 1 VGA output. Seamless switching - VDWALL LVP909 can also seamlessly switch between any channel. Video Processors are specially designed chip or stand-alone component that provides video format conversion for controlling the display on large scale with high picture quality by improving the apparent quality of video signals. The control system ensures that source content is captured, processed, transmitted and displayed exactly on display screen. They can control broadcasting videos, graphics and live telecasts.

LED-550DS Details - Magnimage

Magnimage LED-550DS/LED-550D series is designed for exhibition,television broadcasting center, conference, the stage theater and other large LED sceen display application occasions. Support oversized LED screen seamless splicing, through DVI loop interface, realize nondestructive digital signal transmission, and support multi machine to cascade splicing, support multiple switching effect(cut, fade, wipe).

Outdoor Display Technology In LED Screen Parts

LED Control Card is also known as the LED Display controller and are responsible for Acquiring images, videos, and other essentials from the serial port interface (or DVI) of a computer for showing the detailed information present in the frame memory. LED Novastar Video Processor Display screen can be very easily established by the serial display data produced partition drive for controlling the overall timing as well as entire scanning process.

China LED Display Screens | High Quality, Factory Price

LED is an emerging technology that we have been watching for several years waiting for the moment where it would rival projection in terms of image quality. We finally bought in with our first wall when 2.9mm touring specific panels were introduced. The flexibility of setup options and the brightness are the biggest advantages of Huidu LED for our clients. We have seen a growing demand for curved walls and unique shapes.

Colorlight T7 Sender Card Available On LED Screen Parts

Colorlight T7 Full Color LED Sending Card is the product developed to meet the demand of external video access, on the basis of the synchronous control system by NIC sending. It’s more stable than current sending cards on the market, because it uses better power solutions. The coordinate position of the areas controlled by two Ethernet interfaces can be set arbitrarily, and these areas control respectively different LED displays. Compatible seamlessly with the system by NIC sending. T7 sending card can not only access independent video, but also further satisfy the diversified demands of customers. Novastar VX6S

Buy Different LED Parts | LED Screen Parts

The sale of different sizes and types of LED screen is being carried out in our company; we will sell to you at a better price you can get any type of LED screen you want from the manufacturing factory. Our experience in the business has provided us with the opportunity to recognize the quality LED screens with a low or optimum price and that is exactly what we are going to provide you with. Apart from main sale of LED screens, we also deal in selling parts of Novastar LED screens which come directly from the factories. Sale of LED screen parts is our major work and we will do that to satisfy your need.

LED Display Parts Accessories You Should Never Know

As a global leading LED display solution provider, we design and develop LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental. NovaStar commits to pioneer innovative technology in LED display control and has been offering products with exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights identified as industry standard. Our goal is continue to create value for our clients with pioneer technology, tailored solutions, user-friendly products and professional support. Read More >> Linsn Rv901t

  • This platform dedicated to providing all kinds of LED screens parts to customers all over the world with professional and fast response service, of cause also the proper and brand-new products. Meet customers’ demand is the first and most important mission for the whole team. To become the world’s largest LED display screen Novastar J6 integrated after-sales service solution provider.

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