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How advanced routing maximizes profit for VoIP wholesale business?

Advanced routing management is one of the most helpful and integral modules to gain maximum profit in Wholesale VoIP Business.

Key Features of Advanced Routing Management in Wholesale VoIP business

The key features of advanced routing management include Priority-based routing, Least Cost Routing, Loss-less Routing, Percentage-based routing. Read more

How Telco OTT Apps will be useful for operators: OTT in Telecom

Through Mobile OTT service Telecom Operators can offer their end users Instant Messaging (IM), VoIP and video calling option and grow more revenues.

Why You Need SMS Platform for Your Business Communications

SMS Platforms are still very much in use and they can help your business communication in many innovative ways. SMS platform along with voice is a bonus.

What is the Role of Transcoding in Telecom Business

Transcoding in Telecom Business is the process of converting the media stream from one codec to another to bridge the differences between telecom systems.

REVE Systems | Mobile VoIP, Softswitch, Mobile OTT Solution Provider

REVE Systems provides mobile VoIP, Softswitch, session border controller, chat SDK & mobile ott solution for communication service providers.

REVE Systems | Mobile VoIP, Softswitch, Mobile OTT Solution Provider

REVE Systems is a leading provider of VoIP products and solutions. The company has a session border controller, messaging app like WhatsApp for business, chat SDK & API, Softswitch, and iTel Mobile Dialer serving more than 4500+ service providers across 78+ countries.

Mobile VoIP | Chat SDK & API | Session Border Controller

REVE Systems provides mobile VoIP, Softswitch, session border controller, chat SDK & mobile ott solution for communication service providers.

IPsec or Internet Protocol Security: An Important Technological need in Today’s World

Internet Protocol Security, the framework for providing security at the IP layer defines the architecture for security services for IP network traffic.

REVE System Launches Cloud Based Business Telephony and Cloud Conferencing Solution

REVE Systems has made its entry into 360 degree cloud communication solution by launching its cloud phone and cloud conferencing solution worldwide. The KloudTalk platform allows enterprises to set up their business telephony in just 5 minutes. It can create multilevel IVR from text, so no voice recording hassle is involved for setting up an IVR.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP Service

Hosted VoIP Service helps Start-up service providers to establish their business with minimum risks & you can offer a wide range of VoIP based solutions to your customer base, with no capital investment and without purchasing your own infrastructure.

iTel Mobile Dialer for VoIP Business

iTel Mobile Dialer is a mobile app for Android, iOS & Windows platforms that allows VoIP Service Providers to offer the best voice calling, Instant Messaging, Mobile Top Up, and much more feature to our customers.

What is OTT in Telecom and how is it Impacting the revenues of Telcos?

Over The Top (OTT) is a platform that facilitates service providers to offer video, audio, and other media over an IP network without any technology collaboration with network operators. Read more

Role of Mobile SIP Dialer in VoIP Business

Mobile SIP Dialer enables VoIP Service providers to offer feature-rich audio-video calling services along with various other features such as instant messaging, mobile recharge, value-added services, etc.

Key Features of Advanced Routing Management in Wholesale VoIP Business

Priority-Based Routing
Least Cost Routing
Loss-less Routing
Percentage-Based Routing
Quality-based Routing
Schedule Based Routing
Quality of Service (QoS) Read more

REVE SMS Platform | SMS Gateway – REVE Systems

REVE Systems is a leading telecommunication & software solution provider with a wide range of products, ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products, including middleware. Beginning its journey in 2003, the company was established with a vision to deliver best-in-class products that could help businesses in building a strong market presence and yielding higher returns on investment.

REVE Systems provide Mobile OTT, session border controller, sms platform & cloud telephony solution to communication service provider.

Enterprise Instant Messaging App-Is Security the Utmost Priority?

Learn why having a Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging App is imperative to ensure the safety of internal business communication.

Increase Business Revenue with White Label Cloud PBX

Discover how businesses can multiply their growth and increase their revenue with the help of White Label Cloud PBX service.

What is Unified Communications - REVE Systems

With the increasing demand for communication tools, it has become imperative for businesses to manage workplace applications systematically. The traditional communication system or PBX equipment, which was so much popular a few years back has been outsmarted by the technology known as Unified Communications.

8 Important Benefits of White Label Hosted PBX Solution

Do you want to know how a white label hosted PBX solution can offer tremendous benefits to your business? Read this post to discover.

Telecom Fraud Management: How to Identify and Prevent Fraud in Real Time?

Learn how effective telecom fraud management can help businesses in safeguarding against huge revenue loss and thus attain business growth.

Cloud Telephony Platforms: 7 Important Things You Should Know

Learn how cloud telephony platforms offer immense value to benefits in 7 different ways and thus help in business growth.

Case Study – How a Leading MNOs in Tajikistan Reinstated its International Roaming Revenue?

Babilon Mobile, one of the largest mobile operators of Tajikistan has reinstated its international roaming revenue by adopting the virtual roaming solution from REVE Systems.

How does Cloud SBC Reduce Infrastructure Cost and Complexity?

In this post, we are going to highlight how cloud SBC software reduces infrastructure costs and the complexity of a business.