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Web and App Development Tips & Tricks

Your source to have the tips and tricks about web design and development.

Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Ultimate Website Design to Make Stunning Website - LearnWoo

You will come across tens of thousands of both free and paid plugins available for WordPress websites. But that certainly does not mean it cannot be made easier or should I say less overwhelming. All you require is to know which specifics you should be focusing on. But before that let’s take a detour and go through certain aspects that must be taken into account before choosing a plugin for WordPress development.

Importance of Storytelling in Creating Perfect UX Design » Paul Olyslager

Over recent years, Storytelling has taken a major leap forward, leading to a widespread adoption. I feel that it's one of the most powerful approaches.

Low-Code Development Impact On Digital Transformation For Enterprises

Over the past few years, the low-code application has become the need of the hour. From eCommerce to gaming apps, the digital transformation seems to stop at nothing. This has led to an increase in brands to grow and revenues based on new technologies income streams.

Top Web Design Trends That Have Been Making Noise This Year - itechfy

Each industry is connected to a particular pack of patterns or trends and web designing is no exception. Over a span of years, web designers are seen providing optimal information especially to those who are searching for it.

4 Must-Have Plugins For Your New WordPress Site

With so many free plugins available, choosing the right ones for your website can be quite tricky! We have researched over 100 “must-have” plugins for any new WordPress website and short-listed four of the top plugins.

How Do AI and Blockchain Complement Each Other?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cloud, and Blockchain- these disruptive technologies are no longer in their infancy stage now.

Building a Mobile App for Your Startup? Here are 5 Useful Tips

By now, most of the businesses including both online and brick and mortar adventures have websites (responsive ones) to grow further. To all the low-profit new businesses who are aggressive enough to move high in a limited ability to focus, the current post is devoted to urging to have a mobile identity.

Make Your Android App With Movable To SD Card Feature - Learn Worthy

Not Enough Space warning pops up every time you try installing an app. Right from fun-loving games like PUBG or downloading photos of your loved ones or 4K videos, every element seems to have taken its toll in the smartphone realm. But the question is storing huge amounts of data on your smartphone’s internal device can be very tricky! Fortunately, we have technology like installing a memory card slot. 

Beginner's Guide to Developing a WordPress Theme - SpeedySense

This article will guide to developing a wordpress theme.

We all tend to aim for the best, we try every trick in the book to have a site look great featuring all crucial functionality. And here compromising is not an option. So, that’s it all you require doing is start creating your own theme. For this, you can surely seek help from a relevant WordPress development company that offers a cookie-cutter solution for your needs or simply just do it!

10 Essential Skills to Become an Efficient Front End Developer in 2020

Full stack app development is extremely popular. The term came up because of the demand of talented developers in the IT industry as well as the scarcity of eligible ones. A full-stack developer is considered to be knowledgeable about end-to-end website development.

Flutter vs. React Native: What to Choose for Your App Needs in 2020?

If you are looking forward to developing mobile application in 2020, it's very crucial to make the right choice between Flutter and React Native, In this article, we have dug into the comparison of these two very popular frameworks for cross-platform app development.

5 Steps to Building an Amazing App Website in 2020

Mobile applications are made for a specific platform, like Android and iOS, that’s why there is significant growth and demand for Android app development and iOS app development. The app store is the place for downloading and installing the applications, with access to system resources, such as the camera function and GPS. An app lives and runs on the device itself, examples including Messenger, Google Maps, Instagram and Snapchat.

[5 Steps] How to Create and Launch Your First App

Get into the nitty-gritty of the subject. Information can be found without much hassle. And then get in touch with a relevant mobile app development service provider who has a proven record of expanding visions of several industrial verticals.

How You Can Design Content for Better User Experiences

Build a design that utilizes the basic good design theories, establishes roust message and content and offers users a surprise in the form of function or aesthetics to reel them in. While content could be the last thing on mind when trying to boost the user experience, it is actually more important than website design and its features. Readers have their preferences when viewing and reading content.

All About Android Development In 2020 - 3 to 5 Marketing

If you’ll see the journey of Android you’ll get inspired to see how it has come a long way in the mobile app development industry. Started in 2008, its smart operating system attracting a large number of audiences has grown vast in the mobile industry. 

What is Shopify? How to start your e-commerce with Shopify? – Mageplaza

With the development of the E-commerce platform, creating a website to sell goods has never been easier. For those who are looking to try an international online business, Shopify may be the best option. Shopify has grown and become one of the top choices for e-commerce businesses.

Top Reasons Why Your App is Getting Blocked by the App and Play Store | Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing...

Top Reasons Why Your App is Getting Blocked by the App and Play Store Internet Marketing, Guest Post, B2B Marketing, Latest Technology, SEM, SEO Tips

Website at

Apple not just prioritizes user privacy but keeps all the information stored in your phone encrypted too. On the other Google, it mines your data for information that it can use to sell better ads and market products right to you. Further below I would like to get you acquainted with certain reasons stating why experts trust iOS platforms for app development more than Android.

Every Android Developer Should Know These Top Security Measures in Android App Development - TechDotMatrix

The credit to enriching people’s lives goes to mobile apps that altogether brought a drastic transformation all over the world. At the same time, it also provided ample scope to developers, for them to showcase their talent and creativity. The mobile app technology world truly has taken a curvature that’s unimaginable.

Design Hacks That Helps You Boost Your Conversions Drastically

Running an eCommerce store? Need help to boost your conversions. Read our post with design hacks that can help you increase conversions.

What Makes Flutter Ideal for the MVP Development Process?

The Flutter framework, in time has become popular for improved bug fixes, widgets and features. As an open source framework it complements MVP development whether for startups or established organizations. 

5 Crucial Mobile App Development Trends for 2020 - Kivo Daily

It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or a product based company or a mobile app developer who is currently researching on best app development trends, the following post serves for everyone here.

Magento to Shopify Migration: A Reliable Guide to Migrate Your Store – Avada Commerce

With its popularity, the demand for Shopify development company services grows rapidly . With some shop owners wanting to migrate from Magento to Shopify, the problem now lies in how to perform the switch, not just without any loss of data but without business interruption and end-user confusion as well. E-commerce migration is a wonderful chance to remove clutter, clean store data and even present things much better.

Which one to Choose in 2020? : React vs Vue vs Angular

For a business organization, what services would they seek then? Would it be React JS services, the services of an AngularJS, or VueJS development services? Let’s dip into these three trends and compare them in detail to be able to make the most informed choice.

Are You Using Third-Party Camera Apps, You Might Give an Invitation to Malware and Data Theft

App development companies for instance or individual developers create numerous android applications. Moreover, those manufacturers also build apps for their own devices or known as first-party or ‘native’ applications. However, a great majority of available apps are third-party applications.