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Home Buying

ARM vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage - Differences, Pros And Cons | The Smart Investor

So, you’re ready to invest in your new home. Let me guess:  you’re weighing the merits of an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and a fixed-rate mortgage.  How are they different from each other and more importantly, which one is best for you?

Conventional or FHA Loans - Which One Is Better For You | The Smart Investor

In this article, you will see a comparison between FHA and conventional loans , review of the most important benefits of each of them and the things you have to consider in order to get the right decision as a borrower. Conventional or FHA Loans - which one is right for you?

Buy Vs Rent a House - Which One is Better For You? | The Smart Investor

Buying or renting? In fact, this big financial decision is one of the biggest stressors to the American populace and probably in other nations as well. If you have made a decision to buy a house, carefully study the pros and cons of the matter before your American dream turns into a nightmare. Rent or buy, which option is better for you?

8 Useful Tips for First-Time Home Buyers | The Smart Investor

Buying your first home is one of the major milestones of your life. You can avoid many mistakes in the process by doing some simple financial homework. Here are the most important tips to guide you through the process and hopefully spare you some headaches and pain in your pocket.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Pros And Cons | The Smart Investor

Adjustable rate mortgage can offer a lot of advantages for homebuyers. However, you should always be aware of the other side of the knife - especially now when interest rate is going up. What are the pros and cons of adjustable rate mortgage?

Cash-Out Refinance 101: All You Need To Know | The Smart Investor

On the surface, using the equity in your home to get quick cash is a great idea but you have to make sure that this whole thing fits into your overall financial strategy.  It is most crucial for you to know your general and specific financial goals and judge whether a cash-out refinance would hinder or help you to achieve them.

Assumable Mortgage Basics: Should You Consider It? | The Smart Investor

Assumable mortgage means the home buyer gets to take over the current mortgage that the seller already has. How exactly does it work? what are the benefits and the potential risks? Here's all you need to know about an assumable mortgage.

How To Avoid Home Foreclosure: The Best Strategies | The Smart Investor

Legally, it takes a few steps before foreclosure happens. In this article, we will show you how you can avoid this risk and what steps you can take according to your situation.

How Condo Mortgages Work: All You Need To Know | The Smart Investor

Condominium-living is now becoming a popular choice for families in the US and also around the globe. Here's all you need to know about condo mortgage.

How Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate | The Smart Investor

A low credit score could make it difficult for you to get a great rate on your mortgage. That means you’ll spend more than someone with good credit. Keep in mind, even a small amount of change in interest adds up - from 4.5% to 4.25% could be a huge difference over 30 years. So how exactly your score impacts mortgage rate? Here's all you need to know.

Investing in Your 40s: Consider The Following Advice

If you are in your 40s and want to jump-start your venture on investing, there are many ways you can do it - and there's always place to learn. Here are some...

How To Find The Best Gold Dealer

Buying gold is not as easy as it sounds and not as uncomplicated as buying insurance. Unfortunately, there are crooked gold dealers out there who just want t...

Credit Card Debt Consolidation - What Are Your Options?

Consolidating your credit card debt can be done in several different ways - using a credit card balance transfer, taking a personal loan, use your home equit...

How To Use The Debt Snowball Method To Get Out Of Debt

Dave Ramsey has created the Debt Snowball plan. As a lead personal finance author and a TV personality, Ramsey has a lot of ideas about debt. How can you the...

Check Your Credit Score For Free - Here Are Your Options

Checking your credit score regularly is important and essential for every consumer. Here are the best ways you can do it for free – and there are many of the...

10 Important Tips For Successful Stock Investing

Buying stocks is an easy thing to do. The hard part is selecting which company stock to buy - there are many different types of stocks - growth, income, blue...

10 Questions a First Time Home Buyer Should Ask

Once you’ve decided to apply for that first home loan and you get the money you may think you’re done. You already have everything and now you just need to f...

Money Market Account vs Checking Accounts

Both saving accounts and money market account (MMs) considered as safe, reliable and solid investment. However - there are a couple of differences between th...

The Best Investing Tips For Beginners

Saving and investing early in your life is wonderful because the longer you can use compound interest to work to your advantage, the better returns you will ...