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5 of the Best Things to Do in Adelaide, Australia – A storybook City

Listed below are five sensational avenues of recreation in Adelaide; where visitors can delve into a rich heritage of art and architecture, explore lush parks and riverside trails, and shop for delicious organic produce at the bustling marketplaces.


Pursue the Cultural Trails

Adelaide is a mosaic of cultural monuments which will greet you at every corner, from pedestrian malls that map out historic edifices and stunning street art that tell a story, to Aboriginal trails that will guide you through the Kaurna traditions and folklore. Make sure to choose the Adelaide hotels that offer prime access to the cosmopolitan hubs, such as the Avani Adelaide Residences, to gain optimal inspiration from the rich medley of art and architecture on display.


Unwind at the natural parks

Adelaide is a haven for nature- lovers and families with energetic kids who need roaming-space; visitors can stroll amongst the blossoms at the quaint Himeji Japanese Gardens, go for a run or sip their coffee in the lush parklands that flank the city, or marvel at the exquisitely landscaped avenues and cutting-edge architecture at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, while learning the art of sustainable gardening.


Cruise on a Popeye Boat

A delight for all age groups, the Popeye river cruise offers an enchanting perspective of the stunning cityscape with a fascinating lesson of Adelaide's breathtaking development accentuated by the musical lapping of The Torrens River and the picture-perfect combination of refreshing nature and captivating architecture. The Popeye is also well-equipped to indulge the taste buds with a delicious lunch and chilled drink ready for you on-board. The cruise covers significant attractions including the Adelaide University, scenic parks and Festival Centre.


Indulge in a Shopping Spree

Adelaide is a treasure trove of fashionable boutiques, quaint little vintage corner-shops, and stunning studios where local artisans reign free. The charming speciality stores offer a range of sensory delights, sporting assortments of fabric, sweets, ornamental toys and more! For scrumptious organic produce and picturesque cafés; look no further than the Adelaide Central Market, where you can find jars of almond butter and jam, farm-fresh vegetables, herbs, and more local delicacies. If you're up for more excitement, head on to the smaller markets in the vicinity for creative handmade trinkets and exclusive artisan goods.


Visit the Adelaide Zoo

For an exciting day-out and a fun learning experience for the entire family, set your sights on the iconic Adelaide Zoo, an exotic retreat right at the centre of the metropolis. Warm, fuzzy and thrilling one-on-one encounters with rare species such as giant pandas, koalas, penguins, and kangaroos are all in a day's work! If you're unwilling to leave too soon, you can even spend a wild night in the animal realm with the entire family after a dusky Safari. The Adelaide Zoo works with international conservation programs and strives to combat endangerment of key species while instilling love and appreciation towards the remarkable animals.

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