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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 23, 2019
Headline for Top 10 amazing things to do in Xi’an, China - Ten Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Chinese Holiday Hub Xian
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Top 10 amazing things to do in Xi’an, China - Ten Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Chinese Holiday Hub Xian

Best known as the home of China's Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an has a lot to offer active visitors with a taste for adventure. Here are 10 activities every tourist must experience during a trip to Xi'an.


Pay Homage to the Terracotta Soldiers

As the area's most visited and popular attraction, no trip to Xian would be complete without exploring the archaeological site in which the Terracotta army was discovered. The Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang is where the iconic heritage site is found and the massive pit in which the soldiers are contained serves as a reminder of the country's rich cultural history.


Cycle atop a Wall

The old town of Xian is encircled in a massive city wall which is both historic as well as awe-inspiring to tourists. Cycling atop this vaulted tourist highlight is arguably the best way to discover its beauty and catch panoramic views of Xian as a whole. Visitors must purchase tickets to access the city wall while cycles for rent are also available nearby.


Hike Up Mount Huashan

Tipped to be one of the most daring hikes one can attempt in China, the climb up to Mount Huashan is not for the faint-hearted. While the feat is not impossible the challenging trek takes visitors across some of the most dangerous terrains in the country. The spectacular views on the way and the natural beauty of the mountain make the effort well worth it.


Dig into Local Vegetarian Treats

Vegetarians visiting Xian will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer variety of food items available for non-meat eaters. Head to the Buddha Restaurant or Tian Long Bao Yan to enjoy a scrumptious spread of the area's regional vegetarian cuisine.


Sign Up for a Calligraphy Class

Signing up for a calligraphy lesson at the Tang Bo Art Museum is another fantastic activity which also allows visitors to pick up a new skill. The Chinese painting and writing craft are taught at practical workshops by well-known practitioners of these ancient art forms.


Uncover the Shaanxi History Museum

As one of the largest museums in Xian, the Shaanxi History Museum remains the cultural institution or record in the region. A tour of the museum will allow visitors to learn about the area's rich heritage as well as its evolution over the ages. Key highlights include centuries-old artefacts, murals dug out from the tomb of the Emperor and paintings.


Sample Ethnic Cuisine in the Muslim Quarter

The fusion cuisine down what is known as Muslim Street in Xian is another hotbed of activity for foodies the world over. Wining and dining one's way through the traditional Middle Eastern fare as well as the dishes combining the flavours of Chinese and Arabic cuisine is a true treat for the senses.


Wine and Dine in Style

Dining experiences in Xian need not be restricted to the informal setting as fine dining hotspots the likes of Zhenai Lishan Daqin Xiaoyan Restaurant also warrant a visit for the sheer encounter of enjoying a meal in its breathtaking setting.


Discover the Ancient Yuanjia Village

As a village which seemed unchanged since the Tang Dynasty, the ancient Yuanjia Village transports visitors to a simpler time. Those based at Grand Park Xian or any similar hotels in Xi An can book a tour of the village through the hotel.


Marvel at Xi'an's Drum & Bell Towers

Witnessing the stunning architecture of the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower in Xian is another must for first-time visitors.

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