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10 Things You Need to Know about Visiting the Maldives - Top 10 Facts Everyone Should Know Before Holidaying in the Mald

As one of Asia's top beach holiday hubs, the Maldives is a dream destination for most travellers. Here are 10 things all first-time visitors should know before heading to the archipelago.


It's an Archipelago

Most travellers who arrive in the Maldives are unaware of the unique geography of the country. The country is made up of more than a thousand small islands and the swanky resorts and hotels one has come to associate with the Maldives are each contained in different isles. This means local transport is conducted mainly via boat transfers.


The Beaches are Perfect

While your eyes may take some time to adjust to it, the staggering beauty of Maldivian beaches cannot be overstated. They are the picture-perfect epitome of the beaches featured on travel magazines and postcards from paradise as the archipelago is one of the best-preserved archipelagos in the world.


Island Hopping is an Activity

With a geography as unique as the Maldives, it should come as no surprise that island hopping is a popular pastime among frequent visitors. Why restrict one's holiday to a single island in a land where thousands of tropical islands are just a boat ride away? Available through a variety of tour operators and resorts, touring several islands on a single trip is one of the best ways to spend one's time in the Maldives.


Islamic Heritage

Although it is one of the world's most popular honeymoon destinations, few travellers are aware of the country's Islamic identity. As a primarily Muslim country, the practice of other religions is prohibited by law. This also means that alcohol is also not available outside of the resort grounds and the absence of bars is a marked difference that's difficult to ignore.


It's a Gateway to Other Destinations

While it's not a must, a trip to the Maldives is also a fine opportunity to tour neighbouring countries the likes of Sri Lanka and India. Not only are the flights to these destinations cheap and short but those who hail from Europe and the U.S may find it well worth the extra cost.


Timing is Important

Although the Maldives is a sunny destination for most of the year, timing your visit to coincide with the best weather conditions is always a good idea. The ideal time to tour the islands are from December to April.


Swimming with Marine Life

One of the most exciting things to do in the Maldives is swimming with whale sharks. This activity is not available all year round but is accessible from June to September when whale sharks occupy the waters off the coast of Maldives.


Seafood Cuisine

Authentic Maldivian cuisine not only employs fresh seafood as the main ingredient but is a veritable treat for seafood lovers. Sticking to continental fare during a Maldivian holiday, therefore, is ill-advised.


Airport Transfers

Airport transfers from the capital Male are performed by seaplanes and boats and both of these modes of transport are not available at night so timing one's arrival is crucial.


Guided Excursions and Activities

From sunset cruises to coral planting activities, Maldives beach hotels provide plenty of excursions and adventures to keep tourists occupied. Whether one is based at the Kuramathi Maldives or any similar resort, engaging in activities organized by the resort is the easiest way to see the country.