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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 23, 2019
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Top 5 dishes in Bali - Begin your foodie journey like a pro

Bali has an amazing variety of traditional and authentic dishes you can try when you are there. Here is the best of the lot for you.



This is one of Bali's most favourite and loved dishes. Made with marinated grilled meat which is served along with spicy sauces, there are various forms of this dish which include either chicken, mutton, fish, tofu or eggs. Depending on which restaurant you are dining at or depending on which part of Bali you are in, the options will differ. Anyone of the Ubud Bali restaurants the likes found in a resort such as Chapung Sebali will have almost all of these choices available for you on the menu. This dish has many forms in Indonesia, and the one that is unique to Bali is a version that is made with minced meat and sometimes even turtles meat. It is advisable to never eat the turtle meat as they are endangered species. Along with this mincemeat, they add coconut and a rich concoction of vegetables and spices.


Nasi goreng

This is a dish you would have heard of regardless of what part of the world you are from. Usually known as a Malaysian dish, Nasi goreng is also Indonesia's most popular dish. This is their fried rice. Made with steamed rice which is then stir-fried with an assortment of vegetables and meat, they also add sweet soy sauce or Chili sauce to give it an additional Bali twist. The typical toppings here might include cucumbers, fish, shrimps or sliced tomatoes. When in Bali, nasi goreng is a definite must-try for any gastronomical journey. This dish will also be found in almost every restaurant in Bali.


Bebek and Avam Betutu

This is an iconic Bali dish that is made with duck or chicken. Preparation of this dish is highly interesting too. It is quite similar to stuffing a turkey during Thanksgiving. They stuff the meat with traditional spices and then wrap it in banana leaves. You then envelop this wrapping in a banana tree trunk and bake it in a fire for more than 7 hours. This amazing feast of a dish has won many hearts of both the locals and foreigners in Bali.


Nasi Avam

This dish is the Indonesian version of chicken rice in the East. You will find this dish even at the local food stalls in Bali. It is a pretty simple dish that is a blend of white rice alongside many Balinese delicacies. You get to choose from pork, duck, beef and chicken. You can also have a bowl of soup as an add on for this dish.


Babi Guling

If you love bacon you will definitely fall in love with this dish. This is a Bali favourite that is made of spit roast pig which is stuffed with vegetables and spices. This is then slowly rolled over a fire for hours on the end. People who try this say that the meat is extremely tender and will leave you wanting more.

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