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Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing. CNC machining service, 3D printing, plastic injection molding, vacuum casting, sheet metal, and more.

LT Century Prototype - CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting

Offering rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing services. Including CNC machining, 3D printing, plastic injection molding, vacuum casting, sheet metal, and more.

How does polyurethane vacuum casting work?

Polyurethane vacuum casting is a process used to produce small and accurate number of polyurethane prototype parts. The parts produced by this method have the comparable characteristics of the end product.

Video Library

See all videos made by LTC here. Learn more professional rapid prototyping processes.

Tips for Quality Machining - Preparing Materials, Cutters and Programming

LT Century provides detailed and comprehensive introductory training to better guide you into the world of CNC machining, please see the tips for quality machining part 1.

Tips for Quality Machining – Machining with Strict Orders and Procedures

The speaker will mention about how to make CNC machined parts with strict orders and procedures. Continue learning more information on CNC machining.

Tips for Quality Machining - Tips 3 Reinforcement

In CNC machining processes, we should be clear about the whole operation procedure and how to achieve high quality standards in the production process.

Tips for Quality Machining - Notes For Some Particular Machining

Take a look at this section of video and get wiser to what particular machining needs to pay attention to.

Tips for Quality Machining - Special Tools for CNC Machining

Let's watch the video and get an overview of special tools that might be used in machining.

Prototype by Vacuum Casting -1, 3D Printing for Master Part

Step 1. Watch and dig deep to see what role does 3D printing play in the machining process by vacuum casting.

Prototype by Vacuum Casting - 2, Make a Silicone Mold

This video tutorial dwells on how to make a silicone mold for vacuum casting. Let's take in more information via video learning.

Prototype by Vacuum Casting - 3, Vacuum Casted Part

After finishing the silicone mold production, it is ready for getting rapid prototype via vacuum casting.

DFM ( Design for Manufacturability ) Analysis

Before confirming final 3D/2D mold design drawing, the engineer will analyze the original file that is provided by the customer in accordance with DFM analysis report.

How to Make Molds for Plastic Injection Molding

Detailed steps on making molds for plastic injection molding are awaited us in this video tutorial.

Two Keys to Ensure Quality Pressure Die Casting

Smiplely two key points to make use you have quality pressure die casting services.

3 Steps to Get a Complete Pressure Die Casted Product

You will know how to make a pressure die casted product through in 3 steps this video.

Top Explanations Why CNC Machined Parts are Important

Here are the reasons to use cnc machined parts.

Rapid Prototyping Opens Is Ready to Work with Oil and Gas Industries

Oil and gas industries could get some real benefits by embracing rapid prototyping as well as additive manufacturing to improve their performance and development.

3D Printing Services: Customizing The Process for Business Growth

In order to ensure that the whole business plan is initiated step by step, a properly scaled feature must be in operation so that all questions are effectively answered regarding the whole process. 3D printing services can meet all these requirements, so let's see what the basic requirements are.

What are the Uses of 3D Printing Service?

Read this article and you will know what are the uses of 3D printing service and its general principles.

Die Casting – The Full Advantages of One of the Best Manufacturing Processes

Die casting is a kind of manufacturing process, which is one of the many choices for manufacturing parts. We not only introduce the advantages of die casting, but also compare it to other manufacturing procedures.

Die Casting Metal – The Best Option to Create Firearms

Most firearms industries require high-quality die-cast metal to make their parts work like clocks, and we are going to learn the reasoning behind

Manufacturing Comparison – Is it Die Casting Better than Injection Molding?

If you haven't decided what method to use to make your product, die casting and injection molding are the most popular manufacturing methods. We list and outline the benefits that can be obtained by using these two manufacturing processes.

The Best Die Casting Design Tips We can Offer for Beginners

We can provide the best die casting design skills for beginners. Some manufacturing techniques are listed to help you successfully use die-cast metals.

A Practical Guide to Use a Milling Machine

Milling machine is a kind of equipment used for cutting metal and producing parts of various shapes and sizes that requires you to learn some proper operation method, Please follow these steps.

The Long-Term Benefits of Having a CNC Machine in Your Manufacturing Company

We briefly discuss the more popular technology in precision CNC machining and the benefits of using it in any manufacturing company.