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Most frequently asked job interview questions

Most frequently asked job interview questions

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Are you all set to ace a job interview? It is always essential to stay prepared for responding to questions which employers ask typically. As these job interview questions are frequently asked, interviewers will expect the candidate to answer them without any hesitation. So, to help prep you up, below listed are some most common interview questions you can expect along with their answers!

•** Tell me something about yourself**
Your interviewer will likely begin the interview by asking you to say something about you as well as your background. Start by offering an overview of your present activities or position. Next, explain the most relevant highlights of your background, which make you suitable for the job. This can help the interviewer get an idea about who you are and get him/her interested to know your subsequent answer. If you fail here, the interviewer might halt paying attention even before you get an opportunity to answer another question.

What are your greatest strengths?
This question offers you a chance to talk to the interviewer about your soft and technical skills. To answer this, share personal attributes and qualities and then associate them back towards the job role you are interviewing for.

What are your weaknesses?
This question may sink you unless you remain careful. However, when you answer it correctly, sharing weaknesses may showcase that you want to get better continually at a job. This is a trait that attracts most of the interviewers. Keep in mind, to begin with, weaknesses and then explain the measures you have taken to enhance. In this way, you are ending your answer to the question on a favorable note.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Understanding where you see yourself in a few years can help recruiters get an idea if the job position fits with your personal development aims. Offer general thoughts related to skills that you wish to instill, things you wish to accomplish and the kind of job roles you’d like to stay in.

Why do you want to work for this firm?
Often, this question is asked to know if candidates took ample time to research the firm and learn why they fit in the role. To answer, carry out proper homework and know about the services, products, goals, culture, and history of the firm. In the answer, explain the firm’s aspects which meet your career aims and interests you as well. Besides, also tell why you are searching for these aspects in this workplace.

Why do you want to leave your current job?
There are several reasons to leave a job. Frame a thoughtful answer which wins your interviewer’s trust that you are purposive about this new job. Rather than concentrating on negative elements of your previous or present employment, concentrate on the coming future. Think about what you wish to achieve in your subsequent job.

Why should we recruit you?
Interviewers generally ask this question to provide you a chance to describe why you are the best candidate. You will need to invest a lot of your time understanding the competencies and the role. Your answer needs to deliver the experience, skills you possess and why you’re a perfect fit.

What can you do for us that other candidates cannot?
When you are asked this question, you should emphasize on qualities that make you unique. This way, the interviewer will be able to assess your traits and skills that make you stand out from the rest. For instance, you can talk about how your ability to build good customer relationships allows you to break information in a more user-friendly manner.

As your interview progresses, more difficult questions might likely come up. Remember, each interviewer is not the same, and so the interview questions might vary. However, preparing the right answers for such frequently asked questions can help you develop compelling conversation points. Moreover, it can also help leave a good impression on the interviewer and increase your chances of getting recruited.


Why hire an HR Consulting Firm? Benefits of HR Consulting Services

Why hire an HR Consulting Firm? Benefits of HR Consulting Services

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The company’s growth isn’t a difficult job if the management goes smoothly, and the goods and services are distributed to satisfy customer’s needs. In no time, the company’s profit margins and operational size may increase. Until a company works on a smaller scale, human resource consulting never really is an option, but with constant growth, it seems essential as well as beneficial to focus on HR consulting.

Taking about the benefits, here are some benefits of hiring HR consulting services firm:

Outsourcing HR functions
The biggest advantage or perk of hiring an HR consulting services firm is that they share the workload and perform the operations for the HR department. The HR department of any company has quite a lot to do, but with so much workload, their progress and growth suffer. HR consulting fo startups or for small businesses might not be beneficial, but for huge companies, it saves money and improves the performance of the HR department.

Employee benefits
Employee benefit is one of the important functions to be taken care of for any company. If you hire an HR consulting firm for small businesses or large businesses, they can take care of the employee’s benefit for you. They will contact the insurance company themselves and present to you the most appropriate packages that you can select from. Basically, they will lift the burden from your HR department so they can focus on the firm’s operations.

Help in up-gradation of technology
HR consulting services firm can help you set up and implement the HR tech in your company. Clearly, setting up a department of technology in HR can be a difficult job for any company, but HR consulting services firm will make it easy for you. They’ll implement the technology, explain it to your employees, and even help you maintain it if needed. HR consulting services firm is the best option if you seek an up-gradation for your company.

Human resource management
For the proper functioning of a company, proper human resource management is the main aspect. Recruitment of potential employees with relevant skills, motivating them to perform well, and rewarding them for performance, all this will be handled by the HR consulting services firm if you decide to hire them. They will ensure proper management of human resources and focus on the recruitment of appropriate employees.

Conversation within the firm shall be smooth and properly functioned to manage the business properly. If an employee’s needs and complaints are not attended, they might leave the firm. Recruitment is not the only function but adhering to their needs is another essential one. HR consulting services firm will take care of it. They’ll study employee satisfaction and behavior and tell you if the workers are happy or not.

From managing your human resource to help with the business communication, HR consulting services firm will do it all for you that will gradually improve the HR department’s growth and performance. Investing in an HR consulting firm is never an option of loss.


7 tips to help with Bulk Hiring – Mass Recruitment

7 tips to help with Bulk Hiring – Mass Recruitment

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*Bulk hiring *can be a primary challenge for any firm or company. But with proper management and bulk hiring tips, it might seem easier. The bulk hiring process isn’t a normal recruitment process but a complex one to be followed. Investing the time to find the right talent for the right department and with the help of limited existing resources is a difficult job, indeed.

But, here are a few bulk hiring tips that might make it easier:

On/off campus drive
Undoubtedly, every year, there are students in large numbers who seek a job when they graduate. They are fresh talents of the country and can be used wisely at the time of the bulk hiring process. You can opt for campus recruitment if you need a bulk of talent for your company. You might find them all in one place. Also, if you want to save your time and money, you can also opt for off-campus recruitment by taking the help of online portals to attract students.

Mailing is a major source of communication today, and a lot of unemployed workforces keep checking their emails to grab an opportunity. Well, you can send such seekers a mail and invite them for an interview. This will save your money on advertisement and yet attract a lot of people to hire from.

Tie up with another firm
Hr consulting firms or bulk hiring companies can help you hire in large numbers because they always have references for people who are seeking jobs.

Advertisement is the most cliche and traditional form of attracting potential employees to apply for the job in your company. You can use a newspaper for the advertisement and get your job listing in the job section.

Internal suggestions
Your employees and other people connected to your firm might know some people are searching for a job. You can take their suggestions for recruitment, and it will be the most cost-effective method and also time-consuming as you already trust those references.

Online Softwares
You always have an option to think big if you want to move fast with the bulk hiring process. You can take the help of certain online software that is quite popular today, such as the applicant tracking system (ATS), which is basically a tool that helps a company to manage their recruitment requirements.

Set up a hiring team
The hiring team is different from the recruitment team. The recruitment team is generally responsible for screening of employees and recruiting the ones that fit. The hiring team can take care of the interviews and pass on the selected applications to the recruitment team, which will boost up the process and might give better results too.

There’s nothing, particularly that might guarantee success in the bulk hiring process, but a proper process and careful management can prove beneficial. take the help of the virtual options that technology has gifted to this era and keep in mind the skills that you require in the employees in order to not just hire but also hire talent for your company.


10 tips for writing the perfect job description

10 tips for writing the perfect job description

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Job description plays a crucial part in getting the right workforce to join you. A *perfect job description *will understand the potential candidates excited about the opportunity that they are being offered, but at the same time, it shall reflect the purpose of hiring clearly.

Here are 10 tips for writing a perfect job description:

A title that speaks for itself
Imagine a person scrolling about 100 jobs in a day, what makes him stop at one job and read the description? Well, that is the job title! A job title must be appealing enough to insist the potential candidate read further as well, and it shall make the job-seeking process easier.

Make the introduction interesting
After the title has done its job, the next thing that the candidate will read is your company introduction. Never be dull, rude, or too formal in your introduction part because that might repel the candidate away. He might think of the company as a no-friendly environment to work in.

Do not overload it with information
Nobody needs to know too much about your company to apply for a specific position there. If you put a lot in the job description, there is a fair chance that a potential candidate might skip reading and scroll back.

Don’t be mysterious
Overloading is one thing, and lacking the vital information in the job description format is another. Do not miss out on the important information that your candidates need to know about the company.

Connect with the candidate throughout
Never lose the tone and connect throughout the job description. The candidate shall feel like you are there explaining the job position to him. This will help them understand the company better and apply sooner.

State clearly what you require
Before the candidates apply for the position, it is ideal that they know what their responsibilities will be and what are the skills that you require. This will save time for both parties.

Sell the position
While you connect with the employee, you should sound appealing to them. The job position should feel like a one-time opportunity for the ones that fit. You shall say whatever it takes to sell your job position to potential clients.

They shall know the reward
No candidate would apply for a job that has not stated what they offer as a reward for the employee’s services. Revealing the salary might not be a good option, but giving a slight idea about the range could be beneficial.

Tell them what they will need to do
State clearly every day to day responsibility that the candidate will perform under this position and what are you recruiting them for. This helps them to evaluate if they are a fit for the position or not.

End it powerfully
Not just the introduction, but the conclusion might end well too. End with a positive note and reflect hope to hear back from them soon.

These were 10 tips that will help you make a great job description, one that attracts the potential candidate and saves extra effort and time. For more help, you shall have a look at some perfect job description examples.


7 Tips to Build your LinkedIn Profile for Branding

7 Tips to Build your LinkedIn Profile for Branding

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LinkedIn has evolved as the greatest platform, especially for personal branding strategies. The digital world is growing at a fast pace. Besides,** social media** forms an integral part of marketing, of which LinkedIn stands out from other channels. This calls for applying some amazing tips for your LinkedIn profile to be effective and stand out in the right way.

Simply copy-pasting either your own or others blogpost for promotion won’t always help in generating leads, sales or audience engagement. Learning some tips and tricks will help you out in the long-term.

So, why wait!

Build your LinkedIn profile in a way that ultimately endorses your personal branding.

Here, We have compiled 7 tips and tricks that will benefit and boost your LinkedIn profile engagement:

1. Content is the King
Never confuse your followers with readers. It is never easy to get the organic following on LinkedIn unless your content is of value to the readers. ‘Content is the King’.
It is the heart of your LinkedIn profile!
The more superficial your content is, the more reactions and comments you are bound to receive on your posts. Videos and visuals help you increase the reach of your posts immensely.

And how can we forget about LinkedIn Headline and summary! It keeps your followers and readers hooked on your profile.

2. Say No to Copy Paste
This might help you in the short run, but not in the long-run. Posting content that is entertaining or informative will always help you to stand out from the crowd. Share your own experiences, expertise consistently, without any copy-pasting on your professional network.
Copy-pasting dims your LinkedIn profile and never let you reach the limelight. Remember that original is rewarding as people always connect and relate to other people.

3. Post Religiously
Consistency is the key! But that doesn’t mean crowd posting. One or two posts on a daily basis or an article a day, not initially but eventually reap you benefits unmatched. Your constant efforts may turn out to be fruitful, only if, they are of value to others.
Consistency never means posting invaluable content which no one can relate to. It will earn you LinkedIn recommendations by posting high-quality content on a daily basis. This way you’ll stay on the top of mind of people and connect with them on a personal basis as well.

4. Go Personal but Professionally
It refers to being authentic. Open up and share your personal experiences, be it gross ones or happy ones. People love to hear what’s real and true. Sharing information related to your personal growth, wisdom, and more which can also help others evolve professionally is of utmost value.

5. Interaction for Ever-lasting Impact
After you see even a single person engaging in your post, make sure you are interacting with him/her. When you respond to people personally on the post, it boosts up your visibility. Your LinkedIn headline then drives more traffic. As your other followers can also see that on your valuable content you are interacting with others too.

Highlight your brand and get immense benefits out of it!

6. Proofread Everything
Everything you post on your LinkedIn profile must be proofread before posting. This must be followed on a constant basis. Even a single error may dull your impression on others.
LinkedIn is a platform for professionals where creditability can not be established if there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Never fully trust yourself with this. Humans are bound to make errors.

There are some good apps like Grammarly, which can assist you for free.

A must-must follow LinkedIn tip!

7. LinkedIn Recommendations
When the above LinkedIn tips are used strategically and selectively, it will help you boost your LinkedIn profile and earn LinkedIn recommendations. It signals to strong relationships you have had with your followers and clients.

Hence, make sure you invest in this to reinforce your professional reputation.

Implement these LinkedIn tips and boost your performance in a range of ways. Join groups, interact with others and create value for consistent reciprocity. At last, never forget to grow your connections and authentically mention your followers on LinkedIn profile for organic LinkedIn recommendations.


Latest Hiring trends in India – Recruitment

Latest Hiring trends in India – Recruitment

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You must have come across a saying quite a lot these days- “the only thing constant today is the change”! Ironically, it is believed that the constant changes in technology and trends have impacted every industry a lot. Hence, everyone needs to buck up to match the hiring trends.

When said everybody, it included the talent acquisition teams and recruitment bodies as well. In this candidate-driven job market, hiring bodies need to be in touch with the hiring trends of the market constantly and do whatever the candidates expect. This is the only way for them to acquire the best employees for their company. As said, it’s a candidate-driven job market- a market where candidates got the upper hand over the recruiters.

For you to catch up, these are some of the top hiring trends in India:

Welcoming the technology
As mentioned above, technology has pretty much taken over all the industries in India. People have had a hard time adopting it but did it anyway and observed better results as well. In the hiring industry as well, technology has done its job. According to the data, 45% of candidates today search for jobs and opportunities through online portals or apps.

Got the tricks to reduce the costs?
There’s seen that the companies have adopted some really good techniques to reduce their costs, which have had an impact on the hiring process as well. Lately, companies have been hiring freshers in order to acquire fresh talent who they can train according to them and also save them high salaries that they would need to pay to the experienced people. So, if you’ve not adopted any such technique, buckle up.

Artificial intelligence taking the lead
Artificial intelligence has been a replacement for a lot of tasks, but not all of them. With AI impacting a lot of industries, the job market has been the most important one. Recruiters need to catch up with the artificial intelligence systems in order to be in the job market and perform.

It’s only skills now!
Gone are the days when fathers left their sons at their position while retiring! Now, be the government jobs or private sector jobs, it’s all about skills. This has been one of the most positive hiring trends of the decade. People are hired and acknowledged for the skills and talents that they possess.

Algorithms and analytics
Recruiters do not evaluate the candidates anymore! Data analysis systems and algorithms have taken their places instead. Algorithms evaluate a candidate’s performance and ability through the applicant tracking system and match it to the requirement of the company that’s recruiting him. Also, it is the best tool to find employees for the required position in the company. It straightforwardly analyzes and displays the best-suited candidates for the position according to the existing data or the newly entered data.

Noted the points well? Are you surprised by the things mentioned above? Were you already using these hiring trends or still planning to adopt the above-listed? In the end, it’s all worth it when you’ve got the best human resource working for your organizational objectives.


Background Verification Company | Employee Background Check and Screening

Background Verification Company | Employee Background Check and Screening

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No recruitment process is complete without a complete background check of the employee. Why is it important? Well, you don’t need a criminal or a fired employee working for your company, do you? That’s exactly why any company got to perform the background checks carefully before hiring an employee. Just after an employee’s application goes through screening and selected among the many, a company goes through a thorough background verification for the employee to confirm his recruitment and send him an offer letter.

Being a Human Resource Manager, do you have enough time to make calls and check the references for every employee? The answer would probably be no and also, background check is a whole different process to go through that some people specialize in. What are the background verification services that the background verification company provides?

Why do you need to hire a background verification company?

Find answers to all such questions here:

Residential Verification:
In case of any issue or absence from the work, the company will need the right address to reach the employee. Background verification company will check an employee’s residential information for you.

Academic verification:
A candidate is hired after evaluating his academic qualifications and eligibility to be hired for a certain position. It’s important to cross-check if they’ve entered that correct. Background verification company will fo that as well.

Employment verification:
How the candidate has performed in terms of productivity and behavioral aspect plays an important role in the hiring process as well. Hence, the background verification company you hire will take care of that too.

References check
The references that the candidate has entered need to be reviewed for their identity as well. They could easily be some people hired or convinced by the candidates to put in some good words for him.

GAP verification:
When an employee takes a gap of few months between the previous employment and the new one, the reason for that gap needs to be known by the company as well and background verification company will do that.

Criminal Record Verification:
The clean chit by law explains pretty much a lot about a person. A background verification company will check all the criminal records by the candidate’s name and get back to you with any suspicious activity.

Leadership verification:
If hiring for a higher position in a company, leadership skills and experience of a candidate need to be verified well. You can count on the background verification company for that as well.

Tenant verification:
Candidate living in a rented place and records relating to that is important information for a company to consider. His income verification is done by this step as well.

You must be amazed by all the services that a background check and verification company provide? Do you feel like they have got everything covered up for you? Choose a perfect one for you among multiple background verification companies and leave the work in some good hands! They handle it well as they are the professionals and leave no further doubt about a candidate.


What to look for in a HR consulting firm in India?

What to look for in a HR consulting firm in India?

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Every time you face an issue or a particular requirement, hunting for an HR for a full-time role is going to cost you time and money. You are never going to be idle enough to go through the whole hiring process a lot of times because the existing HR will always have piles of workload to work on. So, rather than headhunting an HR, it’s always appropriate to choose an HR consulting firm for your legal requirements. No matter your location in India, there will always be tons of recruiters to look for the best employees for your company.

But, when there are choices, there always exists confusion and some checkpoints to choose the best out of the pile.

Here are some of the checkpoints for choosing the right HR consulting firm in India:

Unexceptionable communication skills
Choose someone who knows how to communicate well to be able to understand your requirements and also to be able to hire the best employees out there. Any HR consulting firm needs to communicate with a wide array of people and hence they have got to have those unexceptionable communication skills.

Outstanding time management skills
The reason why your HR is not enough to perform all the operations is that he has piles of work to do. In the same way, any HR consulting firm must be performing tasks for multiple organizations at the same point and hence need to manage their time well enough to be able to meet deadlines with the perfection of work.

A good motivator
HR consulting services include taking care of your employees’ grievances the whole time and coming up with a solution for them. Also, HR consulting services will include motivating the employees rightly and set them towards their goals. Employees look up to such HRs and perform their best for the organization.

Human Resource Management
At the end of all of it, the HR consulting firm’s main operation is to manage the human resource that a company possesses. Getting the best out of those employees by satisfying their personal goals as well is the main job that a consulting firm needs to perform and you shall look for the one good at this job.

Assessment skills
Recruiting the employees by taking into account everything needs to go correct for a firm because human resources are their most important capital. An HR consulting firm in India will need to deal with different types of people on a daily basis and assess them accordingly. Hence, any HR consulting firm needs to be good with their assessment skills in order to deliver what a company expects from them.

Even though a firm could match everything mentioned above, it might still not be the best company for HR to choose from. Why? They might not understand the need and goals of your organization and why you need them. Above everything, look for a firm who understands your requirement better than any other firm.


5 Useful Job search tips

5 Useful Job search tips

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5 Useful Job search tips

At times, finding the best job feels as insurmountable as climbing Mount Everest. You may think about giving up or pursuing a new career path but I’m here to tell you that we’ve all been there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; you will find the best job for you if you change your job search practices.

Here are 5 useful job search tips to help you increase your job opportunities.

Find your ideal job:
Before you start your job search, it is crucial that you know what you’re searching for and if it suits your skillset and personality. Look into how your skills will help or if you’ll be wasting your time there. Also take into consideration a company’s work environment/policies, reputation, and organizational structure and see if you’ll fit in or not.

Pitch Yourself:
If you’re getting selected for interviews but not getting any offers, then the problem might be ineffective interview responses. You’re probably not selling yourself properly, which is vital for nailing every job interview. Imagine yourself as a product that is needed to be sold. Sell yourself in a way that brings out the best points of your character and skill set. If you’re a people person, then show (with examples) how great of a coworker you were in your previous work environment. Give concrete examples of your plus points by providing previous work examples, references, or stats on how you positively impacted your previous company. Use every evidence in your arsenal to convince the interviewee without having to physically tell them. Actions and proof sometimes speak louder than words.

Use Social Media:
Don’t just use Twitter for just leisure when you can use it for work and fun. LinkedIn, for example, is a social media site created for career networking. You’ll find countless job postings from HRs that you can directly contact, instead of sending in an application in hope of being called. If the contact information of your desired company’s HR isn’t listed, then simply use LinkedIn groups if you want to contact them by analyzing which groups he/is are posting in. You can also interact with companies on their Twitter or Facebook pages to get noticed.

Read job postings attentively!
If you’re not getting any interview requests then you’re making a common job-seeking mistake, which is applying for the wrong job. Carefully read through all requirements of every job posting related to your profile before applying in order to find the job most compatible for you.

Use job search engines:
Popular job search engines such as, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc were created just for you! Struggling job seekers should use them to accelerate their job search. All these sites contain daily updated job listings for all job types, simply search for your job and expect to see large lists of job opportunities suitable for you.

If you’re finding no luck in your job search, then you just need to change your job-seeking process. Instead of hoping to get calls, it’s better to be proactive and actually find the right jobs for you.


3 Surprising Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

3 Surprising Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

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In today’s digital-driven world, using traditional methods of recruitment is not enough to obtain the best employees for your required position. Traditional recruitment methods such as putting out job vacancies or word-of-mouth recruiting can be effective, however, you need to utilize social media if you’re looking to get with the times and drastically improve your hiring process. Social media recruiting is essentially using social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc to search and screen out the most compatible candidates for your required position(s). It allows you to access a whole different pool of candidates that traditional methods cannot.

Did you know that over 90% of recruiters use social media sites in their recruitment process?

Now that we’ve got your attention, here are 3 surprising benefits of social media recruiting:

Personal engagements with candidates:
A significant advantage of social media recruiting is that it allows you to interact with candidates in a more intimate way. You can alleviate the awkwardness of face to face interviews by interacting with candidates beforehand through direct messages or comments. This “breaks the ice” in a way and allows you and your candidate to be more comfortable during interactions. You don’t have to go out of your way and directly message them, instead, post engaging content that persuades them to comment and interact with your company. Increased engagements with candidates can assist you in learning more about them and vice versa. This ensures trust on their end and will encourage them to apply for your jobs or refer them to others.

We all know how vital it is to find ways to spend the least amount on the largest benefit for the success of a business. Social media recruiting helps in this as it is less expensive compared to traditional recruiting. LinkedIn, the world’s most popular social media recruitment site is free to set up. Even its paid services like talent search tools are affordable, which when utilized correctly can drastically improve your hiring process through in-depth screening. Not only does social media reduces recruitment expenses, but it also decreases the number of man-hours needed for executing your hiring process.

Effectively screens candidates:
Arguably the most challenging part of recruiting is seeding out good candidates from poor ones. Every resume looks presentable, however, the trick of effective recruiting is to go more in-depth and derive other factors that can make a candidate stand out from the rest. Social media hiring allows you to screen out candidates before contacting them by analyzing their behavior. For example, if a candidate posted offensive content in the past or their interactions doesn’t align with your company’s core beliefs, then you can easily the same time by eliminating them as a potential employee. Using social media gives you insight on a candidate’s authentic behavior, not the front they will likely put up in order to get the job during interviews.

Social media is not just for entertainment and leisure; it can also be used as an effective recruiting tool to amplify your hiring process. From saving time and money from traditional recruitment methods to increased personal engagements, social media recruiting brings an array of benefits that makes it a must for all companies to incorporate in their HR/recruitment practices.


Tips to make your Resume stand out from the rest

Tips to make your Resume stand out from the rest

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The task of crafting the perfect resume can land you in your dream job in no time but in today’s time, you not only need to impress the HR manager of the company but also the software bots who do the upfront work for these HR managers. The main purpose of making a resume is to let the employer know that you have the perfect skill set for the job. In the time of heavy competition, there is a need for you to showcase that you are the perfect candidate among hundreds and thousands of other candidates who have applied for the same job.

So we have bought some very important points for you to use to make your resume stand out in the crowd.

Wisely choose the RESUME FORMAT:
There are several formats available for writing resumes, you will have to choose one according to your skills and experience very wisely for example you can choose the chronological format if you have more experience or you can choose the Functional one if there is a gap in your employment or simply you can use a combination of both if you want to highlight your experience as well as your skills.

Review RESUME EXAMPLES from your Industry:
Before you start the task of making one for yourself it is always advised to first do some market research and review the type that is most prevalent in your industry, then you should look for the resume that fits all the situations in your industry and finally select a type and format that fits best according to your strengths and achievements.

Use a Predesigned RESUME TEMPLATE:
If you are a fresher and you want to grab a job from the competition it is highly advised that you use a template. It will help get the basic idea of how you should frame your resume and you can very easily add your skills, abilities, strength to highlight the best in you with the help of it. It is always easier than building it from scratch and it helps you give a steady flow to your resume.

Include a resume profile with resume heading:
It can be a deal-breaker to include a profile which is basically a small paragraph summarising the skills and abilities that you want your employer to keep in mind while reading your entire resume.

Start with the most important and relevant accomplishments
It is always better to prioritize your most important and relevant experiences and skills that you want to show to your employer.

Get past the Software Bots
To do this look for the resumes of upper management of the company they will consist of important keywords which you can include to get past these bots.

Keep it short and crisp
Both bots and human minds like short and crisp resumes. It would be very beneficial if you keep it under two pages.


Why conducting Employee Background Check is Important?

Why conducting Employee Background Check is Important?

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The process of hiring an individual for a job might seem to be an easy task from the outside but in reality, it is a very responsible and tedious task. One bad hire and the reputation of your entire company is at stake, it can prove to be very destructive for a company to employ someone with a fishy and flimsy past. To prevent such people from getting into the company Employee background check and verification is done to keep such people at bay.

EMPLOYEE background check process
In this process, there are two types of background checks that are done one is the instant background check and the other is In-Depth Background checks. In the instant background check, you can get the criminal history of a person and the employment checks and records. With the in-depth check, you can access information that you cannot expect to know otherwise. It is highly suggested you go for in-depth analysis if your employees will be interacting on behalf of the company with large sections of the society.

To make the work of human resource management easy and to save time and cost of doing background checks there are various companies in the market that do background checks for the companies at very affordable prices. This helps you easily check the suitability of a person for a position in your company.

Reason for Employee Background Check
The primary reason why these checks are done is to discover any past criminal records of a person. These checks can sniff through various other official records such as driving records, credit history, etc. which might not have a direct bearing on the job of a person but might be important for determining the suitability of a person. A company can be held liable if it is proved that it had hired a person without proper Employee background Verification form.

These Background checks help you find crucial information that your potential employee might be hiding from his/her resume. Various Employee background check Question and Employee Background Check Checklist are available with professionals which you can choose from and extract any information that might be crucial for the running of your business.

Help fight fake degrees and certifications
The market of fake educational qualifications and certifications is booming at a very fast and rapid rate, in order to avoid any potential employee of your company with such degrees and certificates it is imperative to get a background check done.

Protects the company from dishonesty
It helps find out any misrepresentation that the person might have done in his resume in order to get a job. It is quite common for people to show their best in their job interviews which makes them sometimes skip very crucial events that might have happened in their professional life. Employee background check answers all such questions which the person might be hiding. Hence is it not only important but also sensible to get your employees verified.


Introduction to Recruitment methods and Human Resource Management

Introduction to Recruitment methods and Human Resource Management

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The process of recruitment is the most important aspect of Human Resource management of the Company. There are special recruitment methods and strategies used in recruitment drives which are held by the companies to find out talented people from the crowd who can prove fruitful for the company’s growth and progress. The future development of the company is totally dependent on the new talent that is induced in the company. Hence the process that is used to recruit new talent becomes all the more important in the development of the company.

Types of recruitment methods:

The most recognized and popular of the many Recruitment methods is the ever-popular Job Adverts that are the most famous and effective when it comes to seeking talent. Recruiters nowadays are using innovative methods and they have innovated on the method of Job Advertisements and are now targeting the website where their target candidates are most likely to browse. Such new and innovative techniques are proving to be highly effective. Many large companies like Amazon have posted job adverts on Tinder to target their audience, similarly when Goldman Sachs had targeted their potential candidate on Spotify. These internal/external recruitment techniques are based on the assumption that you know what traits or browsing habits will be your candidates involved in.

Another one of the ingenious and simple Recruitment methods that are employed extensively in the industry is the use of Video Conferencing to recruit new people. It is highly effective when you have to recruit people from different recruitment sources around the world and it saves them time and money of the recruiter and the employee as well.

Another recruitment method that is highly gaining important in the recruitment industry now is the use of freelances for short term projects and gigs. Now it has become all the more important to keep the profit margins high and keeping these high is not an easy task, as the cost of hiring an employee is very high nowadays. Hence in order to get work done and to keep profit high companies use the services of freelancers who are paid much less and do equal work but at a nominal price. There are many services that are available which provide flexible freelancing services at effective prices to various companies. These services are trusted and reliable for everyone to use.

New age recruitment sources:

Recruiters are using the technique of using Professional social media services which are very popular nowadays are used as a passive tool by recruiters to keep the potential candidates engaged and in case they make their minds to shift their jobs they can simply hop onto the opportunity and recruit them with ease. This Recruitment method is also known as the passive method of recruitment. It is used to make a strong connection with employee and this connection is used by the recruiters. As we have already mentioned employees are the most important asset a company can ever have, hence this is the method which is used by the companies to recruit more people into the company, this is done via employee referral programs which prove to be very appealing for the new as well as existing employees. Existing employees can be rewarded for Recruiting new employees into the company, while the new employees are happy to be employed. It is a win-win situation for the new as well as the existing employees. The most important aspect of referrals is that these should be simple for the existing employees to use and induce new talent into the company. It has all the more become important to know the whereabouts and the background of the employees that a company is about to recruit in the company. Hence many new Employee review sites have come up which have helped the recruiters in doing background checks of various types that help the decision-makers in taking the final decision related to the selection of employees for their organization.

All these recruitment methods used by the recruiters are very helpful and useful in the process of recruitment but there is one major concern which is of utmost importance for the recruiters is the effective management of aging employees of the organization which is of course in a position to provide effective services to their company.

Another important aspect is the use of mobile phones in the recruitment process which gives is the benefit of addressing the whole generation X in just one go. The recruitment process is a dynamic ever-changing process and Human Resource management is evolving with the evolving times to keep up with the pace of changing times.


Pre-Employment Testing: A Complete Guidebook

Pre-Employment Testing: A Complete Guidebook

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Bad hiring can have a significant financial impact and may even jeopardise the future of the business by increasing employee turnover ratio. Bad hiring often occurs when there is a pressure to fill the positions quickly. Right hiring can lead to best employee selection avoiding risks of bad hiring.

Before recruiting, a comprehensive wide-background screening policy can help to eliminate the bad hiring by pre-employment assessment rather than regretting afterwards.

Bad hiring can immensely affect your company in the following listed ways:

  1. There might be times that candidates get their CV’s made from experienced writers and may not turn out to be really who they are. These reduce your chances of right hiring and leads to a poor-quality employee selection. This takes away productivity, creativity, and innovativeness of your company.

  2. Bad hiring doesn’t add value and can impact the whole workforce. Just while assessing their roles and experiences, employers must also judge whether they will fit your company’s culture or not.

  3. Right hiring will increase your brand value. For good customer relationships, and resolving their conflicts, valuable employee selection is a must. Not only does it affect the external reputation management but also damages the internal working environment of the company.

  4. Right hiring is of utmost importance for improving the financial impact on the company. When you are screening various applications before hiring the employees, make sure a proper due diligence method is followed for employee selection.

Pre-employment testing: Best Employee Selection & its Types and Practices

Testing employees for not only their behaviour but also their habits and addictions are vital. A pre-employment assessment is an examination which is given to job candidates by potential employment prior to hiring.

The purpose of pre-employment testing is to understand the personality traits and characteristics, abilities and aptitude, alcohol or drug intake, job knowledge and skills along with their behaviour.

Before the right of hiring an excellent employee, selection employers need pre-employment testing examples.

The most successful and common types of pre-employment assessment techniques are:

Job knowledge pre-employment testing

It measures the candidates technical as well as theoretical expertise in the particular field. Pre-employment testing helps to know about the required specialised knowledge or high levels of expertise.

Testing Integrity

Pre-employment assessment begins with the integrity tests. It can help companies to avoid hiring dishonest, unreliable or undisciplined people. The test assesses the personality traits and is a good predictor of job performance.

Testing Employees Cognitive Abilities

This Pre-employment testing type measures the mental abilities and aptitude skills of employees for the right hiring. This one is an accurate one that interviews and measures logical, verbal along with numerical reasoning.

Personality Assessment

Personality assessment testing offers insights into candidates cultural fit and whether their personality traits can be transformed into job success. Pre-employment testing examples show the scores of high extra-version and confidence, which leads to better outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence Testing

This practice refers to how well can employees build relationships to understand emotions. Pre-employment testing examples involve many interpersonal relationships and leadership. This feature is a significant factor in the right hiring and employment selection.

Pre-employment Assessment involves Skills Testing

Abstract personality traits can measure actual skills that are either soft skills or hard skills. Pre-employment testing examples include data checking tests, leadership tests, writing assignments and presentations.

Physical Ability Assessment

Measuring strength and stamina during employee selection shall not be neglected. Right hiring helps to reduce workplace accidents and worker’s compensations claims by assessing the physical abilities.

Unparalleled Advantages of Pre-employment Testing

The pre-employment assessment offers a wide-ranging benefit that helps you streamline the right hiring process. This strengthens the entire organisation by raising the likelihood that new employees will ace their positions.

Pre-employment testing ensures that there is an alignment between the employee selection and the right hiring process with the business outcomes.
The most significant benefits of proper hiring after pre-employment testing are:

  1. Lower turnover and Higher productivity that, in turn, increases the sales by meeting the demands of clients and gaining satisfied customers.

  2. It increases the chances of employee retention, which reduces the cost associated with a turnover, like hiring and training costs.

  3. A pre-employment assessment is a right hiring process which is effective and efficient within a shorter period.

  4. Recruiters can now judge the candidates based on their subjective job-related criteria. The critical benefit of pre-employment testing is that it eliminates human biases, having more emphasis on the skills of the employees.

  5. Pre-employment testing examples include many things that are different for each candidate based on their interpersonal reactions. It ensures all candidates have a level playing field.

The pre-employment assessment provides an opportunity that aids in high-quality employee selection which are suitable for the position. Save your time, resources, by pre-employment testing resulting in right hiring.


Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey

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Employees are an asset of a company! Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for the enterprise. It defines how happy and contented the employees of your company are with their jobs. It can be measured by employee satisfaction survey, which is part of the overall solution.

The most important reason for keeping an employee happy is, it reduces employee turnover ratio and raises the employee satisfaction level. Considering these factors will help you have satisfying results – compensation, employment engagement, workload, flexibility, teamwork, resources, management, etc.

A Good Start – Importance of Conducting Employee Satisfaction Survey

Each and everyone who spends most of their day at the company desires to get heard and wants the companies to ask employee satisfaction questions. Besides, they work hard to serve the best for your company leading to its growth and brand value.

Employee Satisfaction gives you an idea of whether your employees are enjoying working for you or not! It’s a no guess game. A proper employee satisfaction idea lets you find out how gratified, motivated, contented, and involved your employees are.

A simple employee satisfaction question like How meaningful your work is can bring a lot of answers and understanding to you. It matters about knowing the concerns and needs of the employees in the company.

Why does it matter knowing about employee satisfaction as well as employee engagement in a company?

Dealing with human resource professionals? The smartest race in the world. There is now a growing trend of employee engagement which differs from employee satisfaction. Besides, employee engagement can be a paramount measure that encompasses other factors in employee satisfaction ideas.

A complete focus on employee satisfaction, including employee engagement, have proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity, efficiency, and retain customers at a higher rate leading to good returns.

Indispensable Factors that Make Employee Satisfaction Questions a Must Follow Regime

The employer and management team must make employees love their job and keep them highly motivated. Otherwise, the consequences can be severe and may lead to whooping losses for the company.

The key reasons why employees are dissatisfied in an organisation:

One the primary reason why employees might not be enjoying their job is – Less Pay. They might feel that they are being paid low as compared to the quality they are delivering to the enterprise.
The second most overlooked reason can be lack of growth. For an employee satisfaction survey, an enterprise must entirely focus on whether the employees are motivated and promoted or not.
Poor management can also be another reason for poor quality performance in the workplace.
They are not being heard. For employee satisfaction, communication is the key. Appreciating their efforts, valuing their ideas, recognising them, is all that comprises to raise employee satisfaction level.
Employee engagement is yet another reason which makes employee dissatisfied and has a lack of interest in their job.
Repercussions of Dissatisfied and Unhappy Employees

When one feels that his/her job is meaningless and undesirable, then that leads to low morale which brings a negative attitude and leads to a decline in productivity. This might have out-turning effects on the company and its brand value:

Employees tend to spend less time focusing on their job, ultimately resulting in lower productivity.
When a company has high employee turnover and lower employee satisfaction level, then it leads to a lack of customer’s trust in the company, which affects the brand value.
It might let employee’s feel out of a job even being at the workplace because of which they might leave the job, increasing the company’s employee turnover.
It not only decreases productivity but also snatches away all the creativity and innovation which employee satisfaction level could have brought in the company.
It might also disturb the psychological mind-sets of employees.
Specimen of Employee Satisfaction Questions which a Company can Follow for a Good Employee Satisfaction Survey

Firstly, planning out on asking prominent and valuable questions is the most significant step in preparing an employee satisfaction questionnaire. If you want to scale how your employees feel about their role and the company, then include the following questions:

  • Do you find your work challenging?
  • Are you satisfied with the pay for the work you do?
  • How often do you feel stressed at your job?
  • What is your opinion about HR management team and employers?
  • Are you happy with your working environment and co-workers?
  • Do you think individual professional growth by taking up new tasks as assigned by your supervisor?
  • Do you get promoted?
  • Are you already looking for another job or planning to switch your career outside the company?
  • Lastly, what is one advice that you will give us to work on that will help you in return as well?

Once a proper questionnaire has been chalked out, you need to win their trust that this employee satisfaction survey is indeed going to help in employee engagement and raising employee satisfaction level.

Following tips and tricks can help you get reliable responses:

  • Maintaining confidentiality will let you receive honest answers and indeed, also increase their sense of security.
  • Avoid using formal language. Believe it or not, using the corporate language often creates a barrier in mind while answering the employee satisfaction questions.
  • Be on point! When you frame questions, which lets employee speak their heart out, then this leads to honest and loyal replies.
  • A higher level of participation tends to let you get many answers and work on all these things accordingly.

The more you delve into employee satisfaction level; easier it gets to employee engagement in the company


How Recruitment Agencies can help you find the Right Job?

How Recruitment Agencies can help you find the Right Job?

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Recruitment Agencies

Searching for a job and impressing employers is not at all an easy task. It requires a severe amount of time and efforts in building up a strong resume which speaks about your abilities and personality.

There will be times when you will be discouraged and think that you are not as employable as you thought. Millions out there are wandering in search of a job and might have failed hundreds of times too.

The first and the foremost thing is, never assume that your job search is more complicated than any other job-seekers. Out there are many recruitment agencies, who promises to make you job-hunting easier.

Job Recruitment Agencies – Finding that Perfect Role

At whatever stage you are in your career when you have the right people to motivate and guide you, it makes a lot of difference. And one of the best resources you can fully take advantage of is recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies are specially designed to match the job vacancies to suitable candidates. Employers are now hiring recruitment agencies to find suitable job candidates. These agencies then do identify qualified people, screening the candidates, and outsourcing right-fit resume during the selection of employees by a company.

Generally, people do confuse recruitment agencies with employment agencies, but to be precise, they are two different sectors. Recruitment agencies serve employers, whereas employment agencies serve job seekers.

Guidebook to Working of Recruitment Agencies

There’s a lot of competition in the market which is intense and finding a job has become even tougher. Recruitment agencies can help you reach employers who are right for you and land you in a perfect role.

Employers are hiring employees from these recruitment agencies from the various available options. Take advantage of these reputed agencies that are screening and outsourcing multiple applications daily and makes the aspires reach job interviews.

Here’s a guidebook to help you explain how these recruitment agencies work:

Step 1 – Recruitment Agencies receive the job description updates and specifications for the type of employees the employers are hiring.

Step 2 – Based on this, recruitment agencies will be outsourcing suitable candidates to fit the role. Screening through various applications, these agencies will decide whether the job is perfect for you or not. Based on this, the CV’s are sent to the companies that meet your requirement.

Step 3 – Next comes the job interview process. After your CV has been selected, a qualitative candidate is called-up for the job interview. These interviews are arranged through Recruitment Agencies. Not only this, but recruitment agencies also provide you with job interview tips beforehand.

Step 4 – Successfully cleared the job interview and got the job! Recruitment agencies will inform the same to you, who will also guide you through the offer stage and support you throughout the counter offer.

Want to Reach these Recruitment Agencies – Here’s how you can do this!

With a pool of agencies available in the market, one must be wondering how to select the best recruitment agency! Before picking one, ask these questions to yourself and tick the agency that meets your criteria:

Some agencies care for the number of candidates rather than real talent. They are just here for making a business out of it and nothing else. So, try to have a phonic interview with a recruitment agency and then decide as to how is their work process and are they worth it?

Different recruitment agencies have different role and expertise. Find out to which employers are they connected to and the type of industry they are specialised in. Like some recruitment agencies are specialised in outsourcing candidates for advertisement industry while some for technical. Therefore, hiring the best agency is of utmost significance.

To get in touch with recruitment agencies, candidates can directly enter the office of such agencies who will sign them up for the work. In this digital world, certain agencies work virtually and have no physical offices. So, to connect with them, employers and candidates can pre-arrange a meeting.

Alternatively, if the employee has added his/her CV on any online database, recruitment consultants may contact you directly to let you know that they have an essential role that fits.

Benefits of Becoming the Part of this Recruitment Agencies

Following are the benefits provided by recruitment agencies:

  • These are free of charge for employees and are paid by approaching employers who are hiring. A helping hand for free!

  • Choosing an agency with perfect knowledge of the industry is a win-win condition. They have good connections with employers of the company as well as in-depth ideas of forming exciting opportunities for grabbing classic roles for the candidates.

  • Recruitment agencies have a wide-spread network. They do a screening of the applications before outsourcing it. Also, they arrange for a job interview once the application gets selected.

  • They have access to jobs which candidates as job-seekers don’t have access to. With many years of partnership with clients, agencies often bring them the first preference to hire from them.

  • They help you from arranging updating your CV’s, arranging job interview, and giving tips to ace the interview to salary negotiation.

  • Recruitment agencies have a variety of jobs to offer that matches your interest and the one’s you can rely upon.


Boosting Candidate Attraction in Recruitment Process

Boosting Candidate Attraction in Recruitment Process

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A recruitment process is a very tough task, both for the recruiter as well as the candidates. But generally, companies are facing it very hard for candidate attraction and candidate retention.

During the recruitment process, companies must decide which sources to post about the vacancy and also chalk out candidate attraction strategies. Constantly dealing with the recruitment process, along with competitors, can be very complex and challenging.

In today’s world, its candidate-driven market, as candidates now have far more power during the job search. Many companies are offering them best which calls for using the best methods and candidate retention ideas.

This may even confuse the candidates as to what are you exactly looking for. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Here are the 5 tips and tricks which you will help you entice the golden candidates from the crowd and prepare best candidate attraction strategies.

Give your Brand a Voice

Drafting a formal message is a complete no! Instead, an authentic message will be a great voice for your brand. A word that connects with candidates experience as well as speaks about what you exactly expect from them is a win-win situation. Aim a unified picture of the enterprise and at the same time differentiate your brand from your competitors, as to why shall candidates target it as their one place destination.

The voice of your message should be consistent when planning on candidate attraction strategies at every touch-point. Align your words with video content, advertising, assessment platforms after having an in-person conversation with your recruitment team.

Market an Inclusive Organisation Culture

Every single candidate looks for an environment which is welcoming and inclusive. When planning for long-term candidate retention, ensure your enterprise has an influential, nurturing the culture to bring on the polished talent on-board. When your organisation fosters an engaging culture, it reflects and builds positive brand value.

Marketing inclusive culture is as important as attracting and retaining the talented pool of employees. For a deep-rooted strong employer brand, follow this tip religiously!

Candidate Must be Treated Like your Customers

Candidates are aware of all the pros and cons of recruitment processes. They now pick jobs that meet their needs and enhances candidate experiences, instead of letting companies recruit them. Job search is no game now; they are wholly interested in how your company works, its expectations and the interview process.

As candidate experience is essential for you, so is your brand value of utmost importance for them. Offer them a positive, consistent, and inclusive journey. Let them know that their demands and growth is of top priority for the enterprise.

What you can do is, go for either video interview, or incorporate short games break, leisure time, and more for candidate attraction.

Delve into Social Media Hacks

Making your message heard over at one place is the biggest mistake you never want to make! People search for a job even at informal social media platforms. They are always looking for their next opportunity over hundreds of sites. Indeed, pick out the best social media places along with job websites, that might help you in a great way. This might turn into a candidate retention idea-for your company as well. Besides, the right amount of quality response will reduce your time in filtering irrelevant applications.

Understand your target audience and tick the websites that meet your criteria. Delving into social media is a must-must follow step for candidate attraction strategies.

Make sure you are posting the advertisements at regular intervals and at the right time for making your candidate retention process more comfortable.

Making Changes is No Harm

There are times when you don’t get the required amount of response from the candidates in the market. But this is what we are here for! Help you! So, last but not least, make changes in your key terms/message for candidate attraction. A slight variation may entice them, and they may now be more precise about what is your enterprise looking for.

This can also act as a standard for copywriting, next time, when you are recruiting people. If there is a hike in candidate attraction, it means your copywriting has been effective, efficient and successful! This might turn into your candidate retention idea.

How to Survive Changes at Work | Ways and Works Consulting

In life, be your career, you will always encounter changes, big or small, positive or negative. One attribute that all employees need to develop is to be able to adapt to changes.


7 Things to include in an Employee Handbook

7 Things to include in an Employee Handbook

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*What is an employee handbook? *

The employee handbook basically is a document that outlines the polices, rules as well as expectations of a company for its employees. It is also referred to as a staff handbook or employee manual. The handbook also lists out what an employee should expect from its employer. It is generally handed out to a new hire along with a form that they need to sign. The form acts a proof that they have read through the handbook and have no objection with the terms.

Why use it?

Knowing your company’s rules and policies is significant for your employees. As such, developing employee handbook portrays to the employees that the company follows undeviating policies for each employee. It implies that the same guidelines and rules will apply to all employees and everyone is treated equally. Employee handbooks thus help promote a productive and positive work environment in companies, free of harmful or improper conduct.

Things to be included in it:

Some of the crucial sections that companies must include in their respective employee handbooks include:

Employment laws:
The handbook should consist of a segment on local, state and federal laws which your company follows. Cover your company’s employment opportunity management and drug, alcohol and harassment policies as well.

Code of conduct:
This section outlines how your staff should dress, behave as well as represent your company. A company’s ‘code of conduct’ could include an array of things like workplace safety and dress code. For instance, you may want a professional business outfit. So, ensure to list down the dress code you expect from your employees in the ‘code of conduct’ segment of your employee handbook.

Incorporating a section based on your company’s attendance and time policy is essential. The employees must know the various rules on holidays, unexcused absences and rest breaks.

Time off policy:
Time off policy segment should be listed under the attendance section. Be sure to include a vacation time or PTO (paid time off) policy in the employee handbook. Explain how much vacation or PTO time an employee can receive, how they can schedule their time off and the PTO approval policies. This section should also include other kinds of leaves, such as sick leave, bereavement leave, etc.

All employees wish to know the payment structure of a company. So, clarify how often you pay your employees and the no. of pay periods your company has in a year. Make sure to even include your company’s overtime policy.

Benefits policy:
Offering benefits can enhance employee engagement and retention. So, list down small employee benefits in the handbook to help employee know the benefits that are being offered to them like retirement funds, employee discounts, etc.

You should make employees sign down an acknowledgement to ensure they understood everything listed in the handbook. Ask your employees to return back the penned acknowledgment after reading the handbook. Maintain two separate copies of it: one will remain with you and one with the employee. This form will help you in case you happen to fall into some legal dispute.


4 Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

4 Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Boosting employee management in your workplace could be tricky but is an unavoidable aspect in attaining your company goals. It is essential to make a note of employee engagement level in your company to maintain positive workplace energy. A disengaged employee could have a significant negative impact on your workplace productivity.
Thus, to help you improve employee engagement in your workplace, below listed are a few important secrets to get you started:
**Work-life balance:

Earlier, it was impossible or difficult to take your work back home. Thus, there was a clear distinction between personal and professional. However, the increase in technology, cloud software and evolution of the internet has now made it easier for employees to take work back home. This, in turn, has increased the level of stress among employees, which further lowers the company’s productivity level. But, as an employer, you hold a responsibility towards the health of your employees as well. Therefore, you should survey your employees to discover their needs. Besides, also try to integrate work-life balance seminars in your company culture year-round to help the employees understand the significance of such a balance. This brings us to the next tip, which also forms a crucial part in maintaining a work-life balance.

Hold office hours:

Another secret to increasing the employee engagement level in your workplace is holding onto fix office hours. This offers your employees the liberty to adjust with their work location or schedules as per their needs. Moreover, fix office working hours is an obvious solution to resolve work-life balance conflicts. It allows employees to handle urgent tasks which exist outside of their workplace, helping them to remain productive and focused at the workplace. Besides, fix working hours also improve employee happiness and help them stay more engaged in their work.

Ask for feedback:

Asking for feedback is the next important tip which can help boost employee engagement in your workplace. Often, employers are the one who provides regular feedback to their employees related to the office environment, working styles, workload, among others. Today’s workforce does crave for feedback from their respective employers. However, try something different this time around by asking for inputs from your employees on some design concept or proposal. Taking feedback from your employees helps in making them believe that their perspective holds value and could benefit the company.

Team lunches/ team walks:

Gathering with peers and colleagues during team lunches or team walks is a great way to know one another from a personal viewpoint. Eating lunch together not just helps break the usual routine but also encourages creativity as well as collaboration among employees. There is no need for you to plan out a large-scale event each week. Just a weekly bring-your-own (BYO) lunches or team walk during weekends can help bring down work stress. In fact, you can even offer rewards and recognition to employees that reach a certain fitness level during the team walks.

Therefore, developing a work culture which nurtures employee encouragement is indeed a complex task. Each company formulates and uses its own unique employee engagement formula for achieving their set goals. However, only those companies which get this formula right can drive increased financial returns, stay ahead of competitors and climb up the ladder of success. So why wait? Consider the tips mentioned above and enhance your company’s employee engagement for better results.

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Top 9 Latest Recruitment Trends In 2019 In India

Top 9 Latest Recruitment Trends In 2019 In India

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The recruitment trends or hiring process needs a great deal of innovation now a days. The job market is hugely candidate-driven these days, which is why recruiters need to be extremely attentive to find the right talent. This includes staying aware of the present trends followed in the field of recruitment. Conventional recruiting strategies aren’t enough anymore, as firms face fierce competition to attract the best talent.

Fortunately, we have selected nine latest recruiting trends in 2019 that can help firms shape their hiring strategies this year:

1. Use recruitment marketing strategy:

One of the top growing trends in 2019 is recruitment marketing. Low rates of unemployment make it tough for firms to fill up vacant positions. However, a recruitment marketing strategy could help your company stay ahead from others to grab top candidates. The goal of the recruitment marketing strategy is to get and engage best job candidates by making the vacant position much more appealing to them. So, use the current trends and develop a productive recruitment marketing strategy.

2. Modernize recruitment approach using social media:

Knowing the social media platforms your candidates use most often can help you aim your job vacancies to those networks. Though LinkedIn is one of the most widely used social network for recruiting, firms should not avoid sites such as Facebook. Such sites can help you promote your job openings to ideal candidates.

3. Go mobile:

Mobile devices now are predominant and utilizing them to recruit candidates can help firms take on their competitors. For instance, texting is quicker than sending email and could help speed the hiring process up. Besides, it can also help increase the response rate of a prospective candidate. A few firms even offer tablets during job fairs in order to let candidates fill applications there and then.

4.Use chat bots as recruiters:

Use of chat bots to perform basic tasks is an emerging recruitment trend these days. Chatbots can instantly engage with applicants and help arrange in-person job interviews once they complete the process of pre-screening.

5. Automated recruiting takes away talent sourcing load:

Reviewing a lot of job applications can consume a lot of your time and effort. This is the reason why a few firms are now automating the review process. Besides, automation can further help identify the passive candidates, which might be an excellent fit for vacant positions.

6. Adopt video interviews:

Video interviewing lets recruiters interview more of job seekers than thought ever before. It also can allow the candidates to frame perfect answers for questions that may be asked in the interview. However, the possibility for technical difficulties and bias may pose an obstacle during video interviews.

7. Flexible work options boost applicant pool:

Many job applicants now cite flexible work policies, like the option to operate remotely, as a top-notch priority while selecting a job. However, not all employers have adopted this approach yet. Those employers who do provide flexible work policies use tools such as Slack to enhance collaboration between the employees.

8. Create a positive candidate experience:

Study has revealed that recruiters can lower their turnover costs by developing a positive applicant experience. Footwear retailer Foot Locker did just that by letting candidates send in applications using their smartphones. The firm also kept the suitable candidates in mind for future job positions if a vacancy is not available immediately.

9. Barriers exist for blockchain, but there is still a potential:

Blockchain has witnessed a tremendous amount of popularity in around every industry, starting financial services to travel. As an employee recruitment trend, it isn’t without its own set of challenges while firms seek to utilize it for verification reasons to accelerate the recruitment process.

The responsibilities of recruiters or HR has changed in recent years. Their role will continue to enhance in the future, and so it’s essential to stay aware of the latest trends. The above listed are a few of the trends which you should try to implement this year in your recruitment process. Apply them with the perfect strategies and move your recruitment game plan to the next level.