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Top 5 reasons to visit Accra – Accra highlights that could tempt anyone to visit

Located in the lush in West Africa, Accra is a dynamic city with culture and heritage at its helm. The focal point of African independence in 1957, Accra continues to be the centrepiece of Ghana.



The burgeoning fashion industry in Accra interests those who like to indulge themselves with new styles and designs. If you take a walk down a street in Accra, you'll see seamstress kiosks lining both sides of the street; the walls of these shops detail the latest designs and styles. From traditional wear to western wear, these seamstresses are skilled enough to materialise any style you want them to. On the other end of the fashion spectrum, there are internationally acclaimed Ghanaian designers like Christie Brown, Duaba Serwaa and Poqua Poqu – what their labour and skill bring about is unique, creative and they always retain the traditional African feel.


The cuisine

Accra is inviting to all the adventurous foodies in the world. In addition to restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining, the streets of Accra offer something that could tempt anyone for a visit, and that is street food. All the streets are full to the brim with a wealth of street food; all the fares deliver a uniqueness that can only be found in Ghana; even western dishes aren't exempted from the Ghanaian touch.


Pleasant diversions

Music and entertainment are aplenty in Accra. From live music shows, where you can listen to some refreshing Afro music, to bars and discos, where dancing is the main draw, Accra doesn't leave a chance for a dull evening. You can always ask a local where you can find the best bar, and before you head out for the night, prepare yourself to go to at least three different bars: the range of music you can listen to while sipping on a cocktail includes reggae, highlife, Afrobeat and western music.



The tourism industry in Ghana is growing. With every passing day, more and more tourists seem to visit the country. Accra, with its cuisine, art, music and fashion, hold the helm of the tourism industry; the city has begun to spawn facilities that tourists look for. Bountiful accommodation in the city is overseen by Accra luxury apartments, and the likes of Kwarleyz Residence Accra make you feel like you are right at your own home. The restaurants too make great contributions to the tourism industry by enthralling visitors with their skillfully prepared dishes, not to mention the street food scene. Furthermore, in Accra, you'll never be met with hostility of any kind. From the moment you enter the city to the moment you leave, you'll be treated with affection and cordiality. The locals are at the ready to help anyone, and they always do so while wearing a smile. Their friendliness is unreserved, and their down-to-earth temperament is welcoming to every visitor.


Art, culture and heritage

Accra is one of the wealthiest cities in terms of culture and tourism. The infectious creativity you find in Accra should be reason enough for a visit. Jamestown, the Accra neighbourhood that borders the city, is the central point when it comes to street art. With a bunch of colonial buildings that have been renovated with modern features, Jamestown is the best example of Accra's art scene. Every corner of the neighbourhood is filled with quirky pieces of art and visitors can't help but fall in love with what they see. On the other hand, the city has a multitude of museums and art centres that ensure the continuity of Accra's traditions, and preserve its culture and heritage. The Arts Centre, for example, is a great place if you want to buy a gift with the local touch; though you have to do a bit of bargaining for the best price. Other historically and culturally important sites the city boasts are Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum and Ghana National Museum.