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Top 5 reasons why you have to visit Chengdu – Attractions of Chengdu that deserve a visit

Chengdu has played an important role in terms of China's growth. During the Han Dynasty, the city became the economic focal point of southwest China, and today it is the industrial town of the region.


The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine

Dating back to AD 302, the Chengdu Wuhou Shrine remains to be one of the oldest temples in China. The temple was built in gratitude for the Chancellor who served under Shu Han Empire. The temple was rebuilt in 1672, and thus some interesting features were added; the gilded statue and the large central hall happen to be two of them. A visit to the shrine is a must if you want to have a total Chengdu experience.


West Pearl Tower

You won't find a Chinese city that has surpassed all measure of success without a monument that symbolises the city's prosperity, and Chengdu isn't exempted from the usual practice. Located beside Jinjiang River, a few paces away from Somerset Riverview Chengdu is the monument tower that reaches a height of 339 meters bearing the name West Pearl Tower. The tower has been open for inspection since 2004 which attracts thousands of tourists into the city. You can enjoy panoramic views from its observation deck and a sumptuous meal at the highest restaurant in the city.


Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas

Chengdu is also home to giant pandas. If you make a day trip to Chengdu Research Base, you can see many of them being cared for. A visit to the facility also warrants a close up look at these creatures, and a chance to make food for them. The facility was established in 1987 with just 6 pandas, and now it is home to around 80 pandas; the research base has also seen to 120 panda births. While you are at the centre, make sure you visit the on-site-museum where they house items used for reproductive problems of pandas. You can also hold a baby panda if you so wish; though you might want to plan a morning visit as these creatures tend to be asleep during the day.


Chengdu Culture Park and the Sichuan Opera

The western part of the city has risen to fame in terms of tourism due to the delights of Chengdu Culture Park and what it houses: the old Taoist Qingyang Temple which dates back to AD 618. The main highlight of the park is the Pavilion of the Eight Trigrams which has become a prominent point of interest due to its intricate carvings, stone pillars and symbols. You will also find the Sichuan Opera House which holds much significance in terms of Chinese culture. At the opera house, you can enjoy a show of masked performers called Bian Lian where they swap masks with various expressions which seemed to be effortless. Another nearby attraction is People's Park; one of the celebrated public parks in Chinese history on account of its monuments such as the Railway Protection Movement Monument. It'd be convenient if you were to find accommodation in Chengdu that's located in the thick of all the cultural attractions for ease of travel.


Dujiangyan Irrigation System

The ingenuity of this irrigation system prevented disastrous flooding in the area. The system was constructed in 250 BC on the upper slopes of Minjiang River. The system is inclusive of a network of earth dams that branch out into tributes and canals in order to irrigate the fields. As was the intention behind building this fantastic system, the area hasn't been flooded in nearly 2,200 years, and it has also resulted in the Chengdu Plain being one of the fertile regions in China. While you are there appreciating the effects of Dujiangyan Irrigation System, you can take the tour to nearby Mount Qingchengsahn. The cave found at the top of the mountain is said to be used by Zhang Daoling, the founder of the Taoist religion.