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Things to do in Tianjin - A Paragon of Eclectic Attractions

Tianjin is a cutting-edge metropolis with a multitude of cultural attractions at its core, which beckon visitors with a constant flux of excitement. Scroll down for 7 authentic Tianjin experiences you don't want to miss!


Roam Haihe Cultural Square

At the outset, Tianjin is an iridescent cityscape of towering skyscrapers and avant-garde engineering; however, the ancient city still sports plenty of fascinations for culture and history buffs. The picturesque Haihe Cultural Square, for instance, is a beautiful melding of Western and Eastern architecture floating on the sapphire river, affording dazzling views of the metropolis, especially at night. You can witness the breathtaking harmonizing of old-time grace and with the modern city rising all around you, and from here you can easily access an exhilarating ride on the Tianjin Eye or a River Cruise across the silky waters of the Haihe River.


Explore the Five Great Avenues

If you're staying at a Tianjin hotel close to the city's main attractions, such as the Pan Pacific Tianjin, your trip won't be complete without a walk, cycle or even romantic carriage ride through the old-time splendour of the Five Great Avenues. With 22 roads and over 200 eclectic buildings, it is a mini-town composed of European architecture from different eras, ranging from Spanish Villas and Renaissance architecture to Greek and Romanesque.


Marvel at the Porcelain House

As eccentric as it is beautiful, the Porcelain Museum is a passion project of a visionary collector of antique porcelain fragments and countless crystals to convert his elegant colonial French-style villa into a gallery of breathtakingly intricate chinaware, wooden carvings, and stonework. This otherworldly edifice of enumerable mosaic patterns has been categorized amongst the world's most striking museums and is well worth the visit.


Visit the Tianjin Water Park

The Tianjin Water Park is a picture-perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, scenic run or scrumptious picnic under a peach tree. Possibly the most tranquil amusement park you'll ever visit, it offers recreational activities such as boating on the gorgeous expanse of the lake, riding merry-go-rounds, or even going for a spin at the skating rink!


Visit the Italian Street

If you're hankering after European Cuisine, head on over to Marco Polo Square, interlaced with charming streets lined with storybook buildings in combination with contemporary restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes, attractive boutiques as well as exhibition and entertainment centres.


Enjoy the Jingyuan Garden

Another captivating reflection of the Eastern and European fusion that characterizes Tianjin architecture is the Jingyuan Garden with its tree-lined avenues, contemplative pavilions, and elegant fully-furnished buildings with hints of Spanish and Japanese elements, which were once frequented by influential politicians and emperors.


Drop-in at the Tianjin Museum

The Museum building itself is an innovative depiction of a swan in flight, hosting a plethora of relics and cultural artefacts within a breathtaking space of gracious elegance. Here you will find yourself in a portal back to the dynasties of old and their various contributions to Chinese civilization.