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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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7 Awesome things to do in Busan-For the adventure of your lifetime!

Busan has plenty of things to do and that is why many people opt to spend their vacation here at this wonderful city. Here are 7 of the most awesome things you can do when in Busan.


Cimer Spa

This is another epic destination of the city. Wondering what it is? Well, it's a hot spring tourist destination! To swim in the cool mineral-filled waters overlooking the vast ocean is an experience that you must have in this city. Although South Korea has an excellent selection of hot springs, this one, by far is the prettiest of the lot!


Gamcheon Culture Village

This village has a kaleidoscope of colours which makes up for a stunning view. How pretty? Well, if it was possible Instagram will salute you for this picture! And that is the reason why you have to go. You cannot miss out on this for anything! The houses here are painted in vivid colours and within it are tiny streets that capture the finest street art.


An Ga

If you love your barbecue and would like to try the Korean version, then this is the restaurant that you need to set your eyes on. You probably have tasted Korean barbecue in your home country but to really get a taste of this food you have to bite into the Korean one. And the best version of barbecue is served right here in this restaurant.


Haedong Yonggung Temple

How about a temple right alongside an incredible beach? Well, those are things that make up your holiday, right? This temple here is among a few that overlook the beautiful ocean as most of them are located up in mountain tops. This is among the most beautiful temples right by the beach here in this country.


Jagalchi Fish Market

Wondering what this is? Well, it is only the biggest fish market in the country! This place is open from 5 am onwards and for those who love the seafood, well then, you will have met your soulmate!


Choryang Milmyeom

This is another popular restaurant that offers the best authentic Korean food. You will be sitting atop cushions on the ground while biting into massive dumplings and devouring the traditional iced soup with noodles in it!


Busan Tower

There are many places to visit in Busan and the Busan Tower is one of the most popular places that you can't miss! This is 120 metres in height and gives one a view of a lifetime. So why is it on this list? Well, primarily this place gives you an idea of where exactly you are and a stunning view from a different vantage point. This tower which was built back in the year 1973 has a spectacular view of the famous port of Busan. Besides, you can even snack in the café here and whilst enjoying a view. Besides, if you're looking for accommodation close to major tourist attractions, you can start by checking out properties like Avani Central Busan Hotel.