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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 05, 2020
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List of Unusual Things to Do in Singapore - Break Free from Your Comfort Zone!

Singapore is a cutting-edge metropolis with a core of vibrant art and culture, and this diverse medley yields some thrillingly bizarre activities for visitors to engage in. Here are the top 7 unusual experiences to pursue when in Singapore.


Explore the Spectacular Gardens by the Bay

It hardly matters if you're an ardent garden-lover or not, the exquisitely bizarre park with its diverse terrains of deserts, forested mountains, and waterfalls, along with poetic flowery avenues and cutting-edge structures such as the Supertree Grove and Skyway, represents a breathtaking melding of nature and technology that will leave you mesmerized. Provided that you're staying at one of the hotels in Singapore, such as the Pan Pacific Singapore, which affords easy access to the city's main allurements, you can also pay a visit to the gorgeous Botanic Gardens.


Embark on eccentric culinary adventures

If you're looking for something completely out of the norm to tantalize your taste-buds, Singapore does not disappoint. For instance, you can visit the Selfie Coffee Café and buy a cup of your favourite caffeinated drink with a cheeky imprint of your face on it! You can also get your Cappuccino fix with the added bonus of feline cuddles, at one of Singapore's cosy Cat Cafés. As for brand new flavours to tantalize your palate, don't hesitate to try out Prata Roti Ice-Cream Sundaes at The Roti Prata House or indulge in a Durian Ice-Cream Sandwich by the roadside. The authentically Singaporean rainbow-hued Ice Kachang with dollops of delicious condensed milk is ideal to beat the heat, or you could opt for an ice-cold jellied rose-syrup or sugar cane drink. Singapore is also known for its Michelin-starred hawkers, so you might want to sample some of the world's most economical gourmet meals!


Roam the Vibrant Art Districts

You can work off those amazing meals by taking a leisure stroll (or hailing a side-car) through Singapore's chic and colourful art domain with its aesthetic gems of boutiques, sometimes sporting surprisingly plush brands like Mondays Off and Modparade, and a mosaic of picturesque eateries with an outlandish ambience!


Frequent a Flea Market

If you're a bold shopaholic and enjoy a bit of competition, visit one of Singapore's renowned flea markets where you can dive through a sea of people and products until, more often than not, you find a shockingly good purchase at an incomparable price!


Roll downhill on a Giant Ball (or float on a Giant Donut)

There's no place like Singapore to go a step further in innovative means of recreation, and if you've already visited Universal Studios, you can enjoy more unorthodox thrills at The Floating Donut Company and ZOVB, where you can choose between knocking skittles, rolling down hills or zooming across a pool in enormous balls!


Prepare to be amazed at the ArtScience Museum

It can be stated without exaggeration that the ArtScience Museum's incredible features almost overwhelm the boundaries of science and technology, from futuristic dimensions of interactive masterpieces to Disney-inspired Virtual Reality worlds that bring childhood dreams to fruition.


Hop on a River Safari

Wildlife-enthusiast or not, you wouldn't want to miss this water-themed safari which affords an intimate look at over 6000 species, from alligators and squirrel monkeys to giant pandas, situated in stunning habitats around parodies of the world's most iconic rivers.