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Headline for Fun Facts about the Space Needle Seattle - The things you ought to know before you visit!
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Fun Facts about the Space Needle Seattle - The things you ought to know before you visit!

The Space Needle located in Seattle is an iconic observation tower in the city. This popular landmark attracts many tourists from around the globe. Here are some fun facts that will make you want to visit the Space Needle in Seattle right now!


The architecture

The streamlined tower was built back in the year 1962. The tower has been the symbol of the city for more than 50 years now. The architecture is influenced by the designs and ideas of 2 incredible man John Graham Jr and Edward E Carlson. Carlson's design represented a gigantic balloon which was tethered to the floor whereas Graham's design was inspired by a flying saucer. They intertwined these designs in order to bring about the Space Needle that we see towering the skyline of Seattle today.


The observation deck

The Space Needle has its own observation deck located at 120 m above ground. The popular Sky City restaurant rotates at 150 m above ground. You can head out to the observation deck which offers a 360° view of the entire city. You can also spot the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Baker, Mount Rainier and Elliot Bay from up above here. And on a clear day, you will also be able to visit the spectacular islands that surround Seattle. If you are looking for downtown Seattle hotels close to the space needle, you can check out properties like Pan Pacific Seattle for a start.



The Seattle Space Needle was one of the tallest building here in West Mississippi River. It has a height of 600 ft and is 42 ft wide and weighs about 8700 tons. It has been built in a particular way that will withstand even winds that rage at 200 mph and earthquakes of 9.1 magnitudes. In order to balance this structure, the tower has a concrete foundation that has been dug to about 30 feet making the base of this massive complex.



So, who financed the construction of the Space Needle? This massive complex was owned by Seattle city which was then purchased by some investors for around $75,000. The tower which was purchased back in the year 1961 broke records and have been constructed with just a few months over a year in order to be the main feature at the opening ceremony of the world's fair. This construction under this new management took only around 400 days and that is an incredible feat to achieve.


The opening

On the day it was revealed to the public there were massive displays of flames and all other dazzling artefacts. There was a giant flame that was set alight right on top of this tower and that is how it was nicknamed the Needle of Flame. The torch ignited by natural gas produced a flame. This torch was around 12 to 15 m tall. This will also explain why the 1962 world's fair attracted around 2.3 million guests. It was an amazing spectacle that is widely known in the city until today!