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07 Tips on Taking the Train in Sri Lanka – Best Experience

Visiting tropical Sri Lanka? Don't miss out on a train ride into the hill country. One of the best experiences the beautiful island has to offer is a train ride to Kandy; the journey will take you through some of the best scenery Sri Lanka has to offer. Interested? Here are a few tips to consider.


Pick The Right Class When Booking A Train Trip In Sri Lanka

Choose from first, second and third. The best is first class offering air-conditioned carriages and comfy numbered cushioned seats. First class seats go fast since most trains have only one carriage for first class facilities. The second class is minus the air-conditioning but with fans and open windows to keep cool plus, the seats are cushioned; pre-book second class tickets too since this is the most sought out and busiest section of the train. The third class is a snag; the un-cushioned benches fit three, instead of the comfortable two and there are no fans. Prices vary according to class but do consider overall comfort when booking. If you're heading to one of the best hotels in Kandy such as Earl's Regency, make sure to enjoy your journey and arrive in comfort to relax at your hotel in Kandy. There are many attractions and places to visit in Kandy, a popular city, as such make sure to book your train tickets at least 3 days in advance.


Take Along Lots Of Water And Snacks

Most trains do not contain a cafeteria; hence it's wise to take along plenty of snacks and lots of water especially if you are travelling with children. On each platform, you will find little snack-bars however, goods are often double the normal price. As such purchasing your essentials before arriving at the station is recommended.


Travel With Minimum Luggage

All carriages are equipped with overhead racks for storing your luggage. The racks are perfect for storing small suitcases and backpacks and are really not equipped to handle large pieces of luggage. If you do have more luggage, wheel it to the side of your seat and wedge it in between or else it will roll away. Also, travelling light will help you climb up and off the train easily; a tedious task when you have lots of luggage.


Pack Anti-Bacterial Lotion and Plenty Of Wet Wipes

The toilets in the trains are not the best; hence, make your washroom stops before boarding the train. But in the event, you do have to visit the toilet, have wet wipes ready and plenty of anti-bacterial lotion at hand.


Make Sure You Are On The Right Platform

Since it can be confusing at times, it's always best to double check with both the guard who checks your ticket and fellow passengers on the platform to make sure you are at the correct place. Certain platforms face two sides and you need to make sure you are on the correct side. When heading to your Kandy hotel you will find the Colombo to Kandy train platform to be one of the busiest, making it easy to identify.


Be Mindful Of Open Doors

The doors of carriages are often kept open, as such you need to be mindful, especially with little kids. You will find many commuters sit on the steps for fresh air and views; do so only if you are confident and steady enough to hang on during the bends. Although sitting at a window seat is the recommended and safest option.


Take A Jacket When Travelling By Train To Kandy

The central hills do get chilly at times, like when it rains. Have a light jacket ready for these times and you will be well prepared.

Enjoy your journey!