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8 Bali Travel Guide and Tips - Be ready to be Surprised!

You probably know quite a bit about Bali- its conservative culture, the unjust and blatant disturbance that tourists sometimes become to the locals and so on and so forth. However, we are today aspiring to bring to your attention some facts about Bali that will surely take you by surprise!


It's a sauna out there!

Forget your cute denim jacket (or any jacket for that matter) or even those thick jeans; Bali averages a temperature of approximately 32°C throughout the year. So, make sure to pack all your cottons, kaftans and open-toe shoes. The most recommended time to visit Bali is between May and July- if you are lucky, you may be able to walk up the lanes without breaking a sweat- but then again, don't completely count on it.


Culture is all over!

The essence of Bali- inclusive of its rituals, festivals and ancient culture- is a vibrant concoction that you will witness all around you, in everything beginning from shops to temples to many a hotel in Seminyak Bali and even the roadsides! Regardless of where you chose to look, chances are that you will notice a ceremony, ritual or a sacred offering going on. The Balinese execute their religious and cultural obligations with utmost pride and what is fascinating is how inviting they are to the onlookers to participate too!


Pack a Sarong!

A part of constantly travelling to new countries and experiencing their cultures is also learning to pay the due respects to their beliefs and expectations. Considering the fact that the Balinese culture is one that is heavily inclined in its own way, it is best that we as travelers, live as much as possible by their ways. For instance, when visiting temples in Bali, make sure to cover yourself up appropriately using either a long garment- especially females. A sarong would be a perfect fit for both parties.


The drinks just keep flowing in Bali!

Bali sure hits a home-run with its fantastic cocktails! The bars, beach clubs, restaurants as well as in-house bars of hotels like Katamama serve up some of the classics with their own innovative twist incorporated! Watch out for some incredible deals on beers, but don't get too excited for wines, as they come with a hefty price tag when compared to most spirits.


A decent coffee is not unimaginable in Bali

Although a while back, a 'good cuppa' used to be only as good a dream dreamt, today, specialty coffee shops are quite common in the area. Put the coffee, the free Wi-Fi, the turquoise ocean and the white sandy beaches together- and tell me one reason why you wouldn't want to be a digital nomad in Bali!


Helmets are not a want, but a need!

Hiring a moped when in Bali is no shocker- it helps you get by quite easily and much faster than by foot. But one thing that we have noticed is that they simply hop on with absolutely no regards for protective gear- throwing caution to the wind. Safety comes above everything, so make sure to get riding but with the necessary equipment to keep you safe should the inevitable happen!


Nasi Goreng is more common than rice fields themselves in Bali!

The Balinese food may not exactly be known the world-over and all so fancy, however, it is delicious all the same and best of all, is absolutely inexpensive! Have a go at some of the famous dishes like babi guling, nasi goreng and sate lembat.


Last but not least, holiday like a millionaire!

Regardless from which country you come from in the world (well from most countries), you are bound to feel like a celebrity vacationing as the exchange rates of Balinese currency against most currencies of the world are unbelievably good! Bali has got to be one of those places where you can be spoilt to last you a lifetime but only at a minimal cost!

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