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Big Data & Hadoop Tutorial

Explore these Big Data and hadoop tutorials and master the different technologies of Big Data. Choose where to begin, learn at your own pace:

What is Big Data - Importance and Use Cases - DataFlair

Big data Tutorial answers What is Big data,why Big data,Big data technologies-hadoop, Spark,flink,Big data applications,Big data analytics,big data use case

Big Data History, Technologies and Use Cases - DataFlair

Big data introduction- what is big data, big data history, big data technologies & techniques- Hadoop, Spark, Flink.Big data Applications,big data use cases

Top 10 Big Data Trends/Predictions - Why to Choose Big Data for 2019 - DataFlair

Big data trends for 2019-Why Big data is popular, Big data prediction for 2019 with facts and figures, What's trending in IT industry,choose big data career

Big Data Application - Income Tax Department to Scrutinise Bank Accounts - DataFlair

Big data application in banking and financial industry-Income tax department uses big data analytics,big data banking case study,how big data helps banks

Why Big Data is popular? 4 reasons I bet you never knew about - DataFlair

Why Big Data? It provides good career opportunities, offers higher salaries & adopted by companies.Explore interesting reasons behind Big Data's Popularity

Big Data Career Path - Get into Big Data Career - DataFlair

Big data career path - Are you looking for it? If yes then follow the below steps and you will be ready to get into big data career.

Big Data Use Cases - Hadoop, Spark and Flink Case Studies - DataFlair

Big data use cases-real life big data case studies, big data applications, big data technologies,Hadoop use case,Apache Flink use case,Apache Spark use case

Big Data is Helping in Wildlife Conservation - DataFlair

Big data applications-how Big data & data analytics is preserving animals & ecosystem.Big data in Wildlife Conservation,big data projects to protect animals

Big Data in Banking - Spectacular Case Studies & Applications - DataFlair

Big Data is saving millions of dollars for the banks with its spectacular applications in the banking sector. Have a look on Big Data banking case studies.

5 Big Data Case Studies - How big companies use Big Data - DataFlair

Check out these amazing 5 big data case studies. How Big Data is helping all big cmpanies to make profit - Walmart, Netflix, Uber, eBay, P&G

Vulnerability - Introducing 10th V of Big Data - DataFlair

Vs of big data-Volume,Velocity, Variety, Veracity,Validity,Volatility, Value, Variability, Viscosity,vulnerability.What is big data,Big data characteristics

Beware! Income Tax Department is Using Big Data Analytics to Track Expenditure Patterns - DataFlair

Income Tax department is using Big Data analytics to catch the tax eavders. Read all about the project insight and explore Big Data more

Careers and Job Roles in Big Data - A Comprehensive Guide - DataFlair

This tutorial on Careers and job roles in Big Data will help you in understanding the need of Big Data, the market trend for Big Data, various companies hiring Big Data Professionals from fresher to experienced professionals, different profiles in Big data to grow the career in like Hadoop developer, Hadoop admin, Hadoop architect, Hadoop tester and Big data analyst along with their roles and responsibilities, skills and experience required for different Big Data profiles.

Big Data And Cloud Computing - A Comprehensive Guide - DataFlair

Learn features of Big Data and cloud computing, cloud services & data storage, cloud service providers and models, advantages & issues of cloud computing.

Can a Fresher Get a Job in Big Data? - Big Data Career Opportunities for Freshers - DataFlair

How a fresher got a job in Big Data - see the career path, salaries, and skills that a Big Data fresher should pursue for a high paying job.

Tableau vs Qlik Sense vs Power BI - Best BI Tool for Big Data Visualization - DataFlair

Best BI Tool for Big Data Visualization, Difference between Tableau vs Qlik Sense vs Power BI, Quality of Big data visualization Business intelligence tool

Deal worth $15.3 Billion? Why Salesforce has acquired Tableau - DataFlair

Salesforce and Tableau signed an agreement in which it announced the acquisition with big data firm's Tableau software & buys it at the cost $15.3billion!

Zero Budget Farming, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Nirmala Sitharaman's game-changing strategy for Union Budg...

Union Budget 2019 has been declared, major statements are pointed out towards the use of latest technologies like AI, Big Data, Data Science and IoT.

Mainframe to Big Data - Why you should switch your career today? - DataFlair

Mainframe to big data - why big data is the best career move for mainframe professionals. Start learning big data to make your career bright

Top 50 Big Data and Data Science Quotes by Industry Experts - DataFlair

Get Top 50 Big Data and Data Science statements by industry experts that will inspire you for Big Data - Data is the new oil in IT industry

How Big Data is transforming healthcare industry?[with Case Study] - TechVidvan

Big Data Analytics in healthcare play a major role in medical science. In this article, explore how Big Data in healthcare can prove to blessing for mankind

Big Data Architecture - Learn now for Big Gains - TechVidvan

Big data architecture - Components of the architecture, challeneges in designing architecture of big data andbenefits of the architecture.

What is Big Data and Hadoop - Raise the Bar & be a Star - TechVidvan

Learn what is Big data and Hadoop, Hadoop architecture and how hadoop solves big data problem. See challenges of using hadoop.

How Big Data is transforming the retail industry [Case Study included] - TechVidvan

Big Data Analytics are playing a huge role in transforming the retail industry & unlocking business potential. In this article, explore the power of Big Data in Retail Industry

Top 10 Advantages of Big Data You Must Know - TechVidvan

Advantages of Big data - Understand why Big data is so popular these days and being used by every compaby for their huge data process.