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The Better Business Book 1-2

On August 1, 2016, I decided I would do this. I decided I would do whatever
it took to put together the most bad ass 100 people into one book to all share
a story from their life involving business and the lesson they learned from it.


What’s Your Happily Ever After? | Authors Unite

The story of Harry and Larry. The statements on well-meaning entrepreneurs about their work life balance and the components of the life of balance.

The Power of a Single Step | Authors Unite | The step closer to your goal

Overthinking our big goals leads to paralysis and inaction, and the solution is a single step. What is the step to get you closer to that goal?

3 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know | Authors Unite

Entrepreneurship is bred out of the want to be your own boss. Being a solo entrepreneur has many advantages, but almost as many disadvantages.

Own Your Business (Don’t Let It Own You!) | Authors Unite

There are two main levels of becoming a business owner. The first one is hiring and building out a team. The second one is surrendering.

Profit or Poverty? The Fruits of Following Your Passion | Authors Unite

In business, being sold the dream of “passion and profits” may have gotten you into entrepreneurship, and for that you can be thankful.

The Power of YET | Authors Unite

“Yet” had possibility and carried with it the expectation I would indeed reach my destination; without “yet,” it felt like I was floating in space.

Small Steps Every Day | Authors Unite | Start a business one step at a time

You can create any type of business as long as you have the drive to start, to learn and the patience to see it through one step at a time.

Don’t Burn The Ships! | Authors Unite

In 1519, Hernan Cortes landed his crew on the coast of the modern-day state of Veracruz. His men were divided. Some wanted to go back to Cuba while Cortes and some of the other men wanted to conquer the Aztec Empire.Cortes burned the ships, stranding all his forces and leaving them no option but to either defeat the Aztec empire or die. They eventually were responsible for the fall of the Aztec Empire achieving Cortes’ goal.

Start Where the Money Is | Authors Unite

You can not only find ways to support the hobbies you love, but you can expand into even more areas based on the skills and principles you started with.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should | Authors Unite

Just because you can start a business doesn’t mean you should. Choose to start a business that fits you. Ignore advice that works for others but doesn’t

Don’t Hold Back | Authors Unite | Live and spark fully

Play the game, and play it to win. Let go of the self-imposed limitations. Show up as you truly are. Live fully.Inspire others. And don’t. Hold. Back.

Discovering Self-Worth | Authors Unite | Knowing your value

My greatest lesson in doing those things has been understanding and building self-worth. It is the foundation of you, your journey, and your life.

It’s About Time | Authors Unite | Time to save more time

Find a way to cram as much life, love, and value as you can into the short time you have on earth, and if you can save other people enough time.

Value Comes First | Authors Unite | Advice for your business network

Your network will take you farther than any knowledge you’ll gain in this class! They will join your cause in any way they can.

The Failure’s Guide to Creative Experimentation | Authors Unite

Entrepreneurship is a calling, not a destination. Embrace your failures and make a commitment to a life of creative experimentation.

7 Superpowers to Defeat Fear of Failure | Authors Unite

Failure happens. But I’ve found 7 principles of business that will ensure you don’t have to fear it. This is how you defeat the fear of failure.

The Narrow Confines of Comfort | Authors Unite | Greatness or Comfort?

We are faced in this life with two simple choices: the choice of greatness and the confines of comfort. Ask yourself then, which do you choose?

Achieving Your Dreams Against All Odds | Authors Unite

If you want to achieve your dreams: be ready, give before you get, work hard, keep learning, be flexible, save before you spend, and solve problems.

Say Yes First and Figure It Out Later | Authors Unite

Operating a business while it is simultaneously evolving, growing or even being validated as a legit business is perfectly okay!

Fail First | Authors Unite | Time and work will bring you success

For those who are in your early twenties trying to make it: keep going and don't be afraid to fail! Time and work will bring you success.

The Phone Is Ringing! | Authors Unite | Starting your business

In starting a business, you are selling a concept that does not yet exist, so you need to believe in your success so others will want to also believe.

Musings of a Neophyte Entrepreneur | Authors Unite

I’ve had to learn a lot of information about running a startup business. It’s not just about the basics of running a business.

When Opportunity Stops Knocking | Authors Unite | Create opportunity

When opportunity stops knocking, what choice will you make? Will you become complacent? If you knock and create an opportunity, opportunity will answer.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of an Online Business | Authors Unite

The truth is that like everything else, there is the good, bad and ugly with online business and we need to know our “why” of getting into this business.

Changing the Creative Process | Authors Unite | Artistic process to true self

Be open to changing your own creative process through this kind of clarity work. Sooner or later, you will find your truest self and most authentic work.