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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 06, 2020
Headline for Top 5 Dishes to Try in Solo Indonesia - Explore the Cuisine in Solo Indonesia
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Top 5 Dishes to Try in Solo Indonesia - Explore the Cuisine in Solo Indonesia

Commonly known for the traditional batik craft that has been practised in the area for many generations another attraction in Solo Indonesia is the cuisine.


Timlo - Chicken Soup for the Soul

The most loved dish in Solo is the Timlo which is a Chicken Soup but it is not just any ordinary chicken soup. The dish is accompanied by fried tofu, an egg that is cooked with sweet soy sauce which is known as 'kecap manis' and then accompanied by fried wontons which are a particular kind of dumplings. Some people add meat to the wantons and some add vegetables so you can taste both to identify the difference. Timlo is a dish that is commonly prepared in households in Solo.


Nasi Liwet - Delicious rice with side dishes of your choice

Nasi Liwet is easily described as a bowl of rice with chicken. The preparation of the chicken is what makes the dish an exceptional dish. The chicken is cooked with coconut milk making it sweet but delightful. The dish is also accompanied by 'osengan labu' which is a stir-fried squash which is cooked with garlic and shallots. As a side dish or an accompaniment, you can request for chicken intestines on a skewer. Alila Solo is known to serve a delightful Nasi Liwet and there are many other street food stalls that serve this delightful treat. Most people are used to having it take away and having it for their dinner as this allows them to have an easy takeaway meal.


Bakso - Similar to meatballs but bigger and tastier

Solo Bakso is a common soup dish in Indonesia and when in Solo it is a must-try dish. It is a meatball soup that is made with huge beef meatballs and a thin soup that adds to the flavour. The soup contains glass noodles, tofu and other spices so the dish is generally eaten by itself. Most of the hotels in Solo are known to serve a delightful Bakso.


Nasi Langgi - Solo's version of Nasi Lemak

If you come to Malaysia and skip Nasi lemak then you haven't fully experienced Malaysia. Similarly, if you visit Solo Indonesia and fail to indulge in a Nasi Langgi you have not experienced Solo to the fullest. The combination of rice and the other dishes is absolutely amazing as you get a variety of curries alongside the rice. The curries are the same but the preparation is different as most of the curries are made with coconut milk making it sweet but maintaining the savoury flavour.


Serabi - Crispy pancakes

Serabi is a delightful treat for those who have a sweet tooth. It is a crispy pancake that has a gooey centre. The main ingredients are rice flour and coconut oil with a variety of toppings. You can find that the variety of toppings have expanded with time as you come across chocolate, sweets, cheese, jackfruit and even fruit mix toppings available in Solo. You can get fresh Serabi at most of the street food stalls and they will prepare it as you wait. Be mindful to eat it when it is warm and crispy as it tends to become sticky and soggy as the heat evaporates.